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1 ORANIeNbuRg HeNNIgsdORf Freu with FnDe ell Feder n free of charge. 0 households edition. February 0 Fences of all kinds Fa. Siegfried Mücke Stein auf Stein Tel .: 0 0/0 Mirower Fuel Trade Tel. 0/0 0 Mon. - Fri. Hohen Neuendorf Am. March, from midnight in the Waldheim day care center in Hohen Neuendorf, Hubertusstraße, there is a baby and children's bazaar. If you are interested in a stand, please contact by phone 00/0 or by email. The stand fee is five uro a cake. Blasting in the Oranienburg forest In the Malzer Forest, grenades were successfully detonated last Wednesday morning by a squad leader of the ordnance disposal service of the state of Brandenburg (KMBD). Residents were not affected. Hot wire Place ad: 0 / Your editorial staff: 00 / Fresh into the weekend 0, - (up to kg) Tel. 0 / New course from the running team begins Theater postponed Bazaar for children in Hennigsdorf, Berliner Str. 0 Time, to start running Briquettes Holz Oranienburg The performance Die Epuche, announced in January, this Wednesday. February, clock is canceled because of the possible bomb disposal. The performance will take place tomorrow, Thursday. February, PM. The other performances will take place as announced: Thursday. February, Friday ,. February, o'clock. The show is Die Epuche, a staging of the theater course of the MosaikGymnasium. The location of the performances is the theater hall in the Mosaik-Gymnasium Oberhavel, Liebigstr. in Oranienburg. Adults pay five uro, students with student ID three uro admission. For groups of schoolchildren accompanied by a teacher, the visit costs .0 uro per person. Hesalon direct-haus double stick mats, wire mesh, wood, door and gate systems as well as custom-made products and repairs. Am Havelufer Hennigsdorf Tel .: 00/0, Funk: 0 / Take off See Oranienburg celebrate from above Take off on the festive days Watch the Oranienburgers celebrate from above: On Saturday on Sunday, June 0, there is an opportunity to do so. Then a helicopter will turn its reindeer over the city, including flight-loving passengers. If you want to fly, you can already secure tickets for this very impressive experience. They are available for je uro: in the tourist information at Schloßplatz Info-Telefon (00) 00. The starting and landing location is the parking lot at the Schlosshafen, in Rungestrasse. All the highlights of the festive season for Oranienburg's 00th anniversary from. to. June 0, the opening times of the Tourist Information office, interested parties can find a lot more interesting information on Photo: LuFtBiLdService BerLin-BrandenBurg Glienicke anglers beautify the village pond when they are working: now the look is right again glienicke With forks, waders, wheelbarrows against waste Tall reeds: The Glienicke e.v. cleaned the village pond in Glienicke / Nordbahn last weekend with eight members. We are already cleaning the water HÄNDLR & HSS GMBH Heating oil - Diesel NU! Buying heating oil in installments in Borgsdorf 0 0/0 for several years is also happy to do that, said chairman Frank Leipold. And that voluntarily. The fishing area for anglers is actually the Kiessee in Schildow. But there is nothing to be done there when it comes to cleaning. We wanted to do something useful and had offered to clean up the pond in Glienicke, explained Leipold. This time, however, the rubbish was kept within limits. Just a few fla- The anglers after their work is done. Photo: Private people had to remove the Angelfree. Much more work went into cutting the old reeds. The volunteers cut off the tall plants and the building yard collected them. Now the look of the pond is right again. But that's not all: The fishing club also wants to offer its help with the upcoming rehabilitation of the water. When the water is drained, we want to catch the fish. They should then get their temporary home in a kettle with a capacity of 000 liters. Report time in prison of dictator Bashar al-Assad. Here the audience can live firsthand like the people in Syria. Lots of picture videos will ravage the evening. The lecture can be heard in the Meistersaal of the Alte Fleischerei, Rungestrasse in Orani-Oranienburg Barbara Kirchner-Roger was the sixth child and the first girl born in the Soviet special camp Sachsenhausen. There was a lack of everything an infant could need in the camp. Her mother Christa-Maria Kirchner, who was arrested by the Soviet occupation forces on charges of being an agent of foreign secret services, remembers: We had to get scraps of cloth from the rag room where the clothes of those who died in the camp were stacked for clothes, diapers has been. We exchanged bread [] for sewing needles made from wire and embroidery needles made from bicycle spokes. So I was able to knit a baby jacket hat for my Bärbel from the coveted sugar sack wool. Barbara Kirchner-Roger and her mother Christa-Maria Kirchner are among the protagonists of the documentary film Born Behind Bars. Children's fates in the post-war period, on Thursday. February 0 at 0 a.m. in the Sachsenhausen Memorial. For years, the Potsdam filmmaker Hans-Dieter Rutsch has accompanied people on their way back into their own history who were born in Soviet custody in the post-war period, including children from the Soviet special camp in Sachsenhausen. The result was an impressive moving film that the Sachsenhausen Memorial will show before it is broadcast on RBB television on March. Do,. February, midnight. Firewood K A M I ​​N H O L Z Children's gloves Children's shoes by Christa-Maria Kirchner from the Sachsenhausen special warehouse (). Photo: St. BrandenBurgiSche Gedenkstätten m lang-r =, 00 / RM Schütt =, 00 / SRM Tel .: Quality enburg. Admission opens at 0 a.m. and starts at 6 p.m. Your Küchen Treff ef in Borgsdorf eff More performance, more service, more quality at rock-bottom prices ... also complete renovation Tel .: Te l .: you can do it anywhere. And running is better than any diet, regular running training and complete nutrition beats any diet. The running behavior also has an effect on the behavior. And of course, in addition to the factors mentioned, there is also a social component: Running creates new free spaces is sociable, because runners get to know runners. The course always takes place on Tuesdays until. June. The start is always at 0 a.m. on the sports field of the Regine Hildebrandt School in Summter Str. In Birkenwerder. The registration takes place by mail to Born behind bars Tel. 0/0 0 Captured in the Syrian War Oberhavel in Adventurer from Berlin was abducted and imprisoned for weeks in Syria. rst by a little who he got free. Finally the time has come! Tomorrow, Thursday. February, Billy Six, journalist for Junge Freiheit, comes to Oranienburg to report first hand on his experiences in Syria. r is told about his wild odyssey through Syria, his experiences with the Free Syrian Army, the fanatical Salafists but also his Oberhavel. Now is the right time to start running. This is what Kerstin Busse from the Oberhavel running team thinks. And invites you to a twelve-week course, which should start on March. The enthusiastic athlete sums up her arguments as follows: Running is the simplest, most natural form of physical activity. gal where is always running. You put on a pair of running shoes and off you go, exclusive items are not necessary, a little sportswear can be found in every closet. The pace is not decisive, it is crucial that you walk and move. And: running eff-nor kitchens Tref Treff eff Alte Trift 0 (between Bauhaus Pflanzen-Kölle) Pflanzen-K Borgsdorf out of passion Metal fence company Jörg Steindorf Griebener Chaussee b Löwenberger Land! *. #! *. # & - 0 &, *. # & - 0 &, & "! $" &, & "Une ab, 0 / m² Tel Fax -0 Mobile 0 - <$): $ D%") L AHD% +) DQ);! (% ", & 0 '& +) -, &" + & 0 / <$) N <; I 0 FK // #H;), G0 JGJG 0 0 * HM- GJG / 0 PH $ O- H:;? + HD% FHC '??' O) NH $ OID? N

