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by attorney Tamás Asthoff
30.08.15 Ticketing a "package trip" with Off in den Urlaub Spezial Mix. ... hotel can be free canceled the other booked partial services & lpar; flight & rpar; remain unaffected by this. ... After the phone call I received an email stating that the hotelcanceled and with the request for the transfer of the bank details for the purpose of reversing the Hotel expenses.
by lawyer Anja Merkel
Unfortunately, none of the rooms are needed anymore, and so I have all the rooms on time 4 weeks before the occupancy date canceled. The hotel would not like to accept the cancellation, mainly because other inquiries have already been sent to the hotel that came because of my Ticketing all were negative. ... damage caused by not using the Hotels must be accepted against you?
by lawyer Stefan Steininger
These Ticketing I made it on 02/05/2014. Yesterday I got a call from hotel, that this hotel is overbooked and they can only offer me replacement accommodation 30-40 km away, I would only find out in January 2015. ... The hotel offered me that Ticketing To cancel free of charge, but to re-book somewhere now is of course much more expensive because of the trade fair time.
by lawyer Anja Merkel
I have on 8/23 by phone Hotel room booked on Usedom & lpar; for my friend, her son and me & rpar; and on 8/24 I received the confirmation by email & lpar; the confirmation as an attachment was on 23.8. dated & rpar ;. 1435 euros was that Booking value, 922.50 euros would like that hotel 14 hours before arrival on 30.8./31.8. & lpar; around midnight & rpar; by phone canceled have & lpar; because of unexpected relationship end & rpar ;. I can't afford 922.50 on my own either and wonder if I can get out of this because of a faulty form of the Booking confirmation or perhaps due to a possibly existing statutory right of withdrawal for telephone business & lpar; "door-to-door sales" & rpar; 7 days or so?
by lawyer Guido Matthes
In the Ticketing I was not obviously aware that the price offered is a large deviation from others Hotels exhibited. ... which is actually a normal price for a 5 star hotel is. ... Now my questions: - What is the meaning of a binding Booking confirmation in the last minute area, if it is only valid unilaterally, i.e. in this case it would not be binding at all. - Can be a binding Booking confirmationcanceled become?
by lawyer Anja Merkel
When my daughter of 5 broke her leg, I got it Ticketing on 15-01-2013 canceled. ... If I had seen the terms and conditions at Ticketing I would not have booked. I was under the impression when you got that Ticketing more than 4 weeks before the start of the rental canceled That would be more than enough time, but now I see in their terms and conditions that they state 40 days.
I have this reservation in writing again on the same day canceled.
by lawyer Andreas Krueckemeyer
The return flight and that hotel I booked it separately. ... if hotel no more canceled can be. ... Or, as with the first question, can I see all the costs & lpar;hotel, Flight & rpar; get reimbursed?
Rental car, flight and Hotels& rpar; booked through Sweden to the value of 1496 €. ... The ride to hotel, which is 150km away again 1.5 hours, so that I only arrive at the hotel am ... Then I have the trip canceled, because I became suspicious and received a letter with a cancellation fee of 150 euros.

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