Are all of these psychopath questions real?

Ostrich hunting

SEND DATE Tuesday, July 21, 2020 | 6:50 p.m. | The first

Episode 10

Was that the act of a psychopath? Nele Fehrenbach and Pirmin Spitznagel ask themselves when they discover an ostrich with numerous stab wounds while arriving on the bank. Pirmin guesses a budding serial killer, someone who first kills animals before people have to believe in it. And in fact, he discovers someone who could fit the perpetrator profile.

Together with Julia Demmler, Nele also had her own thoughts when she met the three-generation Küblinger family in the vicinity of the nearby ostrich farm. Do Jeanette, Wilhelm and Jakob have a dark family secret? Some behaviors remind Nele of her own family, in which not everything is fine and mother Mechthild gives her some nuts to crack.

Cast and staff

Nele FehrenbachFloriane Daniel
Andreas RambachOle doll
Paul SchottTim Wilde
Julia DemmlerWendy Güntensperger
Pirmin SpitznagelSimon Werdelis
Mechthild FehrenbachDiana grains
Niklas FehrenbachNoah Calvin
Johanna FehrenbachSofie Eifertinger
Captain AubryMartin Rapold
JeanetteNatalie Hünig
WilhelmUlrich Kinalzik
JacobJulian Bayer
Functional areaName of the staff member
Book:Michael Gantenberg
Director:Raoul W. Heimrich

First broadcast: March 13, 2018