How much do you love Tony Stark

1. I love you

I would like to dedicate this chapter to MiaStern463, who helped me a lot with a few ideas for the different scenarios ... Have fun with chapter: 3


🏹 Clint Barton / Hawkeye

You and Clint sit side by side on the balcony of your apartment, your head leaning on his shoulder while you look at the stars. "Do you know the story with the two rabbits?" Clint asks you after a while of silence. "Which do you mean?" You ask confused. "The one with Papa Rabbit and his child. It's actually a little picture book that my mother always read to me because I wanted to hear it so often, but the story is incredibly beautiful and when I have children I will tell them too read out ", you listen eagerly to Clint's words," It's about a dad rabbit and his son who try to outdo each other in how much they love the other ... "" How do you get that? " you when Clint finished listening to his story. "I was just thinking about how much I am in love with you." You look at him in amazement. "You love Me?" "Don't look so amazed. I love you (D / N) to the end of the universe and back again." A big grin spreads across your lips. I also you."

🛡 Steve Rogers / Captain America

The week the mission was supposed to last is long gone and you're starting to worry. When you get the message from Sam that Steve is back but is in the hospital, nothing can stop you and you drive off. Except for you, there's only Sam there. The others are in the tower, according to him. Steve himself is still unconscious because he had to be pulled out of the water, so you sit on the left side of the bed and take his hand.

Your eyes fill with tears when you see him lying there so vulnerable and you suppress the urge to hug him completely. "You really love him, don't you?" Sam asks you and you nod. "I love him more than I can put into words." You don't know that Steve has already overheard the conversation and so you flinch when suddenly, "I love you too." sounds from your right side. "Steve!", You exclaim overjoyed and now wrap your arms around him. Steve hugs you back with a smile. Suddenly you become aware of what Steve said and you straighten up again. "Everything ok ..." Steve is interrupted by you in the middle of a sentence because you put your lips on his.

💸 Tony Stark / Ironman

You are currently shopping because you have agreed to meet Tony to cook together. Tony said he would teach you one of his specialties and you are curious. But what you haven't thought through with this plan is that you don't even know the ingredients that are needed and so it happens that you have to call Tony every few minutes to ask him about it.

"Parmesan!" Answers Tony before you can even ask the question. "Wow, Tony, just wow. Do you know what you wrote on my piece of paper? Cheese!", You mean and a slightly annoyed undertone resonates in your voice. "Sorry. I was a bit busy when I wrote the list for you," he admits contrite. Sighing, you look at the note on which almost everything is ticked off. "Is there anything else I should know?" You ask. "No the rest should be clear." "Really? And what kind of nuts does the Lord have in mind?" You ask. "Pine nuts please." "Which tomatoes?" "Dried." "Is that really all now?" "Yes." "Okay. See you later then." "See you later! I love you." You stare at the phone in confusion. He just hung up. Is it actually clear to him what he said as a matter of course? Shaking your head, you buy the remaining ingredients and make your way to Tony's apartment.