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Why it is always worth starting new sports

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No sport is definitely murder! Why you should just dare to start exciting sports and what benefits your body will get from them.

Overcoming your weaker self four times a week and driving to the dreary gym, lifting weights there and running countless kilometers on the spot on the treadmill: Is it really worth it? Not for most of us. And with that, we usually quickly throw the good intentions of taking advantage of the fitness subscription overboard again. But not doing any sport at all doesn't feel right either - and takes revenge from the magical 40 at the latest. Body and mind need a balance from everyday life and ideally one that challenges you personally.

Which sport is right for you?

Ideally one that you don't have to pull yourself out for. A look into the past can help here. Which sport have you always wanted to try, but have never dared? Ballet? Or climbing? Surfing or kayaking? It's time to move out of your comfort zone: It is always possible to start exercising - at any age. Living your childhood dream and venturing into exciting sports in later years also brings some advantages. Already knew? By the way, these are the trend sports for 2019

These three advantages bring you new sports:

  1. You will feel your body so much better

    Even starting late with demanding sports makes even more sense when you are 40+ than when you are a child. You have already experienced a lot and know your body very well. This ability is worth its weight in gold! Knowing your physical limits and setting realistic goals is what demanding sports need. The advantage: This also minimizes the risk of injury from high spirits and pressure to perform. Plus: This is how you actually achieve your realistically set goals - and experience the pleasant feeling of self-affirmation over and over again.

  2. The muscles say thank you!

    Sure, climbing, ballet or kayaking sounds like adrenaline, a mental challenge and a lot of sore muscles in the first step. In the second step, however, it is a real fountain of youth. Changing rusted movements not only ensures a firm body and finally gives muscles that have so far been little used a task. Body awareness will also change. The advantage: a healthy, well-trained body that is less prone to office illnesses. And a great body feeling that you are guaranteed to radiate.

  3. But also the head!

    Whether it's going through the route in your mind while climbing or memorizing the choreography while doing ballet, tensing your body and following the music: What is easy for children may put you off at first. But: Even when you are over 40, you can train your memory and coordination and you can rediscover yourself all around.

Sports that really challenge you, get you out of your comfort zone and which you should definitely try are: boxing, ballet, climbing or bouldering, badminton, beach volleyball, synchronized swimming, fencing or even horse riding.