Why is OJ Simpson in jail

O.J. Simpson 25 years after his murder charge: "Life is wonderful"

He was a football star (61 touchdowns), multimillionaire, actor ("The Naked Cannon") - and set dubious standards in terms of reality TV with a murder trial ...

Today, exactly 25 years after the murder of his ex-wife Nicole († 35) and her friend Ron Goldman († 25), O. J. Simpson (71) is one of the most controversial men in America!

Has an innocent person been charged - or was a guilty person acquitted?

► The fact is: On the night of June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were slaughtered with dozens of knife wounds. In the garden of the sports star (a good three kilometers from the crime scene), the investigators found a blood-stained glove. Arrest warrant!

O. J. Simpson tried to escape - police cars and helicopters chased him across Beverly Hills for almost two hours on June 17th. He held a gun to his head several times. The aerial photos of the white Ford Bronco? Legendary!

95 million US viewers saw the drama live on TV, and Simpson finally surrendered in front of his luxury villa in Brentwood.

► The trial of the century became a media spectacle! It was broadcast live on TV for over eight months - an explosive mix of racism, police misconduct and the sighting of disturbingly brutal evidence!

Then in October 1995 the verdict: Simpson is not guilty!

► He ended up in jail anyway: In 2007 Simpson was caught in a robbery and served a prison sentence in Nevada until 2017!

Since then he has been enjoying his retirement in Las Vegas. He plays golf almost every day, and willingly poses for selfies in restaurants or at sports events. Simpson to the AP news agency: "Life is wonderful!"

Neither he nor his two children want to talk about the murder. “My family and I are focused on the positive,” said Simpson. "We don't have to go back and relive the worst day of our lives."

Unlike Nicole Brown's family: They have been through horror for 25 years ...