Are yellow and green complementary colors

Complementary contrast

Two colors that face each other in the color wheel are complementary, for example blue and orange, red and green, yellow and purple.

Illustration of complementary colors in the color wheel. Complementary colors are opposite in the color wheel, the connecting line goes through the center of the circle.

Complementary colors appear in highest luminosity. Be in the right place relationship mixed, they work harmonious. Strongly glowing colors should take up less space, weakly glowing more.

Harald Mante states: 3 parts yellow, 4 parts orange, 6 parts red, 9 parts violet, 8 parts blue, 6 parts green [ManteFarbd].

The color wheel shows Not exactly the physical complementary colors, these are: red and blue-green (cyan), green and magenta (violet), blue and yellow.

Ernst A. Weber gives the following mixing ratios for two physical complementary colors: blue-green-red 2: 1, blue-yellow 3: 1 [WeberSehen].

I put a green box behind the red roses. The picture is an example of the complementary contrast. Otherwise it is poorly designed: the background is unevenly lit, the roses are too far apart and leave a "hole" in the center of the picture.

Elmar Baumann, April 16, 2005.

Last update: 09/02/2006.