Is vaping considered smoking by law

VdeH welcomes European citizens' initiative “Vaping is NOT Tobacco”

The European citizens' initiative “Vaping is NOT Tobacco” was presented today. The initiative aims to achieve a legal differentiation between conventional tobacco products and e-cigarettes. Health differences between vaping and smoking should be emphasized more strongly. The Association of the e-cigarette trade (VdeH) as Germany's largest association in terms of members and Europe's oldest industry association welcomes this initiative and unreservedly endorses the content of the project.

The committee with representatives from France, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Romania and Germany calls for paragraph 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40 / EU (TPD2) to be deleted and for a "smarter regulation for vaping" to replace. E-cigarettes should be viewed in isolation from tobacco regulation.

The European Citizens' Initiative has set itself the goal of collecting at least one million signatures within a year and thus moving the European Commission to recommend that the European Parliament revise the currently applicable legal regulations.

"We are of the opinion that a legal delimitation of steam products from tobacco products and pharmaceuticals is long overdue," says Michal Dobrajc, first chairman of the VdeH. He welcomed the initiative launched today: “It is important to ensure that new legislation tailored to e-cigarettes is passed. We also need a better supply of objective information for smokers about the proven less harmful alternative of nicotine consumption.

The website provides information about the initiative. Participation in the petition is possible on the website of the European Commission at

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