2 LSRSRVIC. February 0 EVENT CALENDAR THURSDAY ,. february Learning to save by using electricity more consciously helps to save nergy in a sensible way and to protect the climate and the environment. The energy team at Stadtwerke Hennigsdorf gave an overview of simple, cost-effective measures to effectively reduce power consumption on Thursday. February, from 0 to 0 a.m. in the Havel Passage. It is mainly about practical tips for everyday life. Interested visitors to the stand can find out more about the advantages of modern LD lamps at a switch box and try out conventional light bulbs LD lamps. In addition, a conventional hob and induction hob are compared with each other. Where's the difference? Find out The energy quiz retains the municipal utility's advisory services, of course there is something to be won. Together with the employees of the municipal utilities, a representative from the independent Hennigsdorf Climate Competence Center will again be available to answer questions about climate protection. Learn to save A theme evening with a lecture in the ev. Parish hall in Birkenwerder will be invited on tomorrow, Thursday. This time, Lena Griepentrog will be giving a lecture on the late psychological damage of the Second World War. In fact, the Second World War has been over for over 0 years. But is that really he? Millions of people lived through the war as children. Studies have shown that r a third of the generation of war children to date under wet walls? ë 00 0 ISOTC Deckert Sealing Tree felling, fast, inexpensive, reliable 0/00 Journalist, she addresses a wide audience, is always surprised by the countless, very emotional reactions of the listeners. As a business development coach, she works in an individual setting, especially on professional issues. In doing so, she repeatedly notes how diverse the long-term consequences of the war can be in the workplace. Emergency and service numbers can be. The lecture will take place from 0 a.m. in the Birkenwerder community room. MONTAG, Police: Fire Brigade: Authority call :. february counseling The care counseling of the Diakonie Sozialstation provides advice on all questions relating to care support. This service is free of charge for all those seeking advice from the city of Oranienburg or the district. Doreen Stauske is available to answer questions every Monday from midnight in the community center (room.). If possible, please register by telephone on 00/0. Tuesday,. March Women's Day on. March is International Women's Day. In the meanwhile ten-year tradition, 0 women's emergency number: 000/0 emergency telephone for children, adolescents: 000/0 poison emergency number Brandenburg: 00/0 telephone helpline offers psychosocial care in difficult life situations, acute crises for suicide prevention 000/0 000/0 employment services the theater in the deepest province of course offers a program for women who are eager to celebrate. This year Dittmar Bachmann, - StandUpComedian, with singing and dancing, of course, a lot of comedy will conquer the hearts of women. It starts at the theater. In the theater, as with every program, there is a snack for drinks - the mood follows automatically. Child and youth emergency number of the district (free of charge) 000/0 Emergency number for those affected by sexual violence: 000/0 On-call medical service KReIsKRaNKeNhäuseR Extended help line against violence against women 0000/0 Oranienburg district hospital: 00/0 Hennigsdorf district hospital: 00/0 Gransee hospital: 00 / 0 White ring, emergency number for victims: 00 / All information without guarantee. way out mold infestation? Refurbishment at a fixed price! Renovations Years of experience in the ISOTC group! Horizontal barrier, renovation plaster, interior and exterior sealing, balcony / terrace sealing suffers mental impairments that can clearly be traced back to war experiences. Research now knows that traumatic experiences that have not been processed can literally be passed on, which is why they call the children of war children war grandchildren. Lena Griepentrog has been working on the subject of war children, war grandchildren, on two levels for many years. As a radio station you will find help Hennigsdorf The exhibition Ways out of Depression of the German Depression Aid Foundation shows photographs of those affected / or their relatives. To be seen in the rooms of the Sinfonie GmbH, Neuendorfstr. b. Open every Friday from until a.m. by appointment at 00 / 0. ZahnOase Dental Implants Free information evening As part of our information event, we will be happy to answer your questions, such as: Melodious jazz at the beginning of spring Are implants something for me? Is the treatment very painful? How do they hold in my jaw? What are the alternatives to dental implants? Reserve now at: (00/00 Wednesday, March 12 midnight at Schloßstraße, in 0 Berlin - Tegel. Own parking spaces. Dr. MSc. F. Raschidi & Partner Doctor & Dentist Master of Science Aesthetic-Reconstructive Dentistry Please feel good ! On Saturday March, at o'clock, the Musik-Theaterverein Oberhavel plans in its club rooms in Schwante, Am Wasserturm, with a jazz bouquet rich in melodies! NOTE Years of experience Lucrative special price campaign until February Free damage inspection and no-obligation advice Free estimate Call free to: 000- ATTENTION! Geißel Abdichtungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG Lucrative discount until August 0 Karl-Friedrich-Str. Call free of charge at 000- Brück Tel .: 0/00 We are your contact! 0 years of experience NU! Repair Free damage inspection as well as renovation work non-binding advice cost estimate Oberhavel / Himmelpfort For surprises, the vocal ensemble Chorona from Neustrelitz, under the musical hen management by Doreen Rother, always good. According to Rnst Jandl, a musical hubbub is set up to confuse the audience. The fact that behind the audible mess there is an elaborate, extremely precise rehearsal work is almost impossible to hear with the obvious joy of singing. To experience on the Himmelpfort winter stage at Am. Ticket pre-sale service of the MärKische general unmasking piano trio formation, on bass Stefan Weeke on drums rnst Bier, original compositions by Latvian-born pianist Gita Rando are performed, the ensemble with surprises Rising Rising Wall Moisture? Wall moisture? Molds / salts? Molds / salts? to ring in spring a little earlier than the calendar. t is played by the Berlin gitarando trio, which has since become quite famous. In the classic inmal more, Max Goldt, writer, musician and long-time Titanic editor, exposes the absurdities, contradictions of everyday life, ruthlessly focusing on the alleged side scenes of life - it is screamingly funny. As a master of free-floating, associative language, which is always precisely dissecting, he never completely loses his elegant, almost aristocratic tone. His colleague Daniel Kehlmann describes it like this: Every good person between Passau Flensburg knows that Max Goldt's work is very funny. But if one reads carefully, it belongs to the finest work that our literature has to offer, that it contains true poetry, that behind its deceptive flight of thoughts the most precise composition conceals a dazzlingly bright moral intelligence, still escapes many, who are only after laughing at punch lines. Max Goldt should be read, praised and excellent. Max Goldt. Thu, am, W Waschhaus Potsdam Photo: Organizer February at am. As on every evening at the Himmelpfort Winter Stage, we will be offered small dishes to match the program. The entrance is free. A donation for the musicians is requested. Tickets 000 Verans ta TIPS IN THE REGION & develop