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Kana:エ ー
Reading:エ ー
Date of birth:June 1st
Star sign:Twins
Age:Part 2: 47 years
Size:Part 2: 198.2 cm
Weight:Part 2: 101.1 kg
Blood type:A.
Place of residence:Kumogakure
Father:A (Sandaime Raikage)
Relative:Buru Bī(Cousin)
Ninja ID:CL2211
Team:With C and Darui
First appearance:

Volume 45
Chapter 416
Episode 372

Speaker:Hanns Jörg Krumpholz
Seiyū:Hideaki Tezuka

A. is the Yondaime Raikage from Kumogakure. When he learns of the kidnapping of his brother by Akatsuki, he immediately has a Gokage Kaidan organized to take action against the criminal organization in alliance. He is later elected head of the Shinobi Alliance.


A is an unusually tall man of powerful stature with short, combed back white (blonde in the anime) hair, as well as a short chin and mustache. He usually doesn't wear anything upstairs except an open Kage coat. At the bottom he wears black trousers and a massive gold-colored belt with a wild boar print. He wears heavy brass knuckles around his arms made of the same material as the belt. He has tattooed black shuriken on both shoulders. Overall, his appearance (also in connection with his skills) is very reminiscent of you Wrestlers.


A is extremely spirited and impulsive, so it is very easy for him to be guided by his feelings. When he learns of Killer B's kidnapping, he reacts, unlike the other Kage, to the impending danger and calls a crisis meeting. For the most part, however, only to vent his anger on the Kage and voice his accusations to other realms. He also does not trust any of the other Kage and questions their loyalty. He is particularly suspicious of HokageDanzō, in whose case he was however right.

He is extremely vengeful towards Akatsuki and especially Sasuke Uchiha. In the fight against him he lets his feelings run even more freely than he already does at the meeting (there he smashes walls and tables) and uses all means to get revenge for his brother. So he sacrificed an arm to the Amaterasu in order to be able to attack Sasuke further.[1]

When A finds out that his brother is alive and left the village on his own, he becomes calmer again and acts more sensibly. The personality change is strong enough to elect Kage A to head their alliance. During the war, he takes a strategic approach and lets Tsunade and Shikaku have their say, but he gets angry again when he learns that Akatsuki resuscitated his father with Edo Tensei.

A appears to have strong ties with the shinobi in his village. He respects Darui's and C's skills, which is mutual. He also maintains a friendly relationship with his brother, but constantly controls him.

Goals and Policy

A is an energetic and strong-willed leader who doesn't let any event slip by. Military power is seen as the main development goal of a village and is of the opinion that only the strongest survive.[2] For this reason, he focuses most of his resources on developing new, stronger jutsu and further expanding his army. These measures result in other villages being forced to work with not entirely clean methods in order to weaken Kumogakure.[3] However, As's policy has largely positive effects on the village itself: Kumogakure has great military power and is the economically strongest of all villages.[4] In addition, there is hardly any Nukenin from the Kaminari no Kuni, so not a single member of the Akatsuki comes from Kumo.


You first see A when he hears about Killer B's capture. He reacts extremely emotionally and immediately insists on meeting the Kage when he learns that Sasuke Uchiha, a shinobi from Konohagakure, is responsible. He hires the Samui team as a messenger and sends them to Konoha to inform the Hokage.

Meet the Kage

When the time comes, chooses two Jōnin from his village - C and Darui as companions and leaves for the meeting. He once again ignores the door and uses the window to leave the residence.

On his way to Tetsu no Kuni, where the meeting will take place, he meets Naruto Uzumaki for the first time, accompanied by Kakashi Hatake and Yamato. He's ready to hear what the Konoha shinobi have to say. When he hears that Naruto is asking for mercy for Sasuke Uchiha, he harshly refuses. He explains that there is no place in the ninja world for criminals to be friendly. Then he and his group move on. At the Gokage Kaidan, he listens to the conversation of Danzos, Gaaras, and Ōnokis until he can no longer bear it and breaks his table in two to get attention. He succeeds because all the ninja present immediately take up fighting positions to protect their kages. After the situation had subsided, he took the floor after a warning from Mifune. He points out that Akatsuki is largely made up of shinobi from Kirigakure, Konohagakure, Iwagakure and Sunagakure, and that most of the Kage even used the organization for their own purposes. Kirigakure is particularly suspicious because it does not have any diplomatic relations with other Kakurezato. Mei Terumī wants to say something, but A does not let them have their say. Ōnoki counters by saying that A, by constantly adding to the army, leaves them no choice but to resort to the services of Akatsuki and similar organizations. Danzō mentions that Akatsuki's leader is most likely Madara Uchiha, which even shocked A.

Mifune proposes to form a shinobi alliance from the five Kakurezato in this crisis situation in order to jointly take action against Akatsuki. By means of a principle of exclusion, Mifune proposes Danzo as head of the alliance. (A is rejected because of his quick temper). Shortly afterwards, however, Ao announces what he has learned through his Byakugan - most likely, Danzō Mifune controlled these words with a genjutsu. A is enraged, but before the meeting can escalate again, the white Zetsu appears and announces that Sasuke Uchiha is nearby.

