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WEBSITE LEGAL FUCKUPS - These 5 Legal Mistakes You Should Avoid When Creating Your Website!

Your website is THE figurehead for your corporate identity. Search engines rank you particularly well if you do everything right there when it comes to SEO. This will then help you to be found quickly by your customers. But not only SEO is important when creating the website: there are also many legal things that you should be aware of.

In this episode, we want to show you the 5 most important legal fuckups on the website that should definitely not happen to you. Because your website is publicly available at all times. Errors are quickly noticed and, in the worst case, can even come with a warning.

Today we are talking about:

  • The use of cookies
  • The imprint
  • The data protection declaration, consents & GDPR
  • Using content such as photos
  • Using brands such as logos

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