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New Year's Eve simply celebrated in advance

The pre-New Year's Eve party was well attended: the now traditional event of the volunteer fire brigade was once again very well received by young and old. With hot disco music and cool drinks in the Spritzenhaus, the party went on until late at night. The large campfire and the popular Scheebar were also very popular. The visitors to the pre-New Year's party are obviously well prepared for the turn of the year. (stl)




Verbund informs about canal project

Klaus Schöler, Verbund plant manager from Töging, and Martin Kratochwill from the project team recently came to Jettenbach to inform the local council about the modernization of the Inn Canal power plants. The company wants to renew the almost 100-year-old dam with the aim of generating more electricity. An increase of 120 gigawatt hours to 677 gigawatt hours is to be achieved, so that around 35,000 more households can be supplied with renewable energy. A conversion of the existing weir is not possible, it should be dismantled. With the new weir, an average 70 centimeter higher canal water level is achieved, which would be ensured by using the water volume peaks, the remaining water volume in the Inn should not be changed. Pedestrians and cyclists could also cross the new weir, the road should not be opened for public car traffic. Mayor Alfons Obermaier aims to ensure that cars can be driven on, at least in exceptional cases. Construction is expected to start in mid-2016. (ste) Photo: kla




Women's community thinks of others

The women's community Jettenbach donated the proceeds from their garden festival to local institutions. During the Christmas party, chairwoman Christa Obermaier (left) presented a check for EUR 500 to kindergarten director Christine Kufner (center) to buy a copier and to chairman Jakob Bichler of the warrior and soldier comradeship Jettenbach-Fraham a check for EUR 300 for them Planting of the newly designed war memorial. (ste)






Christmas lights "Klein Bethlehem"

In the cities, the Christmas lights have been burning festively and beautifully for a long time - but many private households have also upgraded considerably in recent years. The normal "Christmas madness" has long since infected many houses. Even in the otherwise quiet village of Jettenbach, it has long since become very contemplative when the madness of lights rises during Advent: Luminous fairy lights, illuminated reindeer and sleighs ensure a real Christmas experience. With this in mind: Merry Christmas! (stl)




Poignant stories

Christmas memories from the first post-war years were awakened at the Advent concert in the Jettenbacher Schlosskirche. Every year the homeland and culture district of Jettenbach organizes a contemplative afternoon in the castle church during Advent. Curate Father Josef Stemmer got the visitors in the Christmas decorated church in the mood for the concert with warm words.

Gertrud Schuch, a member of the home and culture area, gave numerous readings by Hildegard Hamm-Brücher, Amelie Fried, Ruth-Alice von Bismarck, Wilhelm Schmid and Laura de Weck. It wasn't the Christmas stories that everyone knows, but memories of the authors from the first years after the war, their special Christmas experience. It was the pleasant and expressive voice of Gertrud Schuch that captivated the visitors. The story of the 28-year-old Iranian author Kouvose Zari could not have better illustrated the refugee problem in our time.

Elvira Schreiner skillfully brought the Bavarian element to bear with the story by Ernst Müller, the poet from Mühldorf from the "Broken Glass District". The readings were supported and harmoniously supplemented by the "Innsaiters" Maria Tribus-Wild, Hans Wild and Heinrich Hiemesch. The audience was particularly gripped by the story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's fiancé, Maria von Bismarck. The afternoon ended with the song "From good powers wonderfully saved", which Dietrich Bonhoeffer sent to his fiancée shortly before his execution. (ste)




Donation for fire brigade

The Jettenbach Volunteer Fire Brigade has purchased a high-performance fan. The device, which costs around EUR 2,500, was financed by the fire brigade association and a donation of EUR 500 from the Kreissparkasse Altötting-Mühldorf. The Kraiburg branch manager Florian Kohl handed them over to the commandant Thomas Beham and the chairman Richard Maier. Ventilating fire objects with high-performance fans can save lives and is one of the most important practices of modern fire fighting. A fan can ensure a clear view of the emergency services and that the evacuation route is smoke-free. Handover of the donation check from left to right: Richard Maier (1st board member), Florian Kohl (branch manager Sparkasse Kraiburg), Thomas Beham (1st commandant) (right) Photo: rle




Congregational Letter - Christmas 2014


Dear fellow citizens of Jettenbach,


Christmas is approaching once again with great strides. This increases the anticipation, especially among the children, but at the same time the adults worry about whether they will be able to cope with all the errands and the necessary preparations in time.


Having time for "others" but also for yourself is no longer a matter of course in our fast-paced society. If you don't have time, you can't give it away. Those who do not have time for others separate themselves. His life becomes poorer, even if he should be blessed with material goods. Taking time for others today can mean a far more valuable gift than any gift, no matter how expensive. This applies to the upcoming Christmas festival, but also all year round. It applies not only to the next of kin, but to the whole community. Above all, this includes voluntary activities that are performed for purposes of the common good, whether in associations, in the community, in the curate or in private neighborhood service. These activities cost time, a lot of time that is given to others. For this reason, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their voluntary work in the community.


