How do I become a speedster

Important information

Due to the high demand from the coronavirus, our e-speedsters are unfortunately full earlier than usual. Together with our runners and shoppers, we of course do our best, but unfortunately we cannot meet all requests.

Frequently asked questions about the coronavirus

1. It is not yet 10 pm, but I can no longer order for the following day or add products to my order afterwards. Why is that?
Due to the situation around the coronavirus, there is more going on than usual. That is why it can still happen that our electric cars are full before 10 p.m. on some days. However, we try to always offer you a free delivery day. In addition, we always activate new delivery dates four days in advance; you can see them in the app every morning at 9 a.m. You can always see the exact delivery times for you in the app if you click on the shopping cart symbol and then go to "Choose delivery times".
2. How can it be that new delivery dates are filled so quickly while other delivery dates are still free for earlier in the week?
In these volatile times, it is very difficult for us to plan ahead how many shoppers, runners and e-runabouts will be available later in the week. The closer the delivery date comes, the better we can assess the situation. That is why we check every morning at 9 a.m. for which days we still have capacity and then make these times visible in the app. Therefore, you may not be able to order 6 days in advance, for example, but earlier in the week for certain days.
3. What precautionary measures are you taking to counteract the spread of the coronavirus?
Your health and that of our employees are of course our top priority. That is why we strictly adhere to the official guidelines and guidelines in this situation. For this reason, we will temporarily deliver your purchase to you contactless (we explain what that means below). In addition, our runners and employees in the camp wear masks and follow strict hygiene measures. In addition, we check the temperature of every employee before the start of the shift and ask them to stay at home if there are any signs of flu.
4. I read that you deliver contactless. What does that mean?
The runner will no longer hand over your purchase directly to you, but will place the grocery bag (s) in front of your apartment door, ring the doorbell and take a few steps away.

We then ask you to accept the shopping bags yourself. We can temporarily no longer offer you to carry your shopping into the apartment. If for certain reasons it is not possible for you to do the shopping yourself (e.g. joint problems), then we will find a solution for you together with your runner.

Do you have returnable bottles or bags that you would like to return? Of course that is not a problem! Please just put everything you want to give us in the red box after you have accepted your purchases.
5. I am in an exceptional situation and contactless delivery is not possible for me - can you make an exception for me?
We can deviate from this measure in individual cases. Our runner will then find a suitable solution with you.
6. Do you have enough products in stock?
We currently have sufficient stocks of most products. However, you can only order a limited number of certain products at the moment - this is how we ensure that all customers can order the products in normal quantities. This affects, for example, soap, disinfectants and handkerchiefs.

In exceptional situations it is unfortunately a little more difficult for us to assess how many products we need and how high the demand is - therefore it could happen that a few items are temporarily sold out.
7. Why can I only order one pack of tissues / a bottle of disinfectant spray?
You can only order a limited number of a few products at the moment. In this way we want to ensure that all customers can order these products in normal quantities.
8. Why are some products in my order being replaced or not available?
Based on the reports about the coronavirus, we can see that some products are being ordered more than usual. Unfortunately, it is difficult to estimate how the demand will develop. However, we are in close contact with our suppliers in order to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. If something changes in your order, we will of course inform you as soon as possible.
9. Why do you sometimes only know on the day of delivery that not all products are available?
Of course, it is always our goal that your order arrives in its entirety. Due to the current exceptional situation, the demand in the food industry is generally higher than usual and our partners are also facing new challenges in their supply chain. This is because we only receive goods that you reserved when you placed your order on the day of your delivery, so that we can continue to guarantee the freshness of the goods. However, the stock situation of the ordered goods at our supplier may have changed significantly in the time between your order and delivery day. Products that we received a week ago as available can then be canceled spontaneously. As a result, you will unfortunately also be canceled. However, we are constantly in close contact with our suppliers and work hard to ensure that you receive your delivery exactly as you ordered it.
10. How do you ensure adequate hygiene and safety among your employees?
We are in close contact with health authorities and strictly adhere to the recommendations and guidelines, because safety is our top priority.
1. If there are signs of a cold or flu, we encourage our runners and all other colleagues to stay at home.
2. We avoid physical contact, keep a distance of at least 1.5 m from one another and do not shake hands.
3. The steering wheels of our e-runabouts and all other devices that we use to scan purchases are disinfected after each delivery.
4. All of our colleagues regularly wash their hands with soap and water - especially before and after breaks.
5. All employees wear face masks during work and have their temperature measured before the start of their shift.
11. I'm currently on the waiting list. How long will it take before I can order?
We are currently extremely busy and we are receiving significantly more orders than usual. We are working hard to help as many people as possible, but unfortunately it remains difficult to predict when we will have enough space to serve more customers. Because of this, it may take a while before you can place your first order. As soon as the time has come, we will get in touch with you immediately!
12. Why is the minimum order value € 35?
It's very busy and we're doing our best to help as many people as we can. But that only works if we use our e-cars as efficiently as possible. At the moment the second box is almost completely empty for smaller orders. With a minimum order value of 35 € this problem is solved to 80%. So we can make better use of the space in our small delivery vans and help more people.