your very own, directly touching timbre everywhere. Titles like Driving at Night, Before Sunrise or A Good Day promise the listener for a long time to come in their Hennigsdorf area day and night 0 0/0 0 IMpRessuM r! Philharmonie Berlin: Carnival of the Animals -.0.0; Khata Buniatishili.0.0; Martin Herzberg -.0.0; Orquestrina Baborak -.0.0; Orpheus nsemble Berlin Symphonic Choir Berlin -.0.0; Musical Olympus Festival; Yevgeny Kissin; Stephen Kovacevich; Young German Philharmonic; Mozart Night.0.0; Winter trip -.0.0; Kodo one arth tour; Unlimited opera / conductor. A. Schulz; Beckmann plays cello.0.0; Berliner nsemble: Spring Awakening -.0.0; The God of Slaughter -.0.0; The last tape -.0.0; The Jews -.0.0; Woyzeck.0.0; We negatives; Waiting for Godot; Hamlet -.0.0; Music & Peace: Chapel Petra -.0.0; Sonuvabitch & Show of Freaks -.0.0; Templeton Pek -.0.0; Turbo beer -.0.0; Tesseract 0.0.0; Nothing but Thieves; Vok; Astroid Boys 0.0.0; All them Witches; Blue flower ; Crossfaith -.0.0; Märkische GeneralMeine Zeitung MittelstrAsse, OrAnienburg, tel open MO. until fr. from to o'clock Photo: Organizer of the funeral parlor Stresow for exercising a musical spell. Ticket reservation under de or by phone 00/0 0. Wochenspiegel editors Mittelstrasse Björn Bethe (bb), Oranienburg Phone: 00 / Sales Fax: 00 / DVB Direktvertrieb GmbH Druck Pressedruck Potsdam GmbH Verlag Friedrich-ngels-Str. Wochenspiegel Verlagsgesellschaft Potsdam mbh Potsdam & Co.KG s the advertising price list management no. From. January 0. Claas Schmedtje We Gudrun Hamann assume no liability for unsolicited manu- regional management scripted photos. (Responsible for advertisements) Current / checked print run Mediaberatung III / 0: Andrea Dreger, Oranienburg / Hennigsdorf. Anja Gerth Oranienburg / Hennigsdorf. 0

3 LOCAL.February 0 Hotline: 00 0 Results through supervision of the premiere tournament in Leegebruch hockey school teams fought well Now in new, larger rooms: Havelplatz -, Hennigsdorf Shaping participation together Dialog series visits Oranienburg Oranienburg Minister of Social Affairs Diana Golze invites everyone with a series of dialogues Brandenburgerinnen Brandenburger with no disabilities to discuss the future policy for people with disabilities together. The motto is Inclusion in Brandenburg - Shaping Participation together. The results should flow into the further development of the disability policy package of measures. The Oranienburger InklusionsForum will take place on Wednesday. March, midnight to midnight, in the auditorium of the Havel School, Albert-Buchmann-Strasse in Oranienburg. In addition to the Minister of Social Affairs Diana Golze, Jürgen Dusel, representative of the state government for the interests of people with disabilities, Hans Joachim Laesicke, Mayor of the City of Oranienburg, will take part in the Ver event. Specifically, it is about questions of future disability policy in the state of Brandenburg, the importance of barrier-free access, the appearance of participation in the various areas of life. Still free course places in Oranienburg Free places are available in the following courses at the Kreisvolkshochschule Oberhavel: In Oranienburg Die Welt des Ayurveda (S0000). The nutritional concept of the ancient Indian knowledge Ayurveda has proven itself over thousands of years. Those who eat Ayurvedic strengthen their vitality. Food and spices can develop a fascinating effect through the right combination of preparation. The course takes place on Friday the. February, in the time from to o'clock in the KVHS Oranienburg, Havelstrasse. The participation fee is. Uro. Autobiographical Writing (S00000). In this course we approach our memories with creative writing exercises. The course begins on March, in the KVHS Oranienburg, Havelstrasse, takes place at signposts for senior citizens. The senior citizens' advisory board in Velten was responsible for the creation of the brochure, above all lisabeth Ladewig. The city administration's press office supported the implementation. Our first senior citizen guide is an important contribution to ensuring that our furnace town will continue to be liveable in old age, said Mayor Ines Hübner. The guide was presented in a clearly laid out way. Thank you very much. Photo: Stadt Velten Is that why everyone who advises success if I want to take precautions to contribute to our issue? Have answers to these. The fact that this answer is worth asking many more questions is proven by an impressive figure for the first senior citizen: more than that of the oven town of Velten, percent of the Velten women who have just been published hot off the press have more years of experience with them. nen is. The counselor offers the genes- The pages strong booklet is in ration 0+ information r a circulation of,000 citizen serum the topics citizen- published in citizen engagement, advice, vice, the library as well as free time sport, help during the day in pharmacies, daily doctor's practice To have health and living. He's also cared for. At the same time, Wegweiser names the contact person Kon-der Stadt on the homepage at Taktadressen in Velten Um- available online. Velten Where can I turn if I need help in everyday life? What leisure activities are there for senior citizens in Velten? And who can call me Oranienburg With the national cup for D-girls in hockey, a national tournament in this age group was recently held in Oranienburg for the first time. In the morning, the Mini s played for the Wussel Cup for four to six years. The school team from Leegebruch took a careful place in their first tournament. At 0 o'clock the school team of the girls from Leegebruch started in the state cup against the club teams from Potsdam, Brandenburg, Falkensee Großbeeren. Surprisingly, the girls could reach the semi-finals with a victory in the Vorrenstaffel a narrow defeat. After a brave game and a lot of effort, Falkensee-II was defeated. Thus, the school team was in its first real tournament in the final of the national cup against Falkensee-I. Here, too, they kept the game open for a long time until a player from Fal-four took place between midnight and midnight. The participation fee is uro. In Hennigsdorf Spanish A (SMA00). in The course for refresher returnees starts on Friday, 0.0, in duardmaurer-osz, Berliner Str., R.B .. The course takes place on dates from. until midnight. The participation fee is uro. Interested parties can book additional courses online at any time via the link: view education. Registration is possible online via fax using the registration card. Interested parties can personally contact the KVHS, Havelstr. or by phone at 00-0-, -0, - - for advice. Hennigsdorf vom. until. A media exchange will take place again in the reception area of ​​the Hennigsdorf City Library on March 8th. And this is how it works: Until. March up to five well-preserved children's books, novels for adults, DVDs or CDs per person can be handed in to the library during opening hours. The coupons received for this can be exchanged for other interesting, exciting media on the media exchange. Information about the home medals were given for a convincing performance. kensse achieved the result of: 0 with a beautiful incisal performance. Special thanks to the organizers goes to the organization team Christian Arp Rene Rasenack from the photo: PriVat V Vat Ballbini Ballschule for the great organization of the tournament. The Hafenstrasse will be expanded from May Velten Motorists in Velten will probably have to be prepared for considerable restrictions from the beginning of May. Then the expansion of Berliner Straße (L) begins in the Hafenstraße area. Construction is expected to take place in four construction phases by mid-December. There will be partial and full closures. The intersection