What 10 animals give us milk

Delicious types of milk that no animal has to suffer for

A few days ago we told you why it is terrible for cows and calves when we humans drink their milk. Because cow's milk belongs to the baby animals and we have no right to take it away from them. What we can take anytime, however, are delicious, purely plant-based types of milk that no animal has to suffer for!

PETAKids introduces you to types of milk that you are guaranteed to like:

Soy drink

What is soy anyway? Soy is a bean that helps your body build muscle. But soy is not only healthy, it also tastes delicious! Ground and mixed with water, soy makes a drink that is very similar to cow's milk. You don't need a cow's milk to eat your cereal or drink your cocoa!

Nut drink, almond drink and much more

But soy drink is not the only milk that no animal has to suffer for. Instead of soybeans, plant-based milk can e.g. B. can also be easily made from hazelnuts, almonds, rice or oats!
There are also soy drinks in many different flavors, such as chocolate and vanilla. Can't you imagine that? Then try it out, you will be surprised!

In addition to these delicious plant-based milks, there is also a large selection of yoghurt, cream, ice cream and cheese that are made without animal milk.

What you can do:

Tell your friends and family that milk, yogurt and cheese don't make animals suffer! If you tell them what agony cows and calves have to go through so that people can take their milk, they will definitely be happy to try out the many delicious vegan options!

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