The year 2014 is slowly coming to an end. This year in Jeitenbach was particularly marked by larger construction projects. The redevelopment of the MÜ48 local thoroughfare / district road with the construction of a sidewalk is an enrichment for our community and offers our citizens more security. Even if one or the other citizen complained that the road was designed a little narrower in some areas, road users are asked to drive carefully and more slowly at the narrow passages. In October, the second construction phase along Grünthaler Strasse was opened to the public at an inauguration ceremony by our district administrator Georg Huber, the 1st and 2nd mayors of the Jettenbach community, as well as the authorities and companies involved in the construction.


The asphalting of the square in front of the war memorial was included in the course of the road construction work for the through-town. At the same time, the municipality has started the renovation of the war memorial with the redesign of the planting. The completion of the horticultural design is planned for spring 2015. During the construction period, the residents were faced with some inconveniences and restrictions. But everything comes to an END, including the construction phase in the town center. Now all citizens can enjoy the innovations and embellishments of the completed projects. Special thanks go to all residents for their understanding during the construction phase.


Fire protection in the kindergarten required a major construction project in 2014. Fire protection sections were built in the interior and an exterior escape staircase was created. In order to fully implement the fire protection requirements, the windows on the first floor and the windows on the interior ground floor facing the gym have to be renewed. The construction of a rain retention basin in Unterhöhenberg, which has already begun, is expected to be completed by spring 2015.


The community expects a new challenge in the coming year with the renovation of the rural youth home. According to the Archbishop's Ordinariate, the building should be closed immediately. The municipality is obliged here to ensure proper accommodation for the youth. We are currently in the planning phase together with the members of the parish council, parish council and church administration.


In our congregation, however, there is not only work, but also "celebrations". So in July of that year we were able to welcome our French friends from the partner community St. Saturnin and spend a few nice days with them. With the joint events and activities, we were able to offer our guests a pleasant and warm stay. We would like to thank the organization team, all helpers and accommodation providers again. With these get-togethers, our community citizens always have very pleasant, joyful and extraordinary encounters. A varied schedule has been set up for the coming year, which in turn promises a lot of occasions for nice and interesting meetings in the community.


Now we wish all the sick a good recovery, the lonely and sad a lot of strength and good, pleasant conversations, the stressed relaxing days and the children a nice winter vacation. We wish you peaceful days with your family for the Christmas season and health, happiness and all the best for the new year 2015


1st Mayor Alfons Obermaier & 2nd Mayor Maria Maier




40 years senior afternoon of the Kuratiegemeinde

For 40 years, the Jettenbach curative community has been inviting senior citizens to a cozy and contemplative get-together in Advent. Also this year the parish council chairman Johann Bruckmaier welcomed numerous guests in the train station restaurant Grasser. He remembered the initiators who started what was then known as the Elderly Afternoon. The parish council has been organizing this meeting for over three decades. Members of the rural youth not only decorated the tables for Advent, but also served the guests courteously with coffee and cake and a snack.

The children's instrumental group, consisting of the Gottwald and David Schmalzgruber siblings, the string duo Jonathan and Johannes Zehrer and the Jettenbacher Viergesang ensured an entertaining afternoon. The two prayer sisters Maria Bichlmaier and Renate Gottwald hardly got to pray because they kept coming up with numerous small mistakes and sins of those present, which they humorously shared. They did not ignore either themselves or Father Stemmer.

Josef Stemmer, as Nikolaus, also made the guests smile with his profound verses. At the end, Hans Bruckmaier thanked the "hostel family" Grasser, who made the premises available and prepared the snacks from the start. Not only they, but also all guests received a small present for the anniversary. The invited guests showed their appreciation and donated over 200 euros, which will be used to renovate the war memorial. (re)




Kufner said goodbye after 40 years as a referee

Michael Kufner was bid farewell as an active referee at the Jettenbach footballers' Christmas party. In addition, there were player awards for the men's teams and the old men. He directed around 2500 games, assisted on the line or observed Michael Kufner in his more than 40 years of refereeing for the Jettenbach game association. An achievement that has earned high recognition and appreciation and is unique at the Spielvereinigung, said board member Peter Heindl in his words to the recipient.

