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The Goethe-Test PRO - clarity in just 60 minutes!

Whether for your personal professional career or the competitiveness of the entire company: Success is no accident. Success is based on trust. And trust comes from speaking the same language. So the question is: how good is your German? What language skills do your current or future employees have?

Goethe-Test PRO: German for work provides the answer. Our computer-based German test quickly and reliably determines listening and reading skills in the workplace.

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Individual and meaningful

With modern technology, the Goethe-Test PRO determines the individual language level in 60 to 90 minutes. All participants start at the same level. In the course of the test, the program then selects each task based on the previous answer and adapts itself optimally to the respective language level. So there is no failure: The result including certificate and a meaningful description of the language level is available immediately afterwards - and provides you with an ideal basis for decision-making, for example for further training measures.

The Goethe-Test PRO can be used flexibly: worldwide at one of our test centers or directly in your company. The test uses the methods of the renowned Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) and is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(GER).

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Do you want plain text instead of vague assumptions about your own language skills or those of your employees? Then contact us directly! We will make you a non-binding offer and support you in the preparation and implementation of the test.

We would be happy to advise you on the planning of suitable training measures and language courses for companies.

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Investigation of the psychometric quality of the Goethe-Test PRO

The online German test Goethe-Test PRO: German for work has been carried out since April 2017 at the Goethe Institute's examination centers and at corporate customers around the world. It is designed as an adaptive online test and determines the listening and reading skills in the workplace at levels A1-C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

In this study, the psychometric quality of the Goethe-Test PRO with regard to various measures was examined on the basis of test data from N = 5,636 test persons from 17 countries. The Goethe-Test PRO delivers reliable test results with a reliability of> .9. The psychometric properties of the test are similar in different countries in which the Goethe-Test PRO is carried out.



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