What is PUBG Addiction Treatment

Causes of Computer Game Addiction

Around 2-4% of people are addicted to computer games and the Internet. This also means that the remaining 96-98% have found a controlled and healthy use of computer games, Facebook and smartphones. Therefore, the media itself cannot be the only cause of the addiction. What are the main risk factors for computer game addiction?

The search for the causes of addictions began as early as the 1970s. The researchers Kielholz and Ladewig found that an addiction always has causes in three areas:

  1. In the characteristics of the person: one's own personality.
  2. In the characteristics of the drug / addictive substance: The computer games.
  3. In the characteristics of the environment: society and family.

This model, in which 3 areas explain an addiction, has become known as the TRIAS model of addiction.

Cause 1: characteristics of the person - the personality

Some people are generally more prone to addictions - their personality makes them more likely to get excited about games, then play longer. Introverts and shy people have fewer friends and hobbies. That is why computer games are more tempting to them.

Those who lose control of their behavior more easily are also more prone to addictions. If you ask yourself: Why did it catch me / my son / my partner in particular, it is worth looking for an answer in the addict's personality as well.

Cause 2: characteristics of the addictive substance - the computer games

Addictive substances are dangerous in different ways. More people are more likely to become addicted to alcohol than to coffee. There are also differences in computer games depending on the game genre. Online role-playing games (World of Warcraft) are more dangerous than single-player RPGs (Skyrim), and Battle Royal games (PUBG, Fortnite) are more dangerous than single-player shooters (Prey, Deus Ex).

This shows that it depends on the properties of the addictive substance - its design is therefore a cause of the addiction. When it comes to computer games, there are numerous books that show how to build addictive potential into the game mechanics.

Cause 3: characteristics of the environment - society and family

Sometimes addictions accumulate in certain places, milieus or educational levels. Then you have to ask: What influence does the environment have on the development of an addiction? Poverty is often in the background of an addiction career, just as neglect by parents is often found.

In Asia, the enormous number of young people addicted to computer games is often explained by the social pressure to perform. This is an example of the influence of culture and lifestyle that can lead to an addiction.

The TRIAS model as the basis for treating computer game addiction

Every addict is unique and so is his or her addiction career very individual. In the best case, the psychologist and the person affected work in several places. A holistic approach would be e.g. B. if

  • Introverts are worked on personality so that they can build friendships and relationships,
  • work is carried out on the environment and thus the family situation or the circumstances at the workplace are improved and
  • the addictive behavior (computer games) can be replaced by other activities such as sports and hobbies.


If psychological treatment is to be successful, all 3 areas of the triad model must be taken into account. This is the best way to bring about an improvement in the long run.

Book recommendation

Computer game and internet addiction - a cognitive-behavioral treatment manual by Wöfling, Jo, Bengesser, Beutel and Müller.


Kielholz P. & Ladewig D., Dependence on Drugs (1973)