For each 300 games in the men's teams, Gerfried Friedrich and Patrick Hübner were awarded a certificate, a gift and the club's bronze badge of honor. Jonathan Gutzeit has so far completed 100 games in the dress of the game association. Josef Huber (250 games) and Peter Tkotz (300 games) received gifts and words of appreciation from AH manager Klaus Alt for their many years of service at the Alte Herren games. The honored (from top left): Peter Heindl, Gerry Friedrich, Patrick Hübner, Jonathan Gutzeit, Klaus Alt and (seated below) Josef Huber, Michael Kufner, Peter Tkotz. (psc)




Project information hours alternately in Töging and Jettenbach

As part of the Töging-Jettenbach power plant renewal project, Verbund AG is happy to provide personal information about the project during its project information hours, which are now offered to citizens alternately in Töging and Jettenbach. The next appointment will therefore take place on December 2nd from 4 to 6 p.m. in the snack bar at the Jettenbach weir. As always, the appointments will take place on the first Tuesday of each month. Here are the other dates: Jettenbach, Brozeitstüberl (December 2nd, February 3rd, April 7th, June 2nd, August 4th); Töging, administration building, 1st floor, project office (January 13th, March 3rd, May 5th, July 7th) Photo: stl




The ESV relies on proven board members

The previous board of ESV Grafengars will remain in office even after the new elections in the annual general meeting. Hans Knollhuber reported on the tournament participation of the men's, mixed and youth teams in the club's Burle's Kneipe. Chairman Hans Bruckmaier presented the annual report and highlighted the birthday shootings on the asphalt tracks, but also the barn festival and participation in the holiday program. Second Mayor Maria Maier recognized the board of directors for the work they had done in the past year. The financial independence of the association is also praiseworthy. (right) Photo: Moonwalker74




Community chancellery closed


The weekly consultation hours in the Jettenbach parish office will be canceled until the end of December 2014. In urgent cases, the Kraiburg administrative community should be contacted.




Environmental award for pioneering spirit

"Buffalo instead of excavator" is the name of the environmental project in Jettenbach, for which the Bund-Naturschutz-Kreisgruppe Mühldorf (BN) recently received the environmental award from the Bavarian State Foundation (we reported). Finance Minister Dr. Markus Söder, the certificate and a check to the BN district chairman Gerd Ruchlinski (left) and his companions. On this occasion, the BN had invited to the ceremony in the Jettenbacher Bahnhofsgaststätte; Count Hans Veit (right) and Ignaz zu Toerring-Jettenbach (third from right) were among the guests of honor.

The BN district chairman was delighted with the prize, which was endowed with 10,000 euros. "For the first time, this award was given to the BN and the Mühldorf district. We can use the prize money to invest in this and other projects and create free reserves." 7,500 euros of this will be put into a yellow-bellied token campaign that is being carried out in cooperation with four districts, said Ruchlinski. It is about the recording and mapping of the stocks and about discussing and securing the habitats for the toads with the property owners. The campaign lasts five years and is funded with a 90 percent grant from the Federal Office for Environmental Protection.

Ruchlinski thanked the counts as property owners as well as the community and the Lower Nature Conservation Authority at the District Office, who had received the program positively, and Stadtmarketing Waldkraiburg GmbH, which had proposed the BN for this award. Second BN district chairman and species protection officer Dr. Andreas Zahn (second from right) recalled the beginnings of the grazing project, which is financially supported by the BN Fund and the Zeidler Foundation, and the Barnhouse company also made a major contribution. Hans Veit Graf zu Toerring-Jettenbach, Waldkraiburg's Second Mayor Richard Fischer, Laura Pauli (City Marketing) and Maria Rabenbauer (Lower Nature Conservation Authority) spoke greetings to the gathering and praised the pioneering spirit of the initiators. The Jettenbach Spielvereinigung supplies the electricity for the area's fencing. As a thank you, Gerd Ruchlinski presented chairman Peter Heindl with footballs. (bac)




Woman power with the 3-Rosen-Schützen Jettenbach

Rifleman Franz Wimmer couldn't get out of the amazement. The women dominated the seventh Edi Fellermaier Memorial Shooting and literally made many male shooters look old. Although the number of participating local associations and groups decreased slightly compared to previous years, the event was a complete success. Reaching the total number of rings given by all four shooters of a team as precisely as possible before the shooting was the target for each participating team. It doesn't matter whether you set yourself a high or low target. And this definition is the special attraction of this memory shooting year after year.

The quartet "De narrischen Vier" gave themselves the highest target with 300 rings, but ended up only in the middle of the final table. The soccer girls emerged as the winners. They have already been able to prove that they are on target on the green lawn. At the shooting range, they only missed their specified mark by two rings, even though two of the four women had never had a rifle in their hands.According to the joke at the award ceremony in the evening, the male stand supervisor is said to have given professional instruction here. The other placements were fiercely contested. So three teams with the deviating difference of three rings each were placed tied. Here then the best divisor of a team member decided. And there was also a lady on top. With the best shot, Hannelore Steiglechner secured the Sechzger fan club "Inn-Löwen" 2nd place ahead of the rural youth and ESV Jettenbach.

