Should force vegetarians to try meat

As a vegetarian / vegan with a meat-eating partner - do you have problems with it?

The situation is as follows:

I've been with my partner for over five years, I've been a vegeteuse for about 14 years (;-)), he eats meat.

He is a wonderful, great, loving man and I love him.

I realize more and more that I have problems with him consuming meat.
I don't want to force him to do anything and I am of the opinion that it is everyone's own decision, but because of his meat consumption a lot in my life revolves around me thinking about whether he has eaten meat again today or not, I also think it's pretty "unsexy".

I recently noticed that for years I had been carrying around the wish that I just had to deal with the topic loosely and that one day he would become a vegetarian on his own.
Purely in terms of his moral attitude that would also suit him, that is, the meat-free diet, but it is "too strenuous" for him. This means that he would not want to communicate that he does not eat meat and would therefore eat meat with his parents, my parents, at work, wherever we are invited ... but would.

Before I go into too much detail, I would like to know:
How are you all doing? Do you have difficulties with that too? Could the vegetarians among you (permanently) imagine a man by your side who does not share this attitude?

I am already a little afraid of a fundamental discussion about vegetarianism itself, I hope for the best