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Dramatic ad blocker boom on smartphones

By mistake! Google leaks its "AirPods"

That went bad, Google. The group has leaked a new product itself. By mistake! The information was not yet intended for the public. Nevertheless, the new in-ear headphones were presented in a tweet on the Android Twitter account - including a photo. The small earphones are designed to compete with the highly successful Apple AirPods. They will be called "Pixel Buds A-Series." Apple headphones are hugely successful. According to market researchers from Canalys, the Californian group sold 108.9 million pairs of its AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max and its Beats headphone series in 2020 as a whole. The market share is 25.2 percent. Second place goes to Samsung with around 38 million sales (8.9 percent).

According to the tweet, the new Google In-Ears can be used with all Android versions since V 6. In addition, there should be a simple and fast Bluetooth pairing. The tweet was deleted a short time after posting. The new product will be officially announced on May 18th at Google I / O. A price is not yet known.

Playstation shoes from Nike really appear

Many gamers thought the announcement of a PS5 sneaker from Nike was a pure advertising gag. Think! Now a shoe is made out of it: The cool slippers really come on the market. The release day is now scheduled. The cool kicks will be available for console gamers (and anyone else interested) from May 27th.

The sports shoes will primarily be in blue and white and bear the PS5 branding. The price is $ 120 per pair. The Sneakerfiles portal is showing a first photo gallery of PS shoes.

Hands up, weekend! Summer is approaching. And the W&V gadget spy has discovered two extraordinary new releases in Star Wars design.

New gadgets for Star Wars fans

The Ninostar company has probably the largest beach ball in the world in its range. Diameter of the "Death Star Ball": a whopping 1.8 meters. It is inflatable and therefore easy to transport. Not an official Disney product, but affordable and safe at $ 75 Park and Beach Talk.

The new retractable lightsaber for Star Wars fans is particularly striking. Disney has just presented it. It will be available to everyone from 2022 (price still unknown) and can then also be seen live in (show) use at the Walt Disney theme park in Florida - as an all-immersive experience in Star Wars land.

I wish you a sunny start to the first weekend in early summer. Until Monday at TechTaily, then again with Munich's Beach Boy No. 1, colleague Jörg Heinrich.