Bras will shrink or stretch over time


There are as many myths about the bra as about a fairy tale castle. No wonder that many women ignorantly wear the wrong bra size or a less than optimal cut. We clarify in our Fitting Guide about fit problems and give you basic knowledge about the bra.

So that the Bra fits perfectly, straps, cups, underband and back pieces have to work as a team. If this does not work, the brassiere will not do justice to its function. The interaction of the various "bra components" has a particular influence on that Underband. The underband is the foundation of a well-fitting bra, so to speak.


This is how you determine your underbust width:

Get someone to help you measure - a friend or your partner. The tape measure will right under the chest placed around the upper body once. It is important that the measuring tape is on the back and under the chest at the same height is. You leave your arms relaxed down hang down on the body (that's why you also need the second person to measure you 😉). To measure, the measuring tape is pulled slightly taut - not too tight, but also not so loosely. The centimeters determined then also correspond to your underbust width. So e.g. 75, 80, etc.

The bra should always fit on the middle tick when you buy it! So you can make it narrower or wider if necessary.


What happens if the band is too wide or too tight?



Is the band too wide ...


the bra does not fit properly and keeps slipping. Even the tiniest arm movement and that's where it is Bra underwire directly on the chest. What helps? Close the bra on the tightest hook. If that doesn't help either and the bra just doesn't stay in place, only one thing helps: Go to the specialist shop, have it competently measured and buy a new bra in the correct size.

Another problem with a band that is too wide is that the bra straps can cut into the shoulders. The Underbust band is essential for the support of the chestIf it cannot do justice to this task due to too much width, the wearers have to do a great job and carry too much weight. First aid: move the carrier a little further. If it doesn't help, look for wider straps the next time you buy a bra - and of course the underbust band!




Is the band too tight ...

first try using the tick to generate more width and set the tick to the widest option. If that doesn't have the desired effect, you can use a special one Bra extension make the bra fit to wear. Bra extensions are pieces of fabric with hooks that look exactly like the clasp on your bra. Simply sew on the bra. They give between 2.5 to 10 cm more leeway. However, it can then happen that the straps sit too far outwards due to the extension and keep slipping off your shoulder.








Problem case: skin swells over the side of the bra

Bulky women know the problem of Rolls on the back. For a long time it was suspected that the underband was too tight. That is also correct. But: Even an underband that is too loose can lead to the unloved rolls. If the underband is loose and slides upwards, it pulls the skin on the rib arch and back upwards and creates rolls where there are actually none.

Our model recommendations for women with larger bust sizes are the models "Fleur", "Grazia" and "Selma" by Rosa Faia. The styles have special details that ensure good support - a functional but comfortable underbust band, wider straps and a special cut in the cups. The models are available up to J-Cup.


In the classic “Fleur” line, the big-cup model appears as an underwired bra with support up to a J-cup. You can combine panties, briefs or thongs with the bra with floral print. Fleur is available in taupe and black.


The new line "Grazia" offers good support up to J-Cup. You can combine the bra with embroidery with panties or thong. A great set for everyday life - in nude or white.



It gets sensual and seductive with “Selma”. The model offers the coveted support and looks very pretty and decorative. Selma is available in black and white. You can combine a bra with a shorty or a retro-cut waist panty.


You can find all the tips and information about the perfect bra size in our fit guide.