What is screaming I'm an electrical engineer

18 jokes about electricians

What were the electrician's last words?

"What kind of cable is that?" ~ Albus

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The electrician works high on a telegraph pole. A little boy is watching. The electrician drops his combination pliers. He gets down and fetches the pliers.

The boy: "My father is also an electrician, but he always has two pliers with him. If he drops one, he takes the other."

The electrician continues to work. Suddenly he drops the screwdriver. He descends.

The boy again: "My father always uses two screwdrivers ..."

The electrician climbs up and finishes his work. He gets down and urinates on the side of the road. The boy is watching.

Does the electrician mean: "Does your father have two of them too?"

"No, but his is twice the size!"

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The electrician is supposed to repair a damage at Schmidts'. When he rings the doorbell, he receives a blow that knocks him to the ground.

Ms. Schmidt opens the door and says with satisfaction: "Aha, you have found the damage!"


Bunny comes to the electrician: "Haddu lightbulb?"

The electrician says yes.

"Muddu go to the doctor, you had a fever!"

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An electrician, a footballer and a gardener quarrel over whose occupation is the oldest.

Says the soccer player: "My job is the oldest! The Egyptians played soccer before the pyramids."

The gardener replies: "We gardeners have already planted the Garden of Eden."

The electrician shouts, now red with anger because he thinks the whole discussion is a waste of time: "The electricians have the oldest profession because when God said there would be light, we laid the cables in front of it."

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