The winning team of soccer girls from the left: Sophia Meindl, Pia Sieghart, Andrea Romaner and Svenja Dörfel frames the grande dame of the Sechzger fan club Hannelore Steiglechner. The evening award ceremony with the awarding of numerous prizes then showed master rifleman Franz Wimmer and his team that a continuation of the event is almost a must. Great thing, high fun factor and above all an enrichment of the community life, were just a few statements of the almost 70 participants in the tournament organized by the Jettenbacher Schützenverein "Drei Rosen". (psc) Photos: psc, Wilfried Wittkowsky




Annual general meeting - with the fire brigade for 40 years


The Jettenbacher Wehr has 35 active members, a small minus on the account and in the commitment of the young people. This became clear at the annual general meeting. In the awards, merited firefighters for 25 to 40-year-olds loyalty to their service were recognized. After a memorial service for the deceased comrades and members, the Jettenbach Volunteer Fire Brigade met for the annual general meeting at Gasthaus Grasser.


In the cash report there is a minus of 50 euros, which is due to the purchase of the multi-purpose trailer in the past year of the association. The annual report of the board of directors Richard Maier showed that the fire brigade in Jettenbach is a very active association. For example, three events were organized with the pre-New Year's Eve party, the pilgrims' catering and the holiday program.

Thomas Beham reported to the meeting on the past year from the point of view of the active defense. The number of active members has increased slightly to 35 female / male firefighters. Numerous exercises were held. In a fire simulation system, the breathing apparatus wearers had the opportunity to train under almost real conditions. Together with the Mittergar fire brigade, a large-scale exercise was prepared and carried out at the Obermaierhof in Jettenbach.


In autumn, the team prepared for the achievement badge "The group in the rescue service" and passed. There were seven badges in gold, four in silver and four in bronze. Four respiratory equipment wearers and one group leader were trained in supra-local training. The frequency of operations in the past year was relatively low.

Only four missions with technical assistance, two fire missions and two other assistance services had to be processed. In conclusion, Commander Thomas Beham thanked the community for the procurement of numerous items of equipment and for the renovation of the floor in the fire station. He foresaw that the introduction of digital radio for the community in 2015 will be the biggest issue for the fire department.


Unfortunately, youth warden Andreas Schopka had to report a sharp drop in the number of young people from last year. But the bright spot, from the point of view of youth work, are the seven newcomers this year who are with the necessary zeal and enthusiasm for the cause. The youth group urgently needs new protective suits, as the existing protective suits are sometimes too big. This was followed by honors for 25 and 40 years of active fire service by the deputy district administrator Alfred Lantenhammer, district fire chief Harald Lechertshuber and mayor Alfons Obermaier. In addition, after 47 years of fire service, two active members of the Jettenbach fire service were retired with a heavy heart.


The picture shows Commander Thomas Beham with the honorees (from left) Johann Bruckmaier (40 years), next to them Mayor Alfons Obermaier, Vitus Lackmaier (25 years), Wolfgang Beham (47 years), Sebastian Knollhuber (40 years), Christian Maier (47 Years), Heinrich Axenböck (25 years), Alfred Tanzer (40 years), Siegfried Stuhlrainer (40 years), Jürgen Beham (25 years) as well as board member Richard Maier, district fire chief Harald Lechertshuber and deputy district administrator Alfred Lantenhammer. (re)




1.829 million euros in the budget

Based on the municipal code, the municipality of Jettenbach has issued the budget statute for the 2014 financial year, according to which the administrative budget closes in income and expenditure with 1,005,000 euros, the asset budget in income and expenditure with 824,000 euros; this results in a total volume in 2014 of 1.829 million euros.

The larger, planned income items are: water consumption fees with 46,000 euros, sewer fees with 43,000 euros, share of vehicle tax with 41,500 euros, property tax A 15,000 euros, property tax B 62,000 euros, trade tax 42,000 euros, share of income tax 355,000 euros and key assignments 160,500 euros. The larger expenditures in the administrative budget: 293,000 euros district levy, 83,000 euros levy to the administrative community and 175,000 euros personnel expenses.

After balancing the administrative budget, an amount of around 50,000 euros can be added to the asset budget. The following investments are planned for 2014: renovation of the war memorial 20,000 euros, fire protection measures for the kindergarten 80,000 euros, the Unterhöhenberg municipal road with rainwater retention basin with 40,000 euros, the Jettenbach pavement in the course of the expansion of the district road 155,000 euros, the bridge construction Mühlenweg and Pfarrweg 135,000 euros, water supply 45,000 euros, designation of a water protection area 40,000 euros and repayment expenses of 22,000 euros. A withdrawal of 394,000 euros from the reserves is required to reconcile the asset budget. (ste)




Exhibition on the 1st World War

For many months they have been at work documenting life during the First World War in the villages of Aschau, Fraham and Jettenbach and collecting, organizing and preparing historical material from private estates, photo albums, and parish archives and preparing them for the exhibition. Numerous pictures, photos, an impressive selection of field postcards and letters, war diaries, memorial and honor plaques for the soldiers, official letters and objects such as flags, uniforms and weapons give an impression of life in the country in these difficult times. From left: Franz Wicho, Alfons Schwarzenböck, Elvira Schreiner, Monika Stingl, Christine Steiner, Bert Brunner, Erwin Schnetzer and Siegfried Oswald.

