What does IB

The most famous international degree: the IB

The IB (short for International Baccalaureate) is an ideal combination. Anglo-Saxon pragmatism and the Humboldtian tradition of "Studium generale" are united here. This degree guarantees you worldwide recognition; even at German universities. However, you have to make sure that your choice of subjects is correct, otherwise the IB will not be recognized in Germany. We would be happy to advise you on this.

The IB's birthplace is one of the most international cities in the world: Geneva. Here, at the headquarters of so many international institutions such as the International Red Cross and Red Crescent, OPEC or CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), people from all over the world came together; and so also from the most diverse school systems. Because they were not always compatible with each other, the IBO was founded here in 1968 and the IB Diploma program was launched.

After initial hesitation about recognition in Germany - the German education ministers were not at all “amused” that someone, without asking them, introduced a university entrance qualification that should also grant access to German universities. Fortunately, this hesitation is a thing of the past; and the passed IB diploma is now considered a general higher education entrance qualification, also in Germany.

The IB academic program

However, there are some special requirements to be observed if you want to study in Germany later; Recognition is usually much easier for studying abroad. But a good student advisory service can give you detailed information about this.

If you have chosen the right subjects and achieved a sufficient number of points, even the elite universities in England such as Oxford and Cambridge or the famous Ivy League universities in the USA are open to you. The IB is academically demanding and offers a wide range of educational opportunities: First of all, you have to choose six academic subjects:

  • mathematics
  • natural Science
  • Social science
  • a language at the native level
  • a continued foreign language
  • Another academic subject (this can also be music, art or sport or a specialization in one of the five basic subjects)

The academic subjects are then accompanied by an overarching course called “Theory of Knowledge”, in which you learn to integrate the school material into a social context. The IB is supplemented by a scientific essay of 4,000 words. That is already a small diploma thesis.

Social responsibility at IB

In the IB Diploma program, you are not only required to demonstrate academic excellence. You are also expected to face your social responsibility. Everyone has to do 150 hours of social work in the two years of the IB Diploma, and have to prove it. It does not matter whether you take care of homework for children from socially disadvantaged families or build toad tunnels as part of an environmental service. But it is expected that you give something back to society and make part of your strength and energy available for the general public.

Which boarding schools offer the IB?

There are more and more boarding schools around the world that have the IB diploma in their program. In Germany these are, for example, Schule Schloss Salem or Louisenlund. In the spiritual motherland of the IB, in Switzerland, there are many good IB schools, e.g .: Aiglon College, the Rosenberg, the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, the Leysin American School or the Institut Montana; to name just a few.

In Great Britain, the IB initially had a difficult time against the traditional A-levels. But when the pioneering school Sevenoaks had concentrated exclusively on the IB and the universities called for differentiation, whether the flood of very good A-level degrees, the IB also became at home in England and is now offered, for example: at Ardingly College, at Ellesmere College , or in fat. But also at King William’s College, Oakham, Rossall, and St Leonhard’s School.

The IB is also offered in North America, for example at Ashbury College, Bishop’s College or Ridley College in Canada or the St. Timothy’s School in the USA. But there are so many more IB boarding schools. We are happy to provide information and advice so that you can find the right IB boarding school for your child.

Because the IB diploma is so academically demanding, it was reason enough that Oxford and Cambridge, the Sorbonne and Harvard were among the first universities to recognize the IB. IB graduates are now among the most sought-after candidates worldwide; whether at universities or in personnel offices. You're in good company.

If you are interested in the IB Diploma Program for your child, we will be happy to help you find the right school. Even if your son or daughter is not (yet) a super student, there are also enough boarding schools that help to “build” a good IB diploma.

Let's talk about what the expectations are and what requirements your child has. Call 0611-18058 82 or send us an email; we will get back to you as soon as possible.