What is an n-channel JFET

Figure 1 shows a circuit for recording the characteristics of the N-channel JFet 2N3819. If you want to record the characteristics of another N-channel JFet, you only need to replace the 2N3819 with the desired transistor on the circuit diagram.

Fig. 1: Test circuit for recording characteristics

As a result of a DC sweep of Ugs in connection with a parametric sweep of Uds, Figure 2 shows the input characteristic of the N-channel JFet 2N3819 used with Uds = 0V ... 25V as a parameter. As a result of a DC sweep of Uds in connection with a parametric sweep of Ugs, Figure 3 shows the output characteristic field of the transistor with Ugs = 0V ... -5V as a parameter.

Fig. 2: Input characteristic curve of the N-channel JFet 2N3819

Fig. 3: Output characteristic field of the N-channel JFet 2N3819

Download the files to simulate the characteristics of an N-channel JFet:

If you want to simulate the circuit, but shy away from drawing work, or if you cannot cope with the simulation setup, you can download the circuit from Figure 1 with the completed simulation setup in SCHEMATICS or in CAPTURE format. For the simulation you need the Euro modifications to PSpice, which are part of my book.

Before starting the simulation, you must select the ANALYSIS / PROBE SETUP / RESTORE LAST PROBE SESSION option in SCHEMATICS or the PROBE WINDOW / SHOW / LAST option in CAPTURE in the SIMULATION SETTINGS window so that you automatically receive the ready-made sample diagrams after the simulation PLOT.