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    As some may have already noticed, the South Korean company PUBG Cooperations is suing the American company Epic Games. The reason for this are the two games Playerunknowns Battlegrounds and Fortnite. The Battleroyale game mode is not accused (which would not be legitimate either, so the mode existed earlier) but individual gameplay mechanics such as the placement of the minimap, the weapon asynal, the appearance of the barriers, the color appearance of the map and also the placement of the Crosshair.
    Now both companies are meeting in Seoul in the district court. What is also still unclear is what amount is required by Epic Games.

    I'm not a Fortnite fan, but I have to say that some charges like the placement of the crosshairs are idiotic!

    So here are some Fortnite players, I'm curious what you think about it. How would that affect you if Fortnite had to make major changes to Battleroyal mode or even abolished it completely?

    Name is Patrick.
    But on the internet I am called Ross

  • Don't play either, so that doesn't affect me directly.

    But I strongly hope that PUBG fails with this. Otherwise, it sets a dangerous precedent that can quickly spill over to other games.

  • It's not just the news that is interesting.

    They have also announced that from now on they will deal more with the game's performance problems and promise an improved patch policy (as if we hadn't chalked this up since the release). Seems like PU: BG is slowly getting worse.

    Sounds like the last cry for help before PU: BG goes under between Isle of Nyne, Project Mavericks and CoD: BO4 Blackout.

    If you compare Fortnite and PU: BG, you actually quickly notice - who is winning. Fortnite indeed.
    Fortnite shines with regular extensive content updates, a much better performance, regular events, many new "optional" cosmetics and apparently better community proximity. IMHO: I'm not a Fortnite fan - but you have to be blind not to see it.

    PU: BG, on the other hand, is still struggling with serious performance problems, not to mention the bugs. The content updates are very poor and are based on loot boxes (if you are a gamer who follows the gaming scene you should know that loot boxes are frowned upon). Since 1.0 there was only recently the only content update that changed the map a bit and introduced new items ... The event modes were very irregular and, in my opinion, quite unspectacular.
    Don't get me wrong, I played PU: BG and thought the game was ok. But I was also heard complaining about the game on-stream every 10 minutes because it never went as it should (30 fps drops at 180 ° rotations, inconsistent aiming, inconsistent bulletdrop, opponents lying around, opponents snapping at you and aiming at you Miss headshot). I also played Fortnite and didn't have all of these basics to complain about. The game was almost always ideal (very rarely did a shot not register correctly - but no comparison to PUBG)

    I really hope that PUBG falls on the nose with it - and as much as it can be.
    Just to name such a bugged Release 1.0 I found very naughty.
    They are just mega salty on Fortnite.

    I leave out the fact that the charges are ridiculous.
    And think again, PUBG Corp is suing the company that provides the engine for you! WTF!?
    If I were Epic, I would disregard PUBG Corp and forbid you to use the engine.
    Let's see what they do then ^^ To what extent this is legally possible ... ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

  • Well In the end, it's not that simple.
    The lawsuit was filed in January after the announcement from 2017 and has been officially running since then.

    It is clear that not all 11 points of the complaint are sensible, I mean, overlay of the crosshairs is very far-fetched.

    However, one cannot deny that there are some very strong similarities in both games, some of which were developed by Bluehole and are therefore protected by copyright.
    I can understand that this law is then checked legally and that a cease-and-desist lawsuit is filed.

    Regarding the provision of the engine, that's also a thing
    5% profit sharing in PUBG is just a bunch of kneading and just withdrawing a license is not something.

    All in all, I do not hope that Bluehole will fail with this, but I am looking forward to the legal process.
    Even if Bluehole is right on some points, it's just optical adjustments that Epic would have to make rightly.

  • Regarding the provision of the engine, that's also a thing

    5% profit sharing in PUBG is just a lot of kneading and just withdrawing a license is not something.

    Yeah, I'm not a legal expert - and to what extent UE4 is legally different from UE3 (they made some changes) I can't say.

    But I have, for example. found on Reddit:
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Too_Human -> Skip to "Unreal Engine Dispute"

    Unreal Engine dispute

    Further information: Silicon Knights § Silicon Knights vs. Epic Games
    In May 2005, Silicon Knights and Epic Games announced that Silicon Knights would be exclusively using Epic's Unreal Engine 3 for all of their next-gen projects.[20] Early development of the Xbox 360 incarnation of Too human began on various incomplete versions of the engine.
    On July 19, 2007, Silicon Knights sued Epic Games due to "breach of contract", including "inadequacies" of Epic's support, service, and cooperation with Silicon Knights concerning Unreal Engine 3. Among claims, Silicon Knights accused Epic of missing the deadline to provide a fully functional version of their engine.[21][22]In August 2007, Epic Games counter-sued Silicon Knights for copyright infringement, breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets.[23] On May 30, 2012, Epic Games prevailed in the lawsuit and won its counter-suit for $ 4.45 million.[24] As a result, Silicon Knights was forced to recall and destroy all unsold copies of their Unreal Engine games.[25]
    In January 2013, Silicon Knights served a recall notice to Microsoft to remove Too human from the Xbox Marketplace. Even though the product page is still visible, the game and the associated digital content are no longer available to download from the Games on Demand service.[26]

    They actually lost a lawsuit and had to reclaim and destroy all unsold copies.

    Sure, that would be really bad. But somehow earned.
    Even the PR that suffers from it ... since they released the accident they call 1.0, things have only been going downhill.

    edit / addendum:

    Maybe not revoking the rights, but an extension / renewal of the contract could be exciting when the time comes ... (No permission to use newer iterations of the Unreal Engine etc).
    Epic has an engine and is struggling with many rights, they certainly know their way around the area. (After all, one of the most famous engines)

  • Are you still annoyed with PUBG or are you already playing Ring of Elysium (the better PUBG)?

  • Did that really do it to you, Losti? To be honest, I still haven't looked. Try to convince me Of all the Battle Royales, I've had the most fun with Darwin Project so far.