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RP survey: More police and zero tolerance

Security is one of the big issues that people in Germany are currently concerned with. But how do you actually think? The RP-Forum of the Rheinische Post has commissioned the Cologne-based market research company Delta to find out and to ask the readers of the newspaper and users of the RP's online offers.

The results classify the otherwise often diffuse moods. The majority of respondents (65 percent) feel safe in their own place of residence, but this does not prevent people from demanding more measures to improve security. Right at the top are the wishes for more police (66 percent), more control by security services (52 percent) and more video surveillance (50 percent). A large majority of 83 percent are in favor of a zero-tolerance strategy for security issues.

The survey was created and evaluated in cooperation with delta Martforschung.

In the opinion of RP readers, despite all the generally positive feelings of security, there is still much to be done to improve the situation. The respondents are no exception: 72 percent see neighborhood help and moral courage as important contributions. A good every fourth surveyed reader of the Rheinische Post would be willing to increase their personal expenses for security. More security could also be created if the police, law enforcement and private security service providers worked better together - at least 79 percent of those surveyed are convinced of this, especially older readers.

From May to the beginning of June, exactly 1,334 readers took part in the representative survey “How safe is Germany?”, 763 of them via the RP online security forum and 571 participants from the readership of the Rheinische Post.


From Jürgen Grosche