Opening times: Saturday, November 8th and 15th, from 2pm to 6pm, and on Sunday, November 9th and 16th, from 10am to 4pm. On both exhibition Sundays there is a reading from the book "Our Bavaria anno 1914" by Lena Christ at 2 pm. (hg)




Successful horseshoe tournament

13 teams met in Burle's pub in Grafengars for the horseshoe tournament. Under the eyes of tournament director Peter Heindl, the Bowa-Nitro team from Aschau, which took part in the tournament for the first time, confidently won the day. The Hufeisenfreunde Grünthal came in second and the team from FFW St. Erasmus 1 came third. The picture shows the winning team with Burles-Kneipe host Christine Kebinger and referee Anton Wieser (right) and tournament director Peter Heindl (left). (psc)




A landmark disappears

The Jettenbach weir has been one of the landmarks of the district for more than 100 years. In the near future it is to disappear and make way for a modern weir where water is channeled from the Inn into the Inn Canal. The reason for this are various measures to increase electricity generation along the Inn. The Austrian power generation association plans to build new turbines in both Jettenbach and Töging. These plans are currently being presented by employees of the association in the communities along the Inn and the canal, most recently in the Mühldorf city council. The association is also planning to raise the dam on the Inn Canal by up to 70 centimeters in some sections. This allows the canal to hold more water. According to the plans currently available, the new weir in Jettenbach will be much smaller and less conspicuous than the present one. However, it can react better to fluctuations in the amount of incoming water and thus direct more water into the inner canal if the required residual amount in the Inn allows it. In Töging, another turbine house is to be built next to the moated castle. (stl)




The buffalo instead of excavator project receives the environmental award

The Bavarian State Foundation honors outstanding achievements in the cultural and social field as well as in the field of environmental protection that are related to Bavaria. At the suggestion of Stadtmarketing Waldkraiburg and after review by the responsible selection committee, the Foundation Council awarded the 2014 Environment Prize to the project "Buffalo instead of excavator" in the Jettenbacher Biotope at its meeting on July 17th. The prize is endowed with 10,000 euros and will be awarded on November 3rd Awarded in Nuremberg by Minister of State Dr. Markus Söder. (huc) Photo: Bund Naturschutz




News from the local council

In the last meeting, the municipal council was informed about the funding conditions for the Jettenbach municipality for broadband expansion by the Bavarian state government and Mr. Schmidinger from the Kraiburg building authority explained the possible process. With the new funding guidelines, the municipality receives a funding rate of 90 percent with a maximum funding amount of € 760,000. An increase in the maximum funding amount by a further € 50,000 is possible through inter-municipal cooperation on broadband expansion in Jettenbach with neighboring communities. The application for funding is submitted together with the municipalities of the administrative community, Kraiburg, Jettenbach and Taufkirchen, by the administrative community and must be submitted to the government as quickly as possible. The planning service for the entire municipality has already been awarded. The committee voted 9: 0 in favor of participation.

The local council also unanimously appointed Elvira Schreiner as the disability officer for the community of Jettenbach. 2. Mayor Maria Maier informed the committee that both the escape stairs and the escape doors at the kindergarten have been completed. The painting work has also already been carried out. The building handover will still be carried out by the Mühldorf District Office. 1. Mayor Alfons Obermaier has put the cost of the bridge on Mühlenweg at € 240,962. The municipality received a grant of € 124,000 for the construction of this bridge. This grant has already been received. In this context, Mayor Obermaier once again pointed out that building bridges with state funding was the right thing to do. (ste)




Datschiburger celebrate with the SpVgg

The really big names were missing in the line-up of the Augsburg celebrity eleven of the Datschiburger. But that was a minor matter at the Jettenbacher Alten Herren jubilee game for the 40th anniversary. President Eberhard Schaub felt just as comfortable in his old place of work and in the company of his former Jettenbacher AH comrades as did the entire entourage of 28 people.

The friendly encounter against the current and former Jettenbacher AH players ended with 12: 3 goals. For the team of AH manager Klaus Alt scored the goals to the cheers of the fans Klaus Schmalzgruber, Anton Golling and Siegfried Sieghart. The guests stepped on the gas not only on the lawn, but also at the subsequent Schupffest of the game association. (psc)




Great atmosphere at the Schupfafest in Jettenbach

The Schupfafest in Jettenbach has long had a very good reputation and that is why there is no more free space at this festival at the best of times, which by the way does not take place in an old "Schupfa", but in the local gym. True to the motto, as in previous years, the masses of visitors appeared in traditional Bavarian clothes to celebrate the evening "griabig" with a fine snack and tasty Toerring beer.

