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Extract. Transform. Load.

Online platforms live from exchanging data with other systems. On the one hand, it is about collecting data online and processing it internally. On the other hand, existing information must be prepared and made available online.

It is therefore important to integrate a wide variety of systems as data sources or targets and not lose track of things in the process.

We talk to your data.

No matter where your data comes from or where it needs to go, with Pentaho Data Integration we have a software suite that can work with almost all databases and file formats.

As an ETL tool that originally comes from the business intelligence sector, Pentaho Data Integration is precisely tailored to the requirement of having your online platform communicate with your existing systems. For this purpose, the following three steps are generally modeled in a clear graphical process:

  1. Extract: Data is extracted from a wide variety of sources. From the Excel file to the database.
  2. Transform: The extracted data are brought together via transformations and processed in the way they are required in the target system.
  3. Load: The finished data is imported into the target system.

Pentaho Data Integration replaces chaotic data import scripts by modeling a graphically prepared data flow instead.

We would be happy to support you in connecting your data. Contact us!