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Why beginners should learn the Python programming language

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Whoever wants to learn to program is often faced with the question: which programming language is the right one? Therefore, in this article you will find out why it is worthwhile for beginners in particular to learn the Python programming language.

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7 reasons for Python

  1. simplicity
  2. Fast results
  3. distribution
  4. Libraries and Frameworks
  5. automation
  6. future
  7. Jobs and salary

1. Simplicity

Python is one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn, the structure (syntax) is comparatively simple. For example, code components that are not absolutely necessary are dispensed with. Nevertheless, you can write exactly the same powerful programs with Python as with other programming languages. E.g. Java, C ++ or C #.

Here is a comparison between Python and Java:

A program inJava

public class Main {public static void main (String [] args) {System.out.println ("Hello, World!"); }}

The same program inpython

print ("Hello, World!")

You can see that Python is the much simpler programming language.

In addition, with basic Python knowledge, switching to other programming languages ​​is much easier.

Incidentally, this simple structure of Python is due to the fact that Python was originally developed as a programming language for learning other programming languages. Nowadays, however, it is a full-fledged programming language.

2. Fast results

Of course, this simple structure of Python leads to significantly faster results, since you have to write significantly less code to achieve the same results. But the quick and uncomplicated installation of Python also leads to very quick results. In addition, you can quickly learn the basics in Python without prior knowledge and start immediately.

3. Dissemination

If you look at the development of various programming languages, it is noticeable that Python has seen strong growth in recent years. Here is an interesting graphic: On the leading Q&A platform for developers (Stack Overflow), most of the entries now refer to the Python programming language.

Thus, Python has put other programming languages ​​like Java and C # in the shade.

The good news for budding Python developers: Due to the wide distribution, a large number of projects are available for post-programming. If you have any questions or get stuck, most Google searches quickly lead to a suitable solution.

4. Libraries and Frameworks

The large number of libraries, frameworks and modules for Python allows you to implement almost any application yourself.

Stand for web developmentDjango andFlask to disposal.

If you are interested in data science are suitableNumPy andSciPy.

One often uses in the area of ​​machine learningTensorFlowPyTorchKeras andScikit-learn.

5. Automation

But Python is also the programming language of choice for the automation of tasks. For example, you can use Python to search the Internet for certain information and automatically save it to a file. You can also pull data from Excel tables and edit these tables according to certain rules. But automated messages can also be sent using Python. However, these are just simple examples. If you've worked with Python for a few months, a surprising number of tasks can be solved by automating with Python.

6. Future

In the third point you have already seen that Python is more widespread than other programming languages. This trend continues: Python will continue to play a major role in the future. In addition to the advantages already mentioned, this is due to the fact that Python plays an important role in future-oriented technologies:

Machine learning as well as data science and web development are technologies in which the Python programming language is often used.

7. Jobs and Salary

The technologies mentioned in point 6 mean that the job prospects and salaries for Python developers look very good. Especially in the area of ​​machine learning and data science, Python developers with an average salary of € 5,800 / month are among the top earners (source). Therefore, Python is the ideal programming language for someone who is just beginning his programming career.

The question that often arises here is whether it is not already too late to learn programming. Here the answer is very clear:No.
We are just at the beginning of technologies that will continue to develop over the coming years and will replace more and more jobs. So if you start now and stick with it, there will be many doors open on the job market in just a few years.

If you are interested in the Python programming language, we recommend this complete Python course.

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