Akatsuki steps into action

A storms towards Zetsu and grabs his neck before he can react. Because he doesn't want to divulge any further information, A breaks his neck without further ado. He orders Ao to keep an eye on Danzo and sets off with his companions in search of Sasuke. He soon meets Team Taka and promises to teach them to fear his anger. After making short work of Jūgo thanks to his Raiton no Yoroi, he begins a fight with Sasuke, while Darui takes on Suigetsu and C goes in search of Karin.

Through his Sharingan, Sasuke evades As Erubo and hits with Chidori, but cannot break through the Raiton no Yoroi, so A Raiga can use Bomu against the Uchiha. Although the attack should have been fatal, Sasuke survived in an unexplained manner and activated his Mangekyō Sharingan, as well as Susanoo. Sasuke wraps himself in Amaterasu to deter physical attacks because he can no longer follow A's movements.

However, he did not expect that A would be willing to sacrifice an arm himself to defeat him. He knocks Sasuke to the ground and wants to defeat him with Girochin Doroppu, while Sasuke is still using Enton: Kagutsuchi to protect himself.

However, at this moment Gaara appears with his companions and separates the fighters with his sand before their attacks can hit each other. A advises the Kazekage to find a good justification for this act. Gaara says that he wanted to protect the fighting from further harm and that he also wants to speak to Sasuke. A then chops off his burning arm and tells C to stop the bleeding so he can continue fighting. Gaara, Temari, Kankurō and Sasuke attack together, but he protects himself with an almost complete version of Susanoos and manages to escape.

When A arrives again in the assembly hall, Sasuke has apparently been killed after a fight against Ōnoki and Mei Terumī. But just when A wants to get upset that someone else has killed Sasuke, it turns out that Tobi teleported him away in time before the last attack. To everyone's astonishment, Tobi announces that he wants to tell everyone about his goal, the "Operation: Moon Eye".

The Shinobi Alliance reshaped

A does not shy away from attacking Tobi directly, but Tobi is unharmed by his Jikūkan Idō. He teleports Sasuke and Karin to a safe place, after which he tells the Kage of his plan. He wants to revive the Jūbi by merging all Bijū and become his Jinchūriki himself. Only in this way would he have the opportunity to use the Mugen Tsukuyomi and bring peace to the world in his own way. When the Kage all refuse to give Naruto and Killer B to Tobi, Tobi declares the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Tobi disappears with the words that their next reunion will take place on the battlefield. Now that A has found out that Killer B is still alive, he agrees with the other Kage and Mifune to form an alliance. Because nobody trusts Danzō as a contact person anymore, one chooses with the consent of A Kakashi Hatake. Now that As's emotionality has eased thanks to the news of his brother's well-being, he is elected head of the Shinobi Alliance.

On the way back to Kumogakure, A, C and Darui notice unmistakable signs of the fight between Killer B and Kisame Hoshigaki. They arrive in time to save B from Kisame's attack. Before the Akatsuki can react, A and B intervene with Daburu Rariatto and behead him. At first happy to see you again, B now has to listen to a long lecture from his brother.

Fourth ninja world war

When the Fourth Ninja War broke out, A made many important decisions regarding warfare. He divides the huge army of the Shinobi Alliance into divisions and units, creating the Great Combat Regiment. He also decides to accommodate Naruto and Killer B on Shimagame. There the inexperienced Jinchūriki can learn from B and at the same time does not find out anything about the war. Instead of leaving for the battlefield, he stays behind in a base with Tsunade and Shikaku Nara.

You can see him telling Tsunade what the Kingin Kyōdai and MūsKekkei Tōta are all about and instructing Mabui to teleport the Kohaku no Jōhei.

When the last two Jinchūriki want to take part in the fighting despite any orders and break through all defense systems, A leaves the base together with Tsunade in order to prevent them personally. Naruto and B are so determined to fight on their own that A decides to stop them by any means, even through direct combat. With his incredible strength and speed he can fight Naruto himself in his perfect Kyūbi no Koromo.

B is now trying to change his brother's mind. The two remember their past and their fight against Minato Namikaze. It turns out that B's Rariatto is now stronger and A is thrown back. However, A still does not want to let the Jinchūriki go and attacks Naruto at full speed. He evades at the same speed as his father, which is why A now finally realizes that she can defend herself and lets go. The Raikage and Tsunade then return to headquarters.

