How great a guitarist was Alvin Lee

Music: Guitarist Alvin Lee has died

There were complications. Lee was 68 years old. In the 1960s and 1970s, he was considered the guitarist with the fastest fingers. In his 45 year career, he has released more than 20 albums. However, none of them reached the top ten in the US.

The guitar virtuoso from Nottingham was best known as a member of the blues-rock group Ten Years After, which he founded in 1967 and which had its heyday in the early 1970s. Like the Beatles, Lee was successful with the previous band Jaybirds in the Hamburg Star Club. The group had their biggest hit in 1971 with "I'd Love To Change the World" - the album went platinum. After the dissolution of Ten Years After 1974, Lee appeared on stage with ex-Beatle George Harrison and Rolling-Stone Ronnie Wood, among others.

Music fans will remember Alvin Lee above all for his eleven-minute appearance at the Woodstock Festival with the song "I'm Going Home". From then on, Ten Years After suddenly filled halls and stadiums. Lee last lived in Spain and had only released an album last year under the title "Still on the Road to Freedom". On April 7th he should have given a concert in Paris.

"It is with deep sadness that we announce that Alvin has died unexpectedly after complications during a routine operation," said a statement on the musician's website. It is signed by "Jasmin, Evi and Suzanne", Lee's daughter, wife and ex-girlfriend. "We have lost a wonderful, beloved father and companion," it continues. "The world has lost a really great and talented musician." (dpa)

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