This time the band "Feel Free" ensured the excellent atmosphere on the dance floor: So it was not uncommon for many traditional folk to rock and roll swinging the dance floor or just rocking hard. The night ended by the way at the large bar, where, in addition to happy conversations, a skill competition with hammer and nail, many a high-proof drink found its new connoisseur. (stl)




Free travel through Jettenbach


The through-road in Jettenbach, the district road MÜ 48, has been completed and inaugurated, as is the Wildbach Bridge. The measure cost a total of 1.128 million euros, of which the Jettenbach community has to pay 211,000 euros. The district is taking on 760,000 euros for the road construction and 119,000 euros for the bridge. The Jettenbach thoroughfare was inaugurated with brass music, greetings and a church blessing and handed over to its intended purpose.


The district road MÜ 48 was renewed at this point. This took place in two construction phases - from April to November 2013 and from March 2014 to August 2014. The stretch of road that was expanded is 1.39 kilometers long and around 4.60 meters wide. There is also a walkway at 790 meters. In the course of the measure, the torrent bridge was also renewed. It is twelve meters long and 2.90 meters wide.


The total costs amount to 1.128 million euros. The community of Jettenbach pays 211,000 euros, 38,000 euros have to be paid by the divisions, such as Telekom or Kabel Deutschland. The district pays 760,000 euros for "road construction costs" and 119,000 euros for "bridge building costs". The district receives funding of 450,000 euros from the Municipal Transport Financing Act from the government of Upper Bavaria. District Administrator Georg Huber called these numbers at the inauguration of the through-town on Wednesday morning. The measure took some time, but implementation went smoothly. He was pleased that the road was now safer; after all, it belonged to all road users.


Mayor Alfons Obermaier said, "Today a long-awaited wish of the citizens is coming true". He also thanked the residents who provided land so that the sidewalk could be built. Of course, this is still billed. Father Josef Stemmer donated the church blessing. "I've already inaugurated a lot, but never a street. I've been a pastor for so long now - you never stop learning," he said mischievously. The district administrator made a group of kindergarten children particularly happy. The little ones were allowed to cut the ribbon together with the "big ones". (kla)


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Appearance of the celebrity eleven and Schupfafest

The Spielvereinigung will be holding two special events on Saturday, October 11th. For the 40th anniversary of the AH footballers, the Datschiburger Kickers are coming to Jettenbach. The Augsburg charity soccer team, whose president is the former Jettenbacher brewery director Eberhard Schaub, was founded in 1975 by entrepreneur and sports sponsor Max Gutmann and sports journalist Horst Eckert. The impetus was a charity game against FC Schmiere in front of 30,000 spectators in Augsburg's Rosenaustadion.

Since then, the celebrity team has played in different line-ups. Many former national players such as Petar Radenkovic, Helmut Haller, Günther Netzer, Uwe Seeler, Gerd Müller, as well as sports, show and political greats such as Christian Neureuther, Xaver Unsinn, Gunter Sachs, Theo Waigel or Uschi Glas were team members. The Datschiburger remained undefeated for almost 45 years and raised over 1.5 million euros for social causes. The game against a combined Jettenbacher AH team with current and former players who have worn the green and white jersey in the 40 years begins at 4 p.m.

The guests, including Jürgen Haller, former Bundesliga player and son of Helmut Haller, will also take part in the game association's Schupfafest, which starts at 7 p.m. The party in the rustic decorated multi-purpose hall is very popular. Wines, festival beer on tap, freshly prepared gickerl and snack specialties await the visitors. The Chiemgauband Feel Free plays to dance, and the Schupfabar will also be open. (psc) Photos: datschiburger-kickers.de, spvgg-jettenbach.de




New weir in Jettenbach

The old weir system in Jettenbach has had its day with the planned modernization of the canal power plant. It is to be replaced by a new building (construction will start in mid-2016). The new weir in Jettenbach is not a monstrous facility. It would fit in better with the landscape than before, promised the representatives of the association. When Waldkraiburg City Councilor Eva Köhr asked about the future use of the weir systems for traffic purposes, they said: The bridge over the discharge structure is not up for discussion. Klaus Schöler, Verbund plant manager in Töging, left it open as to whether the weir could be used by cars in the future. According to her, pedestrians and cyclists can also cross the new weir.

Michael Steindl asked about the dismantling of the weir. In fact, this is about a demolition, which the association favors, also for reasons of flood protection. But the building, which was built between 1919 and 1924, is a listed building. Nothing is ready to say yet. "The negotiations are still ongoing," said Bernhard Gerauer, head of the project team. (hg) Photo: kla




Hunting scenes over the pond

During the excursion to the "Bat Night" of the LBV, the spectators observed numerous bats and their hunting behavior. 30 animal and nature lovers stalked their way through the night near Jettenbach to observe the treasured animals.At dusk, the 30 participants, equipped with flashlights and bat detectors that make the ultrasonic calls of the bats audible for humans, went to a fish pond, where they could observe water bats hunting at low altitude. On the way to the Inn, the group identified piped bats, among other things.

