Enjoy gardening and gardening

What we love about our garden

The desire for security, for retreat and relaxation is growing in our hectic everyday life. And where better to relax than in your own garden? The garden offers the best prerequisites for everything that makes life pleasant: well-being, relaxation, enjoyment, peace and tranquility. Warm sun rays, fragrant flowers, calming green leaves, lively birdsong and buzzing insects are balm for the soul. Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors automatically gets in a better mood.

Do you always go to the garden first and foremost after a busy day? After a busy week, do you look forward to relaxing while gardening at the weekend? The garden can recharge us with new energy like hardly any other place, it is - consciously or unconsciously - an important energy filling station in everyday life.

Our Facebook user Bärbel M. cannot imagine life without a garden. Her garden is not just a hobby, it's simply her life. Even if she is in a bad way, the garden gives her new strength. Martina G. finds a balance to everyday stress in the garden. The variety in gardening and the phases of rest, in which she relaxes and lets the garden work on her, brings her satisfaction and balance. Julius S. also enjoys the tranquility in the garden and Gerhard M. likes to end the evening with a glass of wine in the garden house.

Let your mind wander, relax, recharge your batteries: all of this is possible in a garden. Create a green kingdom with your favorite plants, healing herbs, healthy vegetables and beautiful aromatic plants. Flowering shrubs and lush roses delight the eye, lavender, fragrant violets and phlox smell seductive and the faint rustling of ornamental grasses pampers the ears.

Not only Edeltraud Z. loves the variety of plants in her garden, Astrid H. also loves the flowers. Every day there is something new to discover, every day something different blooms. Lush green and intoxicating colors create a colorful oasis of wellbeing. You can relax and unwind in the garden. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and enjoy the summer to the full.

The element of water should not be missing in the garden, be it as a shallow pond with green planting around the edges, as a simple water feature or in the form of a bird bath where insects fetch water or birds take a bath. What is good for animals is also enriching for us humans. Elke K. can escape the greatest heat in a swimming pond and enjoy the summer.

A garden also means work! But gardening is quite healthy, it gets the circulation going and lets you forget everyday worries. Peace and activity, both can be found in the garden. For Gabi D. her allotment garden means a lot of work, but at the same time it is a balance to everyday life. Gabi has fun and joy when everything blooms and grows. When Charlotte B. works in her garden, she can completely forget the world around her and is only in the "here" and "now". She experiences a joyful tension, because everything should be beautiful, while at the same time total relaxation. Katja H. can switch off wonderfully when she sticks her hands into the warm earth and sees that something is growing that she has sown herself. Katja is convinced that gardening is good for the soul.

Garden owners don't need a wellness vacation. Only a few steps separate you from your relaxation paradise. You go out into the garden and are already surrounded by fresh flower colors and the soothing green of the leaves. Here, integrated into nature, you forget the stress of everyday life in no time. A comfortable spot in a quiet garden corner is sufficient for relaxing hours in the countryside. Wonderful when the canopy of a large shrub or small tree filters the sunlight over you. People like to withdraw to such a place. Just unfold the deck chair - and then listen to the hum of the bees in the flowerbed and the chirping of birds.

We would like to thank all Facebook users for their comments on our appeal and wish you many more wonderful hours in your garden, on the terrace or on the balcony!