At what age should schools do homework

How long do I have to sit on my homework?

Answers on children's rights

It differs from state to state, because each state has its own laws when it comes to schools (this is also called federalism).

But there are nationwide recommendations:

According to a decree of the Conference of Ministers of Education of March 2nd, 1974, homework has the following goal:

"Homework should complement the lesson in a meaningful way, i.e. it should deepen the subject matter and prepare for the following lesson. A connection to the lesson must be recognizable. In particular, it must be ensured that homework corresponds to the level of performance of the individual pupils. Homework must be able to be solved independently. Under certain circumstances, homework can be differentiated within the class. It is not permitted to do homework as a substitute for missed lessons. The following also applies to homework: From Saturday to Monday there is no homework, from Friday to Monday homework can be given. In the lower and middle grades, homework is usually not censored, in the upper grades it is part of the grade for other work. "

There are approximate guidelines that you can use as a guide:

  • for grades 1 and 2 about 30 minutes
  • for grades 3 and 4 about 60 minutes
  • for grades 5 and 6 about 90 minutes
  • for grades 7 to 10 about 120 minutes

The school conference decides on the duration of the homework.