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Last updated: May 22, 2021
FreeBSD defines a free and complete Unix-like operating system, which is one of the largest open source projects of all. Although the main focus of the developers is on creating a stable software platform for servers and appliances, FreeBSD can and is used on desktop computers as well. The operating system is used by Internet service providers such as Yahoo and Strato as well as in high-performance routers and name services and as a web hosting platform. With the help of the Linux emulation layer, FreeBSD also supports the Linux formats, which means that the software specially developed for these systems can also be used. There is also special software available for Linux compatibility.

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FreeBSD received an average rating of 3.7 out of 5. Based on 259 FreeBSD experiences. Our editorial team thoroughly researches test reports and opinions from all available sources on the Internet. These sources are carefully selected by hand and evaluated with stochastic means. Experiences.com is therefore as informative as possible and can be viewed as a reflection of all FreeBSD ratings available on the Internet.
I was looking for an operating system for my little home server, after Linux only brought me frustration, I stayed with FreeBSD with full satisfaction. If you give the system a chance, it is 10 times better than Linux in my opinion. When looking for help on the net, BSD users are more friendly to me than Linux users.
The step was well planned, but with regard to an own web server, choosing the right operating system made the process a bit difficult. It was definitely not supposed to be Windows, but the choice was still very large. I became aware of FreeBSD through the Internet and numerous reports and can only say thank you for it today. This free Unix derivative is exactly what I was looking for for my web server. Of course I had to work my way into it a bit, but the Synthax and the structure speak for themselves, because after a short time I was able to get an overview of the possibilities and functionalities. The big plus, however, was the stability. Highly praised on the web, I focused on this in the observation during the test phase and I was not disappointed. My FreeBSD web server is up and running. But there is another great plus. The hardware is used very carefully, so that sufficient system resources remain free and can continue to be used for the applications and content that are based on it. The system is absolutely great. The only flaw I would see is that knowledge of English is a prerequisite for this. Nevertheless, I would like to give 5 out of 5 possible stars, because in use you can't find anything better for a self-operated web server.

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