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Dropbox is on a shopping spree and has bought the Loom and Hackpad services - two really clever moves on the expansion course. The file hosting service Dropbox has bought the two companies Loom and Hackpad for a previously unknown amount, which are supposed to help move the company forward. With the takeover, Dropbox does not leave its profession, but with the two new services it is developing in a direction that should be taken seriously by the competition.

Beat the competition and buy skills

When you think of Dropbox, you think of cloud storage. I push a file that I don't want to save locally on my computer, smartphone or tablet into the cloud and can now view it with any device anywhere in the world and at any time. Cloud services are a dime a dozen, but Dropbox is still the first player you would think of when considering the topic. Now the company is acquiring two companies and trying to expand.

One company is Loom, a cloud service for photos and videos in which Google and Will Smith invested heavily just a few months ago: there were 1.4 million dollars. The problem for Dropbox is very simple: With the in-house and newly launched app Carousel for Android and iOS, Dropbox has a similar product - and wants to both outperform the competition and learn from the existing skills of the Loom team. Experience shows that this works best with a takeover.

Takeover two months ago

For Loom users, this means that they will have to move their data to Carousel by May 16, exactly one month after the takeover. If you don't feel like doing this, you can download your data as zipped. In addition, Loom is currently no longer accepting new registrations. Loom sends users a notification with instructions on how to move. Anyone who has opted for a paid tariff at Loom will receive a similar package from Dropbox for a year - the service will then no longer be available from May 17th.

As already indicated above, Dropbox has killed two birds with one stone: On the one hand, you get rid of a tough competitor who has already built up a decent user base and now use their skills. The Loom team has been working on Carousel for two months, and the takeover has now been made public. In the future, the new employees should work on the further development of the version, writes Netzwertig.

Bought additional skills with Hackpad

Dropbox is not yet satisfied, however. In addition to the release of the Android version of Mailbox, a productivity app to organize mail traffic, the service is also expanding further towards crowdsourcing. With the takeover of the Hackpad service, which will continue to be active according to current plans, Dropbox is buying into a team whose company specializes in viewing and editing documents in the cloud, similar to Google Drive. It is unclear whether and when functions from Hackpad will be found on Dropbox.

So Dropbox is currently in attack mode and uses its financial resources for acquisitions and expansions. However, the service does not really open up new business areas, but remains in its profession in the broadest sense. The possible integration of Hackpad could be exciting and possibly offer a useful Google Drive alternative.

Image (adapted) "Dropbox" by Ian Lamont (CC BY 2.0)

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