of Berliner Straße / Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße will also be closed at times. Because in order to improve the safety for cyclists in the intersection area of ​​the two state roads, the surface layer is completely milled off and then provided with a protective strip marking for cyclists on both sides. The core of the construction project is an approximately 00 meter long section of Berliner Straße. The L in front of the Hafenstrasse junction, for example, will be severely expanded until shortly before the intersection area Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse / Lindenstrasse / Breite Strasse, partly equipped with a new rainwater sewer swap on the stock exchange. in the railway track is not dismantled. The other two level crossings will have a modern traffic light system. St. Andrew's crosses with a red flashing light are also available for the pedestrian and cycle paths. These will also be newly built to indicate the existing paths. The existing bumpy pavement, on the other hand, will soon be a thing of the past. In the Hafenstrasse itself, an elaborate new rain sewer with an underground cleaning basin is being built for the port. The Brandenburg State Office for Construction Transport is responsible for the expansion of the road. The tenders for the construction work are currently being carried out there. The city of Velten is contributing to the construction costs in the millions with uro for urban drainage systems, road construction. All diversions will be signposted in good time before construction begins. The Hafenstrasse knot will be untangled. Construction work will start in May. Hohen Neuendorf District Administrator Ludger Weskamp, ​​together with representatives of the Oberhavel Police Inspectorate, the Neuruppin State Education Office of the city of Hohen Neuendorf, invites the residents of Hohen Neuendorf to an information evening this Wednesday. February, clock in the town hall Hohen Neuendorf. The topic is the accommodation of asylum seekers in general, the establishment of a communal accommodation for asylum seekers in Hohen Neuendorf, Friedrich-Naumann-Straße. Within the framework of the capacities, every resident of the city of Hohen Neuendorf has the opportunity to participate in the event within the framework of the available capacities. Bring your identity card. Photo: Stadt Velten Plants with love. VALID FROM Thu..0. to Wed Fresh from our nursery each RINTI KNNRFLISCH HUNDFUTTR Meat like freshly made, different sorts for your H, 00 g can (kg =,) x in your area Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten Dallgow-Döberitz Hohen Neuendorf Borgsdorf Bor Teltow Wildau per offers valid from Thu.,. 0. to Wed errors, misprints, printing reserved Pflanzen-Kölle Gartencenter GmbH & Co. KG, Im Neckargarten, 0 Heilbronn HY INTH HYAZ (Hyazinthus orientalis) various colors, cm pot ANIMONDA VOM FINSTN KA N-NASSFUTTR KATZ various varieties, 00 g (kg =, 0) Shaping the Brandenburg regional conference The Shaping Brandenburg Citizens' Dialogue for the planned administrative structure reform in Brandenburg is being continued with the regional conference nf nferenzen at the level of the five regional planning communities. Interior Minister Karl-Heinz Schröter will discuss the main topics of the reform project with representatives of municipalities, regional planning communities, hafs, trade unions, chambers of the state parliament and citizens. Regional conference for the regional planning community Prignitz-Oberhavel Wednesday. February 0, 00 to 00 a.m. Kulturhaus, Karl-Marx-S Martraße 0, Marx-S Neuruppin All citizens of the Prignitz, Ostprignitz-Ruppin Oberhavel districts belonging to the regional planning community aft Prignitzaf Oberhavel are cordially invited to Participate in the shaping of the country.

4 SPECIAL RELEASE. February 0 DOG, CAT, MOUSE THE PET SIDE More expensive is not better Germans spare neither effort nor expense for the well-being of the best human frees. According to the Agila pet insurance, preventive measures are now the most common reason for a visit with the dog to the vet. Percent of veterinary appointments are for vaccinations, wormer cures or similar prophylaxis. We were very pleased with this result, because it shows that lift owners take care of their pet's health and not only act when the four-legged friend is sick, explains Marco Brandt, an expert at the insurer. In addition to the classic preventive care at the vet, lift owners can also contribute to the health of their four-legged friend by feeding them sawn, says Brandt. No savings are made here, as a study by the industry association for pet supplies shows: '0 billion euro spent by lifters in stationary retail alone on yeast. But more expensive is not always better. The expert recommends lifting seaters to take a close look at what ends up in the bowl. Feeding errors can reduce the fitness of the animal and cause diseases of civilization. Whether dry or wet food, baref - the feeding with raw meat - or self-cooked: it depends on the nutritional requirements being met. This differs according to size, the temperament of the four-legged friend changes with age. Association seeks help with the accommodation of future Assistenzhen Oberhavel Hefree can now do a good deed and have a lot of pleasure themselves: The non-profit association He für Handicaps is looking for a nice temporary home for Hewelps, who will later be trained as Assistenzhen for disabled people. Assistant marriages have a responsible job: They should support their chronically ill or disabled owner in everyday life. So show him the way, take off his shoes, open doors or pick up objects. It goes without saying that such a dog has to be well educated, socialized and humane. In order to make a Hewelpen a reliable companion on four paws, the He für Handicaps association is looking for responsible people or families. Many people with chronic illnesses or disabilities would like to have an assistant with them as a supporter, but are overwhelmed with the needs of a puppy, says Maria Roll from the He für Handicaps association. We therefore entrust our puppies to suitable people with whom they can spend their first year of life and receive a good gray education. The temporary keepers should live in Berlin or the surrounding area, so that they can train together at least once a week. The puppy should have a permanent caregiver. No longer looking for a temporary home every day. Prospective assistant trainee: This golden retriever puppy learns to use a wheelchair in a playful way during training. Otherwise he grows up in his temporary home just like any other family member. than four stars are left alone. The costs for training, food, and veterinary insurance are covered by the association, which has been successfully training assistants for years and is supported by comedian Gayle Tufts. Interested parties can find more information at www. Photo: He Für Handicaps e.v. or by email to More fun in the small animal shelter Rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. Small animals living in the wild are never bored: In search of food, they are constantly on the move and cover several kilometers a day. They are permanently on the lookout for predators, keep their accommodation clean and are also busy with brood care. In our care, however, their everyday life changes: rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters & Co. don't have to do anything themselves. We furnish them with their home, ensure the necessary hygiene and give them enough to eat. On the one hand, this is comfortable, but it can also have negative consequences: The animals get bored quickly and, in the worst case, get sick. To prevent this from happening, the keeper not only has to provide essential