Before that, they had learned a lot about the bats' way of life from the biologist Friederike Herzog and had an insight into the annual cycle of flying mammals and their astonishing achievements. The LBV employees then installed a bat box under the gaze of the participants, so that a new roost was created for the protected species. (re)




Administration closed

The municipal administration is closed from September 22nd to October 10th. In urgent cases, the administrative community in Kraiburg is open to party traffic daily from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and on Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and can be reached on 08638/98380.







16 children visiting the fire brigade

On Saturday afternoon, August 9th, 2014, 16 children between the ages of 4 and 13 visited the Jettenbach Volunteer Fire Brigade as part of the holiday program. The hard-working team around the board had put together an action-packed program. First, the children had to paddle through the Jettenbach reservoir in an inflatable boat under expert guidance. Then they were allowed to aim the spray lance at buckets that had to be sprayed over as quickly as possible. Muscle strength was now required for the rope competition. The last energy reserves of the children were used up on water slides. The afternoon ended with a small snack in the fire station, where delicious hamburgers were grilled. The picture shows the participating children in front of an emergency vehicle. (rle)




In Jettenbach: fitness, gymnastics and dance

The gymnastics department of the Spielvereinigung starts the autumn and winter seasons with tried and tested and new offers. Members and new prospects alike are supported by licensed and experienced trainers. All sports lessons take place in the multi-purpose hall. It starts on Monday, September 15th, at 7.30 p.m. with Monika Forster and the body styling. One hour of fitness for the whole body is called for every Monday at the same time. The Zumba class with Monika Forster is also on Monday from 6.30 p.m. The fee-based 10 course starts on September 29th.

Every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., Tine Grünwald leads the bodyworkout, the gymnastics lesson for women of all ages. Start is on September 23rd. The new Pilates class that has been added to the program will take place with Grünwald. The focus is on strengthening the deep muscles through targeted training. This unit is from September 24th on Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm.

The children's gymnastics with Sabine Klar starts on Monday, September 22nd. From 3 pm to 4 pm, children from four years of age can have fun with exercise. There is a playful encounter with the gym and sports equipment on the hand of mum or dad for the little ones on Fridays from 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. during parent-child gymnastics, also with Sabine Klar. The lesson starts on September 26th.

In the spinal gymnastics for young and old with Monika Forster, the first fee-based 10-class course starts on Thursday, October 16, at 6.45 p.m. The course offer is "Pluspunkt Gesundheit" certified and is subsidized by some health insurance companies. Klaus Schmalzgruber teaches fitness for skiers and sports enthusiasts during fitness training from October 16 every Thursday from 8 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

If you like going to the sauna, you can also do so at the Spielvereinigung. The ladies' sauna day is on Monday from 6 p.m. The men can take a sauna every Friday from 3:30 p.m. The sauna is open from October. Sauna tickets can be bought individually or in blocks of 10 from Monika Forster and Georg Sax or from the board of directors. Further details are also available at www.spvgg-jettenbach.de. (psc)




Ivan the gentle one is new to the herd

The herd of water buffalo in the Jettenbacher biotope is growing and thriving. Since the Bund Naturschutz changed the grazing concept, the area has developed optimally in terms of species protection. The buffalo have an optimal habitat. This can also be seen in the reproduction. A new buffalo calf saw the light of day last week. The supervisors Josefine and Matthias Reissaus have christened it "Ivan". "In the first few days it is not that easy to spot a young animal," said BN district chairman Gerd Ruchlinski. The mother animal carefully and "lays" the offspring in the deep grass. After just a few days, the offspring are fully integrated into the herd and are looked after by all members. At the moment, visitors should not enter the pasture, the whole herd pays special attention to fresh young animals. (Right)




New ESV club champion

ESV Grafengars has a new club champion in Thomas Heindl. With 122 points he was able to prevail against the competition. Peter Holzhammer followed in second place with just one point less, while Martin Köbinger came in third with 119 points. In the women's category, Franziska Knollhuber can look forward to the championship title, followed by Maria Bichlmaier and Amalie Bruckmaier. The youth division is headed by Christoph Saller, the pupils by Fabian Bruckmaier.

The award ceremony was carried out by ESV chairman Hans Bruckmaier. He was particularly pleased that younger participants were also able to prevail this year. With a participation of 38 shooters, he was satisfied. He presented each participating shooter with a prize. ESV chairman Hans Bruckmaier is happy with the school master Fabian Bruckmaier, club master Thomas Heindl, youth master Christoph Saller and ladies master Franziska Knollhuber (from left). (re)




Call for reporting private sources and wells


Inventories of existing wells and springs - In the water law approval procedure for the Töging power plant renewal project, VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH requires up-to-date information on the wells and springs in the project area. Because reliable data is the basis of any serious planning. Most of the wells and springs have now been officially recorded, but there are still gaps in the inventory. Therefore, the citizens of Jettenbach - from the community area shown in the map below - are asked to contact VERBUND Innkraftwerke to check the data. The recording of the wells and springs is used to create groundwater models so that possible impairments caused by the power plant operation can be identified and avoided by taking suitable measures.


