How to avoid masturbating

Porn abstinence | “I did it, 60 days
not to masturbate! "

"I have 60Days managed not to watch porn, not to masturbate and to remain sexually abstinent, ”explains Vackurah, a Youtuber.

This has changed a lot for the young man with the short-shaved hair: He is more self-confident, has hardly any sore muscles and sleeps better.

NoFap (in German: Don't masturbate) is a trend that is spilling over from the USA to Germany. There are around 90,000 videos on the anti-masturbation trend on YouTube. There are many reasons for taking a break from masturbation: Many criticize the porn industry, want to change their image of women, stop viewing them as pure sex objects, live more self-determined, have more motivation in life or feel more during normal sex.

If you want to stop masturbating, you can find help on the Internet

Several internet forums want to help men and women regain control of excessive porn consumption. On the net, the NoFappers exchange information about how long they haven't touched themselves. While one is happy about two days without masturbation, the other celebrates a month of abstinence. Those who are faced with the decision to try no-fap will find success stories, tips on data during abstinence and what those who have been awarded should pay attention to in the forums. There are also special forums for women.

Those who join the trend have their own story to tell. Just like the NoFap founder Alexander Rhodes. He used to jerk off up to six times a day: "Porn made me put my lust above everything else - about love, affection, empathy", he reports on

Rhodes could no longer enjoy real sex, had difficulty getting an orgasm.

At some point it was enough for the young man. He wanted to enjoy sex again, be a better partner. He stopped masturbating and watching porn.

But what is the point of abstinence from masturbation?

In the NoFap forum, which has more than 150,000 members, many report positive experiences. About more time, more motivation and the increase in testosterone levels. But what is there from a medical point of view?

"There are no physical consequences and certainly no hormone changes or anything else," emphasizes the doctor Wolfgang Bühmann.

On the psychological level, on the other hand, abstinence could actually have a stronger effect: Especially for those who suffer from pronounced porn addiction, completely renouncing the addiction is the first step in overcoming the addiction.

But sexologists also warn contracted men not to consume too much porn. This could damage the relationship in the long term.

NoFap founder Alexander Rhodes does not condemn masturbating in general - only if it gets too much, it is a problem: "If you do it so often that it affects the rest of your life." It is also about the mentality: "The thought that an orgasm is as much a part of everyday life as eating and breathing is just nonsense. "

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