Where are Mac computers made from

Connect to a Mac computer from a Windows computer

If you turn on file sharing on your Mac computer, Windows computer users can connect to your computer.

  1. Turn on file sharing on your Mac and set up Windows sharing preferences.

  2. Have the name and password of the user account you use on your Mac for Windows sharing.

  3. On your Windows computer, open Windows Explorer, click Network, and navigate to the Mac you want to connect to.

  4. Double-click the Mac computer you want to connect to and enter the account name and password for the user account.

    It may take a short time for the Windows computer to indicate that the Mac is available on the network.

If users are unable to connect from their Windows computer to their Mac using the user account you specified, you may need to reset the password for that account in Users & Groups preferences. For more information, see Reset your Mac login password.

After the users have connected to the Mac, they have access to all folders in the home folder of the account that is used for the Windows share, as well as to all folders or volumes for which they have been given appropriate access rights.