Please report your sources and wells

The surveys are carried out by the ifb Eigenschenk office commissioned by VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH. We ask you to contact us so that we can also consider your wells and spring systems. The surveys take place between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and will each take about half an hour. The ifb Eigenschenk office will collect the following data:

• Survey of the location and condition of the well / spring

• Determination of the current delivery rate / bulk

• Recording of the current altitude of the water level

• Photo documentation of the well / spring system


A data sheet with the information collected is then created for each system, which we will be happy to provide to you. Thank you in advance for your help and support and ask you to contact the Töging project team by October 2, 2014: Project phone number: 08631-39-1453, project email address: [email protected]


You are welcome to obtain information about the project in personal information hours every first Tuesday of the month, from 4 to 6 p.m. Address: VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH, meeting room 1st floor, Werkstrasse 1, 84513 Töging am Inn: next dates September 2 and October 7, 2014. www.verbund.com


Download PDF "Preservation of evidence Jettenbach"




On the trail of the native bats

"Flying Kobolds of the Night" can be seen up close on Saturday, September 6th, in Jettenbach. Biologist Friederike Herzog first explains the life of the "hand winged". During the evening stroll that follows, the native bats show up, with a little luck, hunting for insects. The event starts at 7.30 p.m. and lasts until 9.30 p.m. The meeting point is the Mooswiesenweg at the observation tower next to the pond, parking is available at the sports field. Herzog's short lecture will take place in any case, the excursion will be omitted in case of heavy rain. The path length is around two kilometers and is suitable for families. Who knows, maybe you will see a broad-winged bat on the hike (picture).

23 bat species live in Bavaria, all of which are considered endangered. Due to the use of pesticides, there is an acute shortage of insects and therefore food in many places. Almost everyone can contribute to the protection of the animals. Just a few flowers on the balcony or the design of insect-rich gardens enrich the food supply. As part of the 18th International Bat Night, the State Association for Bird Protection in Bavaria e.V. is offering exciting events on the life of bats until September. More information at www.lbv.de. (cw)




RHS Inntal e.V .: facts and figures

The Rescue Dog Squadron (RHS) Inntal e.V., a private squadron based in Jettenbach, was founded in 2001 and, according to its own information, has around 200 passive and around 40 active members. These are ready for rescue missions with a total of 36 dogs. On request, the team searches for missing seniors, children, people buried or drowned. These can be sniffed out by specially trained water search dogs in and under water. A general examination regulation for rescue dogs in Bavaria is currently being drawn up by the state working group "Rescue Dogs", according to Stefan Frey, press spokesman in the Ministry of the Interior. This will apply to private and state-approved rescue teams of the charities. The RHS Inntal has three lifeboats and a command vehicle equipped with the latest technology. Every year the team completes around 35 missions that can be settled with government agencies as part of administrative assistance (police). the photo shows one of the seven water search dogs of the Inntal rescue dog team with his mistress Heidi Schmalwieser. (re)




From grandpa's missions in the First World War

The picture frame is still closed with glue and staples, the picture is gradually yellowing. But no matter how old it is, this memento is important to Inge Sax: The picture panel from the First World War hangs in the Grafengarserin living room. "My grandfather Pankrat Zacherl served in France. In the picture all his missions are summarized in a small chronicle", says Inge Sax. From the eastern Lorraine to Arras, a town in the northernmost region of France - Pankrat Zacherl came in far and wide his service.

On the board, next to the chronicle of the former soldier, there are two banners, a photo of the soldier and the artist's depiction of the end of the war. This certificate was usually given together with the cross of honor to many combatants who experienced and survived the First World War. But Inge Sax keeps the picture not only as a legacy of the First World War, but rather as a memory of her grandfather, who died in 1964. (sj)




Refurbishment costs 20,000 euros

In the municipal council meeting an order for the restoration of the war memorial was awarded. The company Dichtl, a stonemason and natural stone company, received the order to clean, to re-grout the joints and cracks and to align the plinth. The engraved names are rewritten. The photo shows Wolfgang Böhm restoring the coat of arms. The landscape gardening company Thalmeier has submitted a plan for the horticultural design and planting as well as the paving of the area surrounding the war memorial.

The cost of the entire renovation will be around 20,000 euros. The warrior and soldier comradeship will contribute to the renovation of the monument with their own contributions. The names of the fallen soldiers from the former Fraham community are carved on the war memorial. Mayor Alois Salzeder from Aschau has promised to cover the costs that affect the community of Aschau. The Board of Directors of the Warrior and Soldier Comradeship, Jakob Bichler, and Mayor Alfons Obermaier will endeavor to generate private donations as well. (ste) Photo: stl