Later, when Madara Uchiha is summoned to the battlefield by Kabuto Yakushi through Mū and attacks Gaara's division heavily, A, together with Tsunade, intervenes in the event to defeat Madara with the strength of the five Kage. Together with Mei he attacks the Uchiha in order to gain time for Tsunade, who heals Gaara and Ōnoki in the meantime, but the attack fails because Madara can still protect herself with Susanoo. When Madara attacks the Kage with Mokuton: Kajukai Kōrin, A and the rest of them have to be rescued by Gaara. But with Susanoo they are driven into the forest created by Madara, where they are passed out by the pollen. Most of the forest was destroyed by Ōnokis Jinton, whereupon the Kage regain consciousness. Madara shows them a face on his chest that A recognizes as that of the Shodai Hokage. The fight now continues and apparently they can seal Madara, who, however, turns out to be Mokuton Bunshin shortly afterwards. Tsunade means that Madara feels driven by the Kage when he is forced to use a Mokuton Bunshin, then the Uchiha Tajū Mokuton Bunshin no Jutsu, five for each Kage. In the course of the fight, A is caught in a genjutsu of the Uchiha, whereupon Ōnoki had to free him. Through a joint initiative, the Kage can destroy all Mokuton Bunshins and are about to seal Madara, but then Madara reveals his true power to the Kage in the form of his Kanzentai Susanoo. However, the Susanoo could not strike the Kage as Edo Tensei was disbanded in the moment. However, Madara was able to evade the dissolution at the last moment by breaking free from the jutsu. In the further course of the fight all Kage are defeated and when Madara leaves the arena, you only see A lying on the ground with the rest of the Kage, seriously injured. Tsunade, who is the only one who is still conscious, can still save him and the other Kage by asking Katsuyu to bring them to her in order to heal them with the last of his strength. After the emerging Orochimaru also heals Tsunade and Katsuyu informs them of the latest status, the healed Kage decide to rush to the battlefield as soon as possible to continue fighting.


Since the Raikage always has a clear opinion about people, he has different relationships with different characters.


As it turns out at the meeting of the Kage, the Tsuchikage has known him for a long time, they criticize each other for their policies, and the Raikage doesn't seem to have much respect for him either. After the meeting, they understand each other, it seems, but better.

Danzo Shimura

Since he and the Hokage are completely different personalities, Danzo with his serenity and the energetic Raikage, their relationship has not been a lucky star from the start. What happened at the meeting tensions the situation even more and the Raikage begins to distrust Danzo completely.[5]

Kakashi Hatake

It seems that his encounter with the Kopierninja helped the Raikage to respect him as a contact person.[5]

Killer b

When he was found missing, the Raikage was seriously concerned about his brother's well-being. However, when he learns that Killer B is alive and hiding, he immediately promises to beat him up. However, when they meet you can tell that their relationship is still very warm. A doesn't think highly of B's ​​strategic ability and thinks he would leave nothing but chaos on the battlefield.[5]


A has great faith in Darui's abilities, which is why he has chosen him as a companion. He also refers to Darui as a "second right hand", almost as a replacement for his severed arm.[6]



Naruto Uzumaki



As one of the five Kage and leader of the Shinobi Alliance, A must undoubtedly be one of the strongest fighters in the ninja world. As Karin could see, he has chakra sets comparable to those of a bijū and therefore has enormous stamina. However, his fighting power is sometimes impaired by his extremely offensive fighting style, which can be strategically disadvantageous.

Even killer B has respect for his power as A can take on the Hachibi no Koromo. He also struck down Jūgo in the second level of Juin with ease.


In contrast to the rest of the Kage, A primarily relies on the use of Taijutsu, in which he is almost unmatched.

As one can also see from his appearance, A has tremendous physical strength, which turns even simple blows into life-threatening attacks. He can smash walls and tables, as well as destroy the Kubikiribōchō with one attack. Most of his Taijutsu are based on a fighting style that is unusual for Shinobi, such as Erubō or Rariatto. Raiga Bomu is so powerful that no one would ever survive the attack unprotected.

Despite the massive power of his attacks, A has tremendous speed. He can cover greater distances in an instant. So he could grab Zetsu by the neck before he could even react.

Raiton no Yoroi

The Taijutsu As only reaches its full power when it uses its Raiton no Yoroi. By manipulating the Rai Chakra, its overwhelming power and speed are increased again.

A now achieves such speed and reflexes that they can be compared with those of Minato Namikaze. Not even a fully developed Sharingan can follow his movements. By using the Shunshin no Jutsu, A can now avoid Amaterasu himself, which can hit through mere eye contact. Sasuke was forced to put up permanent protection around himself because he was defeated by A's speed.

The Raiton no Yoroi also serves as a strong defense, which even protects against attacks by the Kusanagi or Chidori.

List of all jutsu

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  • Sasuke Uchiha, Suigetsu Hōzuki, Jūgo and Karin vs A, Darui and C
  • Killer B, Darui, A, Sabu and Ponta vs Kisame Hoshigaki
  • Ōnoki, Gaara, Tsunade, Mei Terumī and A vs Madara Uchiha


  • His name becomes like the English one "A" pronounced. Before he became Raikage, he is in the German translation "Ay" called.[7]
  • His looks and abilities are reminiscent of one thing Wrestlers.
  • Apparently the Raikage and the Tsuchikage already know each other from before, as the Tsuchikage says he has not changed.
  • He often sends Team Samui to get protein shakes.