Are Honda Accord rear wheel drive

┬╗Accord Coupe 3.0 V6 rear-wheel drive?

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Moin Moin here are the first pictures of my Heckcrx. There is currently a 110HP ED7 engine in the back. In winter a second engine comes in at the front ......
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3.01326.07.2011, 07:09
CRX-432 rear-wheel drive?
hey i'm quite new to the honda scene. and then i have a question about it and does the integra dc2 have rear or front drive? I was actually always of the opinion front but then I saw this movie: ...
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1.01519.06.2010, 14:37
RuffneckDel Sol with rear-wheel drive (with RWD) !! Look in here I want horny too ...
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81124.09.2010, 12:10
parradoxonEj2 rear-wheel drive
I plan to move my engine to the rear! Now of course I need steering knuckles with toothing for the drive shafts! Does anyone know if the NSX fits or has another idea? ...
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ruleDel sol rear wheel drive =)
when browsing the net found =) and reading for 2 hours .. pure madness ... Please Notice: This is an automatically translated article!
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56624.07.2013, 20:07
tbb_svenFind rear wheel drive for CRX
People just come out of the cinema. And now I need rear-wheel drive. : twisted: Just awesome, please don't have to ...
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38616.07.2006, 19:12
BaldoPanusFront or rear wheel drive
Hello someone knows whether the Prelude and the Legend have front or rear-wheel drive, is there something to read somewhere? Greeting...
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24216.02.2014, 00:14
tvwConvert Civic to rear-wheel drive?
Hi! I just wanted to ask whether it would actually be possible, for example, to convert an eg or ej to rear-wheel drive or even to all-wheel drive? And if so, I assume that it is way too expensive or why does nobody do that? Thank you in ...
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3.82628.01.2009, 12:51
VincentVegaOld Japanese with rear-wheel drive? What is there?
I'm thinking of getting a CHEAP rear spin for the winter. Should be a Japanese, just not an Opel or something, if necessary NEN E30, but since I have NEN E46 that is nonsense .. I know the well-known things like S13, ...
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DeusIntegra rear-wheel drive! 94 Acura not bad.
For me it has something of Celica all Carlo Sainz, and somehow from behind something of a 928 Porsche. By the way, great videos on the site.
[Integra] from Monstermann3
44008.10.2008, 13:59
Monster man