What are the sources of healthy foods


Should we cut the carbs and opt for fats?

06 October 2017

Recent media headlines claim that low-fat diets could increase your risk of early death by almost one quarter. However, the coverage is based on a study that mainly looked at people in lower- and middle- income countries outside Europe, so it may not be relevant for the general European population.

Are Fermented Foods Healthy?

22 August 2017

Fermented foods have been eaten around the world for centuries, and in recent years they have been back in trend. What exactly are fermented foods? Are you healthy?

Tea: health and hydration

08 October 2016

Tea has been a refreshing drink for centuries. The tea is said to have health-promoting properties - is this supported by the latest scientific findings? Is Tea a Healthy Source of Fluid?

Bread - A nutritious staple food

08 December 2014

Bread has been part of the human diet for thirty thousand years. It provides energy in the form of carbohydrates and important nutrients, fiber and secondary plant nutrients ...

Sow the seeds of health

01 April 2014

A plant-based diet is attracting increasing attention, and research indicates its potential to prevent disease. On the importance of fruit and ...

More than fresh - vegetables for everyone

01 February 2011

Our favorite vegetables are not available fresh all year round. Do we therefore have to do without them or are frozen or canned vegetables an alternative?

Potato - the great tuber

01 March 2010

Potatoes are a very common staple food in European cuisine. Sometimes the important contribution this tuber makes to healthy nutrition is overlooked ...