In which software is Google Chrome created

Google Chrome 90.0.4430.216

Google Chrome is a fast browser for surfing the internet and the web. The free software can be expanded with numerous add-ons and apps. Google Chrome, or Chrome for short, also comes with a private mode that enables more anonymous surfing and does not save any history or cookies on the computer.

Based on open source software

Chrome is based on the Chromium open source project, whose rendering engine is also used by the Opera and Microsoft Edge browsers, the successor to Internet Explorer, to display websites. The current version of the free Chrome web browser supports web technologies such as CSS grids for complex website layouts and is fast and stable. Google's Internet browser interface is tidy and offers the information on the website a lot of space on the monitor or display of the mobile device.

Functions and operation

As with the web browsers Mozilla Firefox and Opera, Chrome includes an integrated PDF viewer, password management and personalization. This allows Google's Chrome browser to be connected to the Google account via the Internet so that changes are available when working on other computers. The personalization can be done in the settings of Chrome, where there are also different designs with which Google Chrome can be beautified. Images and designs on the subjects of space, travel, geography, animals, plants and comics are on offer. Minimalist designs with black or pink as a background are also available.

The soft screen movement when scrolling with the mouse wheel is comfortable, which Google implements in the browser version via "Smooth Scrolling". This was once only possible with the touchpad, while the behavior when scrolling the mouse wheel was a bit tricky.

An interesting feature of Google Chrome is streaming videos and web pages to the TV. In addition to a network connection, a Google Cast-enabled video player on the television is required so that the user can watch or surf the videos.

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Chrome app and add-ons

The Mozilla Firefox browser is particularly popular because of the great support it offers through add-ons. Google Chrome can also be expanded to include add-ons and apps for surfing the Internet. External developers created them to automatically block advertisements or scripts, for example. Chrome users can find them via "Menu> Settings> Extensions> Download more extensions" in the Chrome Web Store, which also has themes and games. The add-ons are called Chrome extensions in the store and add functions to Google's Internet browser. The apps, on the other hand, are executed by the browser, but do not change it.

If a Chrome extension or app is no longer required, the user can delete it under "Menu> Settings> Extensions" using the respective trash can icon. Alternatively, removing the tick in the checkbox will deactivate the Chrome apps or Chrome extensions.

Google's Internet browser version is fast, as Google has improved performance, for example with the "data saving mode" extension. It redirects websites called up in the Chrome browser via Google servers and optimizes them there. Websites should have to load up to 80% less data, which, according to Google, should result in up to four times faster loading times.

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A safe browser for the internet

Google Chrome protects privacy like Firefox when surfing through the incognito mode, for which a separate incognito window is opened. Here the Chrome browser ensures that nothing remains stored in the browser history, cookie memory or search history after the Ikognito window or an incognito tab has been closed. Accordingly, no surf traces and other information remain on the computer through surfing.

The security when surfing increases if the user does not come to pages that offer dangerous content. For this purpose, Google Chrome has a list of dangerous websites that is automatically updated via updates in order to automatically protect the user from phishing attacks, among other things.

Another gateway for security risks is Adobe Flash, which is repeatedly noticed by security gaps. That is why more and more browsers are doing without Flash, which began with mobile devices and has now reached the desktop PC. For this reason, Google has deactivated the support of NPAPI plug-ins in its browser version, i.e. certain plug-ins for the Flash Player in Google Chrome for security reasons.

Surf the Internet quickly and stably

In addition to its security, Google Chrome scores with stability: If a tab or a plug-in should hang up, i.e. no longer react, the Chrome task manager can be opened with the key combination "Shift" + "Esc" to end the process in a targeted manner. The browser window remains open so that the contents of the other working tabs are not lost. Since each tab runs as a separate process, several open tabs do not have a negative effect on the speed. Google Chrome also keeps an eye on this when executing scripts and translates JavaScript instructions into machine code, which makes them faster.

Since Google Chrome is based on the open source software Chromium, Blink is also used here as a web engine. Blink is derived from the open rendering engine WebKit, whose code for the blink fork has been changed for some functions. This applies, for example, to the sandbox and multi-process model, which offers greater flexibility and openness for future functions.

The Chrome browser shows its ecological side through the included power saving function. It pays off especially if you use Chrome on the notebook in battery mode. Google Chrome shuts down the CPU load for inactive tabs if they are not running music, audios or videos. That should save up to 25% more electricity.

Versions and updates

Google Chrome is available for desktop computers as a 32- and 64-bit version for Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS and as a Chrome app for mobile devices with Android and iOS. In addition to the version for installation on the desktop computer, the Chrome browser is available as a portable version, Google Chrome Portable, which runs from the USB stick without installation and can thus be used on various Windows PCs.

Google Chrome automatically takes care of the update to the current version, so that you usually do not have to worry about it, as with Mozilla Firefox. However, it never hurts to have a look at the information about the installed version, where you can find out whether a new version is available for Google Chrome.

Common questions about Google Chrome

We've gathered some common questions about Google Chrome that we'll answer below.

Is Google Chrome Free?

Yes, both the Google Chrome download and the use of Google's Chrome browser are free.

Is Chome a Safe Browser?

Apart from the fact that there is no such thing as 100 percent security, Google Chrome is a browser that allows you to navigate the Internet quite safely. With its Safe Browsing technology, the manufacturer Google checks billions of websites for risks every day and blocks known, dangerous websites. Chrome also receives regular updates that, among other things, close security gaps that can occur in any software.

Can I extend Chrome like Firefox?

Like the Mozilla Firefox browser, Google Chrome can also be expanded with numerous add-ons and apps so that you can customize the look and add additional functions. If you want to find out more about the available extensions, just take a look at the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome is also available for smartphones

Chrome is available for all common devices such as the iPhone and iPad as well as smartphones and tablets with Android, for which the Google Chrome app is available in the respective store. Of course, Google Chrome is also available for computers with the Microsoft Windows and macOS operating systems as well as the Linux distributions Ubuntu, Linux Mint and openSUSE.

Is Google Chrome spying on me?

How Google treats its users' data can be found in the American company's privacy policy. If you still have concerns, you can use other browsers such as Firefox or the Tor Browser and, for example, DuckDuckGo or Qwant as a search engine.

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