Is the Usenet dead

The text-based Usenet, the Big Eight

In the Big Eight newsgroups, it is still customary to post under your own name and with a real email address.


I don't want to make myself unpopular by generally advising against it. However, I would like to point out that with your name the posts can be found via Google Groups by anyone and, thanks to the practically eternal retention of both Google Groups and some other large Usenet providers, your posts will no longer be deleted, even if you later Should regret your contribution. Because, just because you screwed up yourself, you can't ask for a post to be removed from the Usenet.


Although there is officially the instrument of third-party cancellation, with which it should actually be possible to delete one's own posts, the foreign cancellation is ignored by practically every news server due to multiple misuse. At the request of the rights holder, only legal violations at the expense of third parties can be removed from the Usenet.


Even if you stand by the fact that you write with your own name on Usenet, you should never give the regular e-mail address. If you have a real e-mail address at all, then an e-mail address created specifically for the Usenet, because otherwise you cannot save yourself from spam. Because the Usenet is automatically searched for real email addresses.


In the text newsgroups, you can quickly become quite unpopular if you just write something at random. Many newsgroups have their own FAQ and charter. You should definitely read both before you write something in the newsgroup.


If you have any questions, you should first find out which newsgroup best fits the topic.


Avoid all German special characters in your postings. Usenet is not a website and, like HTML and the e-mail protocol, can only handle ASCII text. HTML and the e-mail protocol provide special coding information in the header, with which German special characters and even Chinese or Arabic script are correctly displayed, but these coding details are not available on Usenet.


Avoid cross-postings, i.e. the same posting in more than one newsgroup.


If you would like to upload a supplementary binary file, for example an image or a PDF file, please do not upload it to a text newsgroup, even if that would be possible in principle. That's what the binary newsgroups are for. Instead, make a reference to the binary in your post so that it can be clearly found and downloaded. So the subject line, the newsgroup and the date of posting. If the binary file is only to be accessible to a limited group, you can pack it in a password-encrypted RAR archive.