Why are keratin hair treatments so expensive

Keratin treatment prices

The one from Brazil Keratin smoothing or Escova Progresiva is a popular technique. In the meantime, it has fallen into disrepute due to the use of keratin products with formaldehyde. The Brazilian method has now been rehabilitated because many manufacturers (under duress) have largely changed their formulas. It is a gentler straightening variant than the headstock that you get after straightening your hair in Japan.

Apart from that, many women treat themselves to a keratin cure to simply do something good for their hair, because the treatment with keratin makes the hair supple and silky.

What does a keratin treatment cost?

This is not cheap fun. The exact price varies from salon to salon, but at least 200 € You should calculate for a complete hair treatment with keratin smoothing.

A keratin treatment or Brazilian keratin cure is more expensive than a normal visit to the hairdresser, but cheaper than a Japanese hair straightening. In return, you have three to four months of rest with your hair. If you go to the hairdresser regularly (for example every week) you might find it a total of calculated over a year not so much more expensive anymore than recurring visits ..

The popularity of hair straightening with keratin has of course also led to strong competition in the industry, so that customers in cities with high salon density benefit from the competition.

But now you should always find out about the methods and products used. If you don't want to take any health risks, you should have a consultation beforehand to be sure. Then it would be better to spend a few euros on it than itching in the eyes, on the scalp or even after a few weeks with brittle hair.

Home use

A simple keratin cure can also be performed at home. It takes a few hours and is a bit more time-consuming, but you can coordinate with a friend, for example, and have some fun with it.

Those who use the application at home can buy the products directly on the Internet. It pays to do a little research first and rather to be on the safe side than to be satisfied with dubious special offers or cheap solutions. The Stiftung Warentest regularly tests many hair care products and you can also get good information from hairdressing circles. A home application is cheaper than a salon mainly because of the cost of labor. But quality is better with a professional.

Sloppy use at home becomes expensive

The most expensive variant of all is a poorly performed home application. Often, brittle long hair can only be cut off. The anger about this may not be worth money.

Cost use Bill

Now one should carefully weigh up what will ultimately be long term cheaper or more expensive. If you go to the hairdresser every week, a lot of bills accumulate over the course of a year. It is certainly not entirely wrong to only go two or three times or less and have the more expensive treatment carried out. This will be roughly the same over the whole year.

In addition, the hair suffers quite a bit with constant use (dyeing, tinting, styling, perm, etc.). If you save yourself the strain and treat the hair only every few months, the hair gets a break. If the appearance is good or at least acceptable after many weeks of expensive treatment, it works.

Hairdresser and salon search

There is hardly any more precise price information than that of the hairdressing salons themselves. This search mask searches for hairdressing salons within the usual search engines, so that you can look up the prices directly on site.

Just enter “hairdresser” + “city”!