food, but also appropriate stimulation for the animals. Small animals need conspecifics Small animals should always be kept with conspecifics, keeping in pairs is the minimum. In many species, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, keeping them in groups is even more advisable. In this way the animals feel safer, can play together, care for one another and meet their social needs. Only the hamster prefers to stay alone. However, you should not mix the different animal species: alien animals are no substitute for your own conspecifics. The animals, which are very different in their communication, usually do not get along very well with each other. For example, if rabbits and guinea pigs have to share a home, they should avoid each other as much as possible. If that is not possible, try to come to terms, but both species are under constant stress. Most small animals are kept in stables. If you don't have that much space, you can move upstairs with some animal species, such as guinea pigs, rats or hamsters, and set up a multi-storey home. Raised lying areas are very fond of ramps. The animal home should be as varied as possible. And: Even a perfect small animal shelter cannot replace the animals' daily exercise. Ralf nikolai HavlPlaTz HnnigsdoRf Tl. 00 / BY RALF NIKOLAI KleinTierpraxis Dr. Claudia Geschke Am Markt Kremmen Telephone: 00/0 All-day speaking Monday and Sunday are at the top of the popularity list among Germans! Appointments by appointment! Speakers without an appointment: Mon., Tue., Thu., Fri., Sun .: 12.00 a.m. Mon. + Fri .: p.m. We treat: Pets, birds, terrarium animals, mini pigs Veterinary practice Dr. med. vet. Torsten Trautvetter Straßburger Str. Oranienburg Tel .: 00/0 0 Office hours: Mon. to Sat. 0:00 am Mon. to Fri. With. New registrations of half-breeds in the TASSO register continued this trend in year 0 analogous to previous years. Compared to the breed marriages, the half-breeds make up almost half of the new registrations 0 with percent. Germans simply love mixed-breed marriage, explains Philip McCreight, head of the animal welfare organization TASSO e.v., which currently operates uropa's largest central pet register with over. Million registered animals. The Labrador Retriever trumps with 0 new registrations, which makes it in place, followed by the German Shepherd in place (.0). The popularity of the German Shepherd has declined sharply in recent years despite its placement among this year's top, white pet sitters are deductible It has recently been official: The costs for a pet sitter who looks after the pet in the pet owner's household can be under certain conditions have a tax-reducing effect. According to the judgment of the Besfinanzhof dated (Az. VI R /), they can be claimed as household-related services in accordance with a paragraph sentence of the Income Tax Act (StG). The background: in hepaar, his cat had his own apartment looked after by an animal care company while on vacation, and stated the costs incurred in the tax return. Since the responsible tax office refused this, which the pet owners' claim was unsuccessful, the Düsseldorf tax court was turned on. The tax office referred to the letter of the Ministry of Finance from 0.0.0, according to which animal care, care or doctor costs are expressly not covered by a StG. However, since the Düsseldorf Finance Court was of a different opinion, it allowed the pet owner's claim (judgment of 0.0.0, Az. K /). The tax office had appealed against this judgment to the Besfinanzhof (BFH) in Munich. The Besfinanzhof explains the letter from the Besfinanzministerium from Philip McCreight. The seats belong to the Chihuahua (.0) of the French Bulldog (.). With. New registrations are taken over by the Jack Russell Terrier Platz, the Golden Retriever (.) And the Yorkshire Terrier (.).The Australian Shepherd (.) And the Border Collie (.) Occupy the positions of a rejection in the TASSO ranking list. In order to be able to deduct tax on animal care costs, however, the further requirements of paragraph a of the Tax Act must be met: s there is care of a pet in the taxpayer's household. The pet sitter has issued a proper invoice and the amount has been transferred to the pet sitter's account. According to a paragraph sentence StG, 0 percent of this amount (however a maximum of € 000 UR) can be taken into account in the tax. Even small animals don't just want to sit in the cage. The expert tip Photo: FressnapF Ideally, you should have chosen your puppy from a breeder before moving in. Often, however, a puppy is also bought spontaneously out of pity, usually at a market on the other side of the Oder.In both cases, but especially with the second variant, we strongly advise you to buy the puppy immediately, if possible on the day of the acquisition or on the following day Introducing the vet. Many owners would like to spare the puppy the stress of such a visit, he should first get used to it in peace at home, etc. This is not recommended, especially if there are other animals or children in the household. Most of the newly acquired puppies that are presented in our practice are NOT in top condition. The most common is flea infestation. Warning, only a few anti-flea products are suitable for puppies! Ear mites are also quite common, followed by diarrhea of ​​various causes. In the most harmless case, it is just a change, but less harmless are Giardia infestations (which can be transmitted to other pets), which should be treated immediately, or even parvovirus, which is often fatal. We always find it particularly annoying that many puppies can show a worming pass from the breeder, but still have worms, so play it safe here. Overall, the little guy should be given a lot of rest and not overwhelm him. The only important thing is to sleep and eat to do the business (if possible outside). Everything else comes later, including education. Curious visitors should be kept away, as well as strangers (risk of disease transmission). It is best to vaccinate when the puppy has settled in for one to two weeks, unless it has already received the first vaccination from the breeder, the re-vaccination is due or there is an increased risk of infection. Your veterinary practice Dr. Geschke Kremmen, Am Markt

5 SPECIAL RELEASE. February 0 Eat well drink on a gourmet tour in the region Enjoying springtime Whether in the classic ring shape, as Baumkuchen confectionery or tips: Baumkuchen is in season all year round and enriches every coffee festival. Baumkuchen rings, however, should never be divided by vertical cuts. It is better to cut across the upright cake from above with a very sharp knife. Not only do the individual annual rings become visible, the cake stays - if there is actually anything left over - moist and fluffy for longer. More information is available at www. Photo: djd In order to come to the spring dream figure after the winter feasts, no renouncement or strict calorie counting is necessary. Simply cook a little more consciously - so you can still enjoy and lose a few peppers in no time. And by the way, the energy bill also remains slim. There are new interpretations of well-established recipes for various kitchen classics that save energy at the same time. If you soak lentils two days before cooking, you can reduce the cooking time to a minimum and conserve the valuable ingredients. For time-consuming stews such as goulash, the cooking time is reduced to a maximum of ten minutes if you replace beef with chicken or turkey. That saves energy time. Braised beef can also be prepared in a pressure cooker instead of in the oven. The roast cooks faster, does not dry out, only occupies a single hob instead of the entire oven. And the dumplings for roasting taste just as delicious if you shape them much smaller - so they come freshly steaming on the table after ten minutes instead of 0 minutes. Another important tip: always put the lid on the pan - then the electric oven will only consume a third of the energy. Celebrating Schwante's birthday For its one-year anniversary, the team from 0 a.m. Forsthaus Sommerswalde came up with something special. We want to take this as an opportunity to thank our guests for their loyalty and the good advice! For this we have on Friday-Saturday evening, .. March, from - o'clock on Sunday. March, from - o'clock invited the young solo artist Paul Schmidt. He is accompanied by the jazz pianist Wolfgang Sack, there is green jazz to be heard, invites the Forsthaus team to join in the celebration. * Available in almost all markets. KW 0 Valid until 0.0 Ready to eat Sensational price of our colorful asia week. two flower panicles Promotion price China / Peru: Ginger 00 g 0. Bamboo Garden Mie Noodles Instant noodles from Asian cuisine, (00 g = 0.) 