Olympic weightlifting is drug free

Skateboard probably doesn't go Olympia after all

Skateboard probably doesn't go to the Olympics after all

Skateboard and Olympics have moved a little apart again. The reason is the IOC's assumption that substances banned by athletes are being consumed. At the x-Games in Oslo, which took place last month, doping controls were dispensed with, which in turn brought Thomas Bach (IOC President) to the hemp plant uh palm. In his opinion, a sport that primarily appeals to young people should be absolutely drug-free. Just like cycling, swimming, weightlifting, etc., which traditionally stand for the Olympic Games and of course are beyond any suspicion of prohibited substances. Yeah, right. Did you notice Thomas yourself? We assume that the IOC Presidium will get worse purchase prices from local suppliers and will therefore probably go on the barricades. But seriously: drugs have always been part of youth cultures. Whether they shoot each other with beer or weed in the Olympic village - what makes the difference? We ourselves are by no means supporters of drugs or doping in competitive sports, but we have to smile at the IOC's unworldly attitude.

The real reason for the IOC's refusal to allow skateboarders to compete in the Olympics is likely to be found elsewhere. The Roller Sports Federation (FIRS) had registered skateboarding with the IOC and suddenly the World Skateboarding Federation (WSF) and the International Skateboarding Federation (ISF) also came around the corner with reports and claimed their piece of the pie. Because it's about money ... A lot, a lot of money. So on March 15, the IOC spoke a word of power and asked that the three major associations get together and find a solution. The IOC fears the loss of its integrity because none of the associations is part of the SportAccord, a kind of umbrella organization for Olympic sports. This bypasses the simplest of regulations and if no solution can be found, there will be nothing with skateboarding and the Olympics. And on the other hand, the critics are lurking: Skateboarding loses its identity if it is accepted into any association (which in turn cannot be prevented)

We are still curious what the neverending story will bring us. Skateboard doesn't go to the Olympics or does it?

Incidentally, longboarding like downhill or slalom was never an issue at the IOC.

The last time someone suggested that longboarding be included in the X-Games, a lot of fun was spontaneously guaranteed: "We'll break all your bones if you don't withdraw the suggestion ..."

Who wants to know who threatened whom .. www.longboardbuch.de

In the end - it's all about the coal. To think naively this is about skate culture or something ...