Why do people ride unicycles


Circus artists from China show tricks on a high unicycle. This unicycle is called a "giraffe".

A unicycle is a special bicycle that, as the name suggests, only has one wheel. The saddle of the unicycle is located directly above the bike. Unlike normal bicycles, unicycles do not have a handlebar. Most unicycles have the pedals directly on the bike and so the unicycles do not have a chain. There are usually no brakes or gears either.

Unicyclists can be seen in the circus or as street performers. Not only do artists ride unicycles, but also many people who do this as a hobby in their free time. You ride a unicycle in sports halls, in school yards, on forest paths or in everyday life. There are even people who practice sports like hockey or basketball on a unicycle.

If you want to learn to ride a unicycle, you have to learn to keep your balance on it. Above all, this takes a lot of practice. It is not enough to be able to ride a bicycle hands-free, as the unicycle can not only tip sideways, but also forwards and backwards. Therefore, it is good if you can hold on to a railing or something similar during the first attempts at driving, or, even better, have the hand of a friend to help you. Fortunately, you usually tip forwards or backwards so that you can safely get on your feet.

Once you can ride a unicycle, you can learn a lot of tricks on it. For example, you can drive backwards or commute back and forth on the spot. You can also jump with the unicycle. Other tricks can be practiced together with other drivers. Since you have your hands free while driving, you can also juggle objects at the same time, for example balls.

Unicycles come in different sizes. The bigger the bike, the faster you can ride it, but the more difficult it is to ride on it. Most unicycles are the size of a smaller children's bike. For professionals there are also certain unicycles for particularly daring tricks or for off-road use. The so-called giraffe is a special unicycle. This is a high unicycle where the saddle is much higher than the normal one, so that the saddle is sometimes more than two meters above the ground.

  • A girl rides a unicycle.

  • Even high jump is possible on the unicycle.

  • For off-road riding, there are unicycles with larger wheels and wide tires such as mountain bikes.

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