0 g bag. % saved. * Available in almost all markets. RW Markt GmbH, Domstr. 0 in 0 Cologne, names and addresses of the partner markets can be found at or the telephone number 0 -. Discover Asia from its most delicious side now in your RW market. Fresh chicken-minute schnitzel self-service packaging, (kg =.) 00-g-pack. 0. Promotion price. Butterfly orchid * long lasting blooms, different colors, in -cm-pot Dallmayr coffee Classic ground, (kg =.) 00-g-pack. 0% saved% saved ... Coca-Cola different types, some with caffeine, (l = 0.) x -l-pt-bottle-case plus 0 deposit 0. KÄSTN Spreequell mineral water different types, ( l = 0.) xx -l-pt-bottle-box plus x.0 deposit in unit price. (l = 0.0) Daisies * pink, in a -cm-pot Katjes fruit gum or liquorice different types, (00 g = 0.-0.) 0-00-g-bag. 0.% saved 0. POINT HIGHLIGHTS DR WOCH% saved.00 0FACTH PUNK when buying ALPRO PRODUCTS with a total value of over * Wilthener Goldkrone Original or Vanilla% -% Vol. Or Schilkin Chocolatiere% Vol., (L = .0) 0, -l bottle Kikkoman soy sauce naturally brewed, (00 ml =.) 0 ml bottle. % saved% saved Lactalis Tortenbrie French soft cheese, 0% fat 00 g special price 0% saved. % saved. * The point credit can only be claimed from a minimum turnover of (without deposit) in the category offered. Offers are valid until 0.0. Show the PAYBACK card at the checkout. All illustrations are examples. In many markets open for you Mon. Sat. from until o'clock. Please see the notice board on the market. Offers valid at RW, RW CNTR RW CITY. RW.D Subject to misprints. Sold only in household quantities. Promotional prices are limited in time. Sale only as long as supplies last. Peru / Brazil: Mango class I, variety: "Keitt, Kent or Palmer" pieces

6 SPECIAL RELEASE. February 0 experts for your home Hedge as an eye-catcher The right sun protection Tips for hobby gardeners on the right cut of the evergreen garden fence Expert awning planning ensures fun on the terrace Enduring protection. Bauen-Wohnen specialist author Martin Schmidt from the consumer portal recommends that anyone planning to purchase an awning for the coming outdoor season should not rush to grab a bargain from the hardware store. A few preliminary considerations would save you from bad purchases and save trouble later. in a small patio for two or a large terrace suitable for many guests? The planned use, the size of the area to be shaded, determine how big the awning must be. With cantilever articulated arm The assessment of how stable Articulated arm awnings can also shade the larger house wall for their more entrenched open spaces. A photo: djd / should be left to a sun protection specialist, because shadows are just as important in summer as the sun. Leverage on. If he sees the problem, because when it burns hot from the sky with the load-bearing capacity of the mel, it can be attached to the building fabric, for example on the terrace, for example, hardly an uneven or insulated facade without the right amount of sunshine. Pergola awnings are interesting alternatives. They not only provide shade, but also offer reliable protection from wind and rain. Whether the fabric is rolled up on an exposed shaft or in a full cassette depends on the installation situation. If the awning is sheltered under a roof overhang or balcony, models with an open shaft are suitable. On a house wall that rains in style KÜCHN andré Rücker Hauptstr A Schildow Hauptstr. Tel .: 00-0 Fax: If snow is exposed, the built-in weather protection of a full cassette is the better choice. An important quality feature of the cloth is that it is dyed with a spinneret. This means that the colors are not added afterwards, but that the thread is completely dyed through during manufacture. The advantage: These cloths keep their color brilliance much longer. They hardly bleach out .. djd hedges serve as a privacy screen on the boundary of the plot, create breeding grounds for bird species are simply a beautiful eye-catcher. It is all the more important to regularly maintain the evergreen garden fence in the form of Thuja, Hornbeam Co. This includes the right shape cut in spring both for young plants, which can only develop an even, dense growth as a result, as well as for older hedges, which have to be brought into shape again and again. Many gardening professionals cut trapezoidal hedges: if the trees are wider at the bottom and narrower towards the top, then all parts of the plants get enough light. This avoids unsightly bald spots, explains gardening expert Jens Gärtner. As an aid, you can stretch a cord lengthways along the hedge between two correspondingly high wooden pegs. The cord serves as a guide and the hedge is then trimmed in long, circular strokes from bottom to top. A rule of thumb for the correct cut is: Per egg hedges need a regular cut in order to be able to grow vigorously evenly. So that all parts of the hedge get enough sun, a trapezoidal cut is recommended. Photo: djd / stihl every meter of the hedge should be ten centimeters narrower on both sides. With suitable aids such as motorized devices, the work is particularly easy. Electric hedge trimmers go to work extremely quietly and with low emissions. The balanced weight distribution and the ergonomic arrangement of the handles enable a comfortable, energy-saving way of working, even for left-handers. The trim cut is done in no time. djd igentümerverband: A clear line in housing and climate policy is required. Moist walls! Moisture in the house? Wallpaper curl? Mold spores in the air? Saltpetre in the cellar? Risk of sponge formation? High heating costs? Damp walls make you sick! Older people are particularly at risk, young children! Migraines, bronchitis, allergies ... Before you plaster, paint or wallpaper - first remove the cause of the moisture! Call for free: We will help you permanently at a low cost! Free, non-binding inspection, analysis, advice, cost estimate with fixed price guarantee! Sealing dry masonry! ATG The owner association Haus & Gr Deutschland calls for a clear line in housing climate policy in view of new climate protection plans from the Ministry of Environment. Last year, the Ministry for Environment Building organized the alliance for affordable housing with extremely helpful and useful results. Now the same ministry is coming up with climate protection proposals that would make building housing much more expensive, criticized Haus & Gr managing director Kai Warnecke. In the catalog of measures presented by the Ministry (BMUB), the following points are proposed for the building sector :. BMUB proposal: introduction of an obligation to use renewable energies for the provision of heat in existing buildings. Warnecke: The subsequent installation of renewable energies is still too expensive for many private owners. This is also shown by experience at