Why is Agra being renamed

Bundestag decides to introduce international degrees

The Bundestag has passed the amendment to the Act to Modernize and Strengthen Vocational Education and Training (BBiG). In addition to the minimum remuneration, the expansion of part-time vocational training and the strengthening of professional training, the amendment provides for greater permeability between two-, three- and three-and-a-half-year training occupations, according to the Federal Ministry of Research.

In addition, the Vocational Training Act contains improved provisions for legally binding and high-quality examinations as well as process simplifications and a reduction in bureaucracy. Among other things, in the "higher qualification" vocational training, the previous "advancement training", the professional ability to act acquired during vocational training is expanded through further training.

These advanced training courses, which according to the ministry are often at the same level as a degree, are the "path to professional advancement". The core of the improvements are the uniform qualifications "Certified professional", "Bachelor Professional" and "Master Professional". The "master" will not be abolished, but strengthened through the connection with the uniform, internationally compatible qualifications. At the same time, the new designations showed that vocational and academic education are equivalent.

Karliczek swears high esteem

The amendment is now going to the Federal Council and, subject to its approval, should come into force on January 1, 2020. Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek described dual vocational training as a trademark of Germany that is highly regarded worldwide. This success should also be secured for the future. With the change in the law that has now been passed, she sees dual vocational training as even more attractive, flexible and international.

Meanwhile, the Central Horticultural Association (ZVG) criticized the haste with which the amendment had been passed. In addition, the association reiterated its criticism of the renaming of the professional qualifications "Bachelor Professional" and "Master Professional".