Does haematological oncology require surgery

Hematology and Internal Oncology

Welcome to the hematology and internal oncology department at the Bundeswehr Hospital Ulm!


All diseases of the hematopoietic system and all tumor diseases are treated in this focus. Due to the large number of younger patients, non-Hodgkin lymphomas, Hodgkin's disease, testicular tumors, and bone and soft tissue tumors are mainly treated. In addition, all other malignant tumors of the lungs, digestive tract and other organs are treated in close cooperation with the other specialist areas concerned.

Our focus consists of a hematological laboratory, a ward and a day clinic with two outpatient treatment places. All of our nursing staff are trained oncology to ensure that our patients are optimally cared for. The particular importance of haemato-oncological diseases for life expectancy and quality of life requires sensitive information and individual care for patients in all phases of cancer. This is a natural obligation for us.

This requires regular interdisciplinary cooperation with the other departments of the house and cooperation with the supraregional tumor center of the University of Ulm, both in diagnostics and therapy. We take part in the important national and international therapy studies for oncological patients.