the federal state level: if there is compulsory use, fewer heating systems are modernized, old heating systems are more likely to be repaired again. BMUB proposal: The energy tax law should be changed in such a way that the use of fossil heating energy sources is made more expensive, which creates an incentive to modernize heating Modernization of heating takes place, similar to Denmark. Warnecke: If the Danish energy control system were transferred to Germany, the price for natural gas for heating in private households would double. This measure would make heating considerably more expensive and push many households to the edge of what is financially feasible. There is then no money for modernization. YEAR, the government will offer an almost climate-neutral building stock by 00. Haus & Gr warns against driving the owners into expensive investments. Today we don't even know what technical possibilities there might be in 0 or 0 years. Presumably, some of today's investments will prove to be obsolete in years to come with the goal of the government. Owners can start over, warnecke points out. r appealed to the government to maintain a sense of proportion when it comes to long-term climate protection. invitation to the open days in an east german success story! he is now trading a lot of money! save ATG, Alfred-Nobel-Straße, berswalde WO 0 Heerstraße 0 A in the show house in Berlin-Spandau, Wed. Sun., clock t 00/0 - & Your benefits sprout here Read months% savings advantage Find out more information on the web around the clock Save cash with the MAZCard Our thank you: Gardena garden set or Media Markt voucher Order now: 0/0 Yes, I order the spring offer MAS 0 / delivery address: Märkische Verlags-Druck-Gesellschaft mbh Potsdam , Friedrich-ngels-Str., Potsdam. Creditor identification number: D Mandate reference will be communicated separately. I authorize Märkische Verlags-Druck-Gesellschaft mbh Potsdam to collect payments from my account by direct debit. At the same time I instruct my bank to redeem the direct debits drawn on my account by Märkische Verlags-Druck-Gesellschaft mbh Potsdam. Note: I can request reimbursement of the debited amount within eight weeks, starting with the debit date. The conditions agreed with my bank apply. Last name, first name of the bank (name BIC) as a printed edition including paper & web access for one time, 0 as epaper including web access for one time, 0 Delivery begins on (last start of delivery: .0.0). As a thank you, I choose: the -tlg. Gardena garden set the Media Markt voucher street ße, house number IBAN ZIP code, where, place of residence, b.-date Tele lefo fon -Mail Mail If I like the MAZ, I will continue to receive it monthly after the spring offer. Price of currently .0 (.0 for post delivery) or monthly .0 in paper. When ordering the printed MAZ, I use the discount price of only monthly. comprehensive epaper web access. If I want to forego the digital service, I confirm that I read the printed MAZ for currently, 0 monthly. If I no longer wish to have the printed or digital MAZ available after the promotional period, I will inform you at least weeks before the end of the spring offer. After this period, the regular notice periods apply. 0/0 with the coupon to: Märkische Verlags-Druck-Gesellschaft mbh Potsdam subscription service Friedrich-ngels-Str. Potsdam SPA direct debit mandate Cancellation policy: This order can be canceled in writing (letter, fax, e-mail) within weeks without giving reasons. The period begins days from the day on which you took possession of the first newspaper. To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient to send the cancellation notice to: Märkische Verlags-Druck-Gesellschaft mbh Potsdam, Friedrich-ngels-Str., Potsdam. In the event of an effective cancellation, the newspapers delivered can be kept free of charge. Date, place Signature When paying by invoice, a flat rate of .0 is due. I will transfer the total amount of .0 or .0 within days of receiving the invoice (only applies to the spring offer). I do not want to forego the special offers of the MAZ in the future either. Please inform me: by phone by e-mail (revocable at any time) I hereby confirm my order. I have taken note of the cancellation policy. Date, place Signature Märkische Verlags- Druck-Gesellschaft mbh Potsdam, seat: Potsdam, register court: Potsdam district court HRB 0 Our spring offer Save & Save a gift !. BMUB proposal: The amount of the tax should be linked to the energy efficiency of the building. Warnecke: A penalty tax for those who cannot afford a complete energetic modernization of their property does not lead to more climate protection, but only to the fact that tenants, owner-occupiers, have to spend a larger share of their budget on housing. In addition, such a differentiation in the case of the Grsteuer is constitutionally highly questionable. Striving to use these suggestions

7th February 0 SONDRVRÖFFNTLICHUNG clothes other struggles As if the daily work routine weren't demanding enough of the German employees, in many cases there is also a kind of homemade stress: anger with uncooperative colleagues or even tyrannical bosses. Such arguments can often hurt you more than the actual professional challenges. But that doesn't have to be the case, as Robert Mudter, Roland partner lawyer, explains.Snow, storm or traffic jams do I still have to show up on time? Sometimes it's the striking railways, sometimes the seemingly endless traffic jam on the autobahn is to blame for employees being late for work. Do I have to reckon with consequences even though I can't help it? The employee bears the so-called path risk, i.e. the risk of not showing up on time. Therefore, he must ensure that he is on his way early enough. Many employers pay full wages despite being late, explains Mudter. The employer can only issue a warning if an employee is late several times. Two days after the onset of winter, for example, it should be clear that you have to leave earlier to be on time. Psychostress from colleagues what can I do about bullying? You can't choose your colleagues for relaxed work you don't have to be privately exempted. But what if Lebenshilfe welcomes better self-determination for disabled people? Finally, the sexual abuse of people with a severe disability is classified as a crime. With this, the draft bill now submitted for the reform of sexual criminal law implements a longstanding demand of Lebenshilfe, according to the chairwoman of Lebenshilfe, Ulla Schmidt. The Lebenshilfe campaigned for additional protective regulations over 0 years ago. People who cannot resist sexual acts because of their disability or who are manipulated by the perpetrator have since been protected by their own criminal law. For a long time, however, the range of punishment was lower. Ulla Schmidt: Such acts are particularly reprehensible, it is right that this assessment is now expressed in a higher penalty. The minimum sentence is now to be increased from six months to one year. Lebenshilfe also welcomes the reform of sexual criminal law because gaps in criminal liability must be closed. Existing studies show that the rape paragraph in its current version does not cover all criminal acts against sexual self-determination. A reform is therefore necessary, otherwise Germany cannot sign the so-called Istanbul Convention, which aims to prevent violence against women. The reform of the sex offense legal advice for a relaxed working day Too much stress at work can have health consequences. the office kite makes you hell hot every day is every working day an ordeal? Robert Mudter knows that bullying can make people sick, he advises those affected to defend themselves in any case: If there is a works council, it should be involved. But even without a works