The US Army has hired hairdressers

1944, Normandy: In so-called "cigarette camps" of the US Army, young French women are prepared to emigrate to their new husbands in the USA. Jeannette, Marie-Thérèse and Mireille are three such women: They are married to GIs they hardly know and are about to cross the Atlantic. Just on the day of departure, Jeannette receives news of her husband's accidental death, but the Army wants him to look as if he had heroically died in battle.

She has to let her two friends go and stays with her parents on their farm. Marie-Thérèse and Mireille wrote letters to their friend about their experiences in the USA, their fears and their hopes. Mireille lives with her Jewish husband in Brooklyn, the Parisian seems to have found happiness there. Marie-Thérèse and her five-year-old son Philippe, on the other hand, end up on a farm in Alabama. Your American husband is severely traumatized by his war experiences. More and more often he disappears and only comes back completely drunk after days or weeks.

Meanwhile, Jeannette is increasingly foreign to her native France: Suspiciously insulted by the men in the village as a soldier's wife and whore, she decides to travel to the USA with her husband's death benefit. It will be a journey into the unknown ...

Director and screenwriter Fabrice Cazeneuve has made a name for himself as a politically alert and sensitive director with "The Uninvited Guest" (2000) and his documentaries such as "Friseurinnen" (2008). Most recently he shot "Chien de guerre" (2014) about French war mercenaries in Afghanistan.
Salomé Stévenin, daughter of Jean-François Stévenin (Pact of the Wolves), was seen at the side of Jean Reno in Daniel Cohen's Cooking is Chefsache 'in 2012. With Adélaïde Leroux and Mélodie Richard, she shared the 2010 La Rochelle film festival for "Nylons and Cigarettes" as the best young female talent.