Dishwasher need to be cleaned

Knowledge Do I have to clean the dishwasher?

In fact, dishwashers need to be cleaned every now and then. Although it seems as if the machine keeps cleaning itself and many have their own cleaning program, you have to lend a hand every now and then. The interior is actually cleaned as well - but over time, deposits of dirt, limescale and dishwashing detergent will also collect here. In the long run, this can lead to blockages in the nozzles or even provide a breeding ground for bacteria or fungi.

Therefore, you should clean your dishwasher regularly:Every two to three months a dishwasher has to be cleaned - the most professional way to do this is with a special cleaner from the drugstore.

How do I know when my dishwasher needs to be cleaned?

If you clean your dishwasher regularly, you shouldn't have to notice any external signs between cleaning cycles. If this is not the case, an unpleasant smell and deposits on the dishes are clear signs that cleaning is necessary. Odors are mostly caused by the formation of bacteria and ensure that even plates and cups that appear to be clean are contaminated with them.

Which parts can you clean by hand?

To increase the service life of your dishwasher and avoid expensive repairs, you can clean the following individual parts yourself:

  • Machine sieve: Located at the bottom of the dishwasher. All leftovers collect here. You should clean the strainer at least twice a month with hot water and washing-up liquid. Ideally, you should remove all coarse leftovers from the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher.
  • Wash arms: These are usually located in the upper and lower area of ​​the machine. You can easily take them out and wash them under hot water to keep the nozzles from clogging.
  • Poetry: In particular, you should clean and disinfect the long seal on the frame of the dishwasher once a month. A cloth and a little washing-up liquid are sufficient for this.
  • Salt and rinse aid: Both should be topped up regularly if you don't use dish soap that combines both.