council, the employer must support his employees in finding a solution. He has the option of warning or terminating the bullying employee. If none of this helps, the victim of bullying has a right to cease and desist from the bully, but also a right to compensation, which the courts also recognize. According to the lawyer, those affected should keep a bullying diary in order to increase their chances in court. But you can't stop on the right, says Ulla Schmidt. The Lebenshilfe therefore endorses the plans of the Ministry of Justice to consider a fundamentally new approach in sexual criminal law to examine the so-called solution of mutual understanding. In contrast to the current rape paragraph, it would then no longer be necessary, From fingernails to hairstyle, where can the employer have a say? Clothes make the man there is probably nothing to shake. But can the boss decide which clothes they are? The employer may set requirements within the framework of the management law. This is especially true when it comes to security, explains lawyer Mudter. For certain areas of activity, the wearing of protective clothing is required by law or by a professional association. In addition, however, there may be an obligation to wear certain clothing, which varies greatly depending on the industry, continues Robert Mudter. For example, an airline company may force its employees to wear uniforms, and a law firm may wear suits that allow someone to defend themselves against sexual acts. Rather, those who need to know that their counterpart does not agree to the sexual acts are punished anyway. Ulla Schmidt: It is important to ensure that people with severe disabilities who cannot give their understanding are given due consideration. Is debt interest deductible after the sale of a rented property? Dear readers, with a judgment of 0.0 the Besfinanzhof (BFH) decided on an interesting case for the deduction of debt interest after the sale of a rented property. The facts: The wife of her former partner had bought a property in the 0s, which they had rented out in the following years. The acquisition costs were partly financed by a fixed loan, which had been assigned to the bank secured by a capital life insurance policy from the hefrau. The insurance only expired in year 0. Advertisement The interest paid for this loan was claimed by the heleute as subsequent income-related expenses for the income from leasing. However, the tax office wanted to reduce the debt interest deduction to the extent that the surrender value of the life insurance was not used to repay debt. Regarding the decision of the BFH: The BFH gave the first right that the subsequent debt interest was deductible in full as income-related expenses for the income from the rental lease. First of all, the proceeds from the sale must always be used in full to repay the loan. However, the seller is not obliged to terminate the insurance contract early i. d. Usually to be dissolved with considerable disadvantages if the insurance continues to secure the repayment of the remaining credit. We will be happy to provide you with further details. Please contact us! In 00 the owners sold the property. However, the sales proceeds were not enough to completely redeem the loan. s remained a residual loan amount. The surrender value of the insurance was also insufficient to pay off this remaining amount. The wife therefore concluded a new fixed-term loan with her current husband, which is to be repaid in full in year 0 by the endowment life insurance that has been transferred to the bank. Tax advisor Dr. Albrecht & Partner tax advisor Dr. Albrecht & Partner GbR graduate finance economist Thomas Schmidt Nordweg, Oranienburg Tel .: 00/0 0, Fax: 00/0 0 Berlin - Oranienburg - Zeuthen Photo: Kite_rin / Fotolia prescribe. The boss is never allowed to have a say in the color of the fingernail, as this is disproportionate. First come can also go on vacation first? The rule of thumb is that every employee is entitled to vacation leave, but not to a specific vacation location. When determining the time of the vacation, the vacation wishes of the employee must be taken into account. However, it may be that urgent concerns or vacation requests from colleagues, which have priority for social reasons, conflict with this. In other words, the employer must always weigh up which employee is most likely to need the vacation during the summer vacation from a social point of view. Roland dream ship? If a cruise ship is used as a backdrop for filming during a trip, this can lead to a reduction in the price of the trip, according to the BonnGr district court: Noise permanently closed areas. the data is fished - who is liable? If strangers make payments from a bank account with correct access authorization data, the bank is not automatically to blame. According to information from the D.A.S. Legal protection performance GmbH the regional court of Oldenburg. It happens again and again that in testamentary dispositions technical terms related to inheritance law are used, the testators assign this term, linguistically easily comprehensible, completely different legal consequences. The following examples are not conclusive: pre-subsequent heirs. Advance legacy or legacy in the sense of inheriting. The consequence of this is that, if necessary, by way of interpretation, be it out of court or by disputing persons, the court must determine what is actually meant. The court saw the burden of proof for grossly negligent behavior on the part of Ken and made the bank liable for the damage. Phishing is a method of obtaining data that enables online financial transactions. the display Unconsciously incorrect use of inheritance law technical terms in the wills In branches with a lot of cash transactions, such as the retail trade in the catering trade, tax auditors pay particular attention to whether the cash management is correct. If this is not the case, there can be nasty surprises that can be very expensive. For example, the end-of-day receipts (Z-receipts) must be meticulously stored at cash registers. In the case of PC cash registers, the stored data must be archived. But that's not all. The operating instructions and all protocols for programming the cash register must also be kept. The mere lack of programming or change logs is a major mistake in cash management, as the Besfinanzhof recently confirmed. Entrepreneurs should therefore absolutely check whether the operating instructions and the equipment logs are available. In addition, after each new programming of the cash register, all logs should be printed out or assets should be built up permanently. With a partner who understands the financial markets. Make an appointment now! When drafting the will, responsible testators should ensure that it is much cheaper but more conducive to family peace to seek proper advice only in the form of an initial consultation, because in the event of a judicial dispute, the entire estate is often the value of the estate when it comes to questions of interpretation available for disposition. Thorsten Schlichting lawyer, specialist lawyer for tax law, specialist lawyer for rbrecht Partner of the law firm Wiese & Schlichting Main activities: - rben - donation - taxes Telephone: 0 0/0 Brieseallee Birkenwerder Advertisement Tax auditors pay special attention to the cash management. An appraisal is only permitted if, in addition to the formal deficiencies, other deficiencies are also evident. But the auditors have their methods to prove undeclared evidence to uncover manipulations. To do this, they test the sales on the basis of actual or industry-standard profit surcharges from the cost of goods. If the verified sales deviate from the declared sales, the auditor was also able to prove formal deficiencies, