Why do some internet videos run slowly?

Streams load slowly: How to tune video streams

Video streams without jerking

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There are video streams in HD on every corner and with 4K streams the next level of sharpness is ready. Annoying only when streams load slowly or jerky when playing. CHIP shows how to play video streams smoothly.

If an HD video stream is jerky or just loads slowly, the cause may be a slow internet connection. If you look around at streaming portals such as Maxdome & Co., it quickly becomes clear that uncompressed HD streams are not sent anywhere here. You still need a reasonably fast DSL line. An HD video stream does not make sense at less than 2 Mbit per second. The upper limit is around 10 Mbit per second. If you have a faster line, you won't get a better or faster HD stream. It looks different with 4K streams. The VoD providers will only start in autumn 2014, but for YouTube streams in 4K resolution you should be able to bring 15 Mbit / s over the DSL line.

HD and 4K eat up bandwidth

But be careful: If you have DSL with 16 Mbit / s, you are not automatically on the safe side, because usually several devices are connected to the DSL line at the same time and when a download is in progress, online games are being played and the work notebook is data in If the cloud pushes, you shouldn't be surprised that there isn't enough bandwidth left for the video stream. In addition to the DSL connection, there are other possible reasons why the streams load slowly or stutter. Outdated software can be the cause as well as missing drivers or simply a bottleneck on the PC, such as an overloaded network interface.
If the DSL line is fast enough and the computer is fast enough, the home WLAN remains a major source of error. If you can live with network cables, you should use LAN connections for streaming. But WLAN is also fast enough for video streaming. Incorrect configurations can cause video streams to stutter. For example, in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, choosing 40 MHz radio channels is not always the better decision. If neighbors interfere, this can lead to increased interference. CHIP shows tuning tips for smooth video streams.

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