Alkaline water helps with weight loss

We present: The optimal "rust protection" for your body.
Why does losing weight work better with alkaline antioxidant water?
The reason is easier than you think. What are the fat deposits in our body?
Many also refer to these depots as pollutant stores that our body has created because we have not looked after each other very well in the past. So he has everything that he could not recycle but also not excret in storage in pollutant deposits.
So that these pollutants do not damage the whole organism. Until the point in time that he can retire them without prejudice. So the depos got bigger and bigger. The reason for this is described by many as balancing the ACID BASE BUDGET.

How do I empty my pollutant store now?
I can only empty my pollutant stores when my body no longer sees any danger of opening them.
When there are enough antioxidants to neutralize and water to excrete.
Therefore, if you want to lose weight, drink plenty of alkaline water with a lot of antioxidants.

Drinking water makes you slim

  • If you drink 2 liters of water a day, you burn up to 100 additional kilocalories - more than a bar of chocolate per week.
  • Lose Weight While You Sleep?
  • Never gain weight again?
  • Lose pounds with water?
  • Outsmart the JO-JO effect.
Losing weight becomes a healthy pleasure:

In addition to a balanced diet, proper drinking plays an important role in sustainable and healthy weight loss. It's not just the amount that matters, but also the “what” is decisive.

Anyone who deals with the topic of losing weight knows how important intelligent drinking is. Water helps break down our food, metabolize its components and transport them into our cells. Water is the main solvent for our food, vitamins, ferments, enzymes, minerals and trace elements. Scientifically proven, drinking water helps in healthy weight loss.

It promotes calorie burning and fat loss. Water helps prevent you overeating at the wrong time (when you are actually just thirsty). People with a lack of water (almost 90%) often interpret their body's need for water not as thirst, but as appetite. Water helps against wrinkles.

It firms and smooths the skin, making you look younger, and reducing the effects of aging by preventing cell damage. A new, intelligent water shows what healthy drinking really means. filter tap water and use an electrolysis process to separate it into basic antioxidant and acidic oxidative parts.

The antioxidant water - shows its strengths as extraordinary drinking water with extraordinary advantages for a good figure.

The physician Dr. Thomas Kropp swears by activated water as the best antioxidant.

In his article in the trade journal COMED (07/06) he makes it clear that AktivWasser cannot be beat as a daily drink.

The best antioxidant effect, excellent water supply for the cells and basic properties are the right helpers for sustainable weight regulation and long-term health maintenance.

He considers it particularly advantageous that it is possible to produce AktivWasser at home from tap water without any special effort. It is of great economic interest:

Despite the amortization of the device and all consumption costs including tap water, a liter of this high-quality drinking water costs only an estimated 15 cents in a four-person household.
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