How can teenagers in India help them progress?

Corona emergency: Immediate help for children in India

"Heaven and earth" will be set in motion to counteract the dramatic development of the corona pandemic in India. This is what Indian Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Twitter after authorities announced a new record of new infections for the fifth day in a row. The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus describes the situation in India as "beyond heartbreaking" and promised immediate help, such as the delivery of field hospitals and laboratory equipment. More and more countries, including Germany, Great Britain and the USA, are sending out relief supplies such as oxygen systems, ventilators and medicines. The Bundeswehr is to deliver a mobile oxygen treatment plant to India.

Virus mutation makes fighting pandemics more difficult

A coronavirus mutation is circulating in India that can escape the immune system more easily than previously known mutations. According to experts, however, the bigger problem is that there are simply too many new infections per day - most recently, over 300,000 new cases were reported in 24 hours, and that for six days in a row. This rapidly increasing number of new Covid 19 patients is almost impossible to cope with for the already unstable health system in India.

"In India, the Covid-19 crisis is spiraling out of control - with devastating effects on children," said Sudarshan, CEO of Save the Children India. As in every crisis, children in particular are particularly in need of protection in the corona pandemic. Many children in India have already lost family members, and growing poverty as well as the overloaded health system and the demolition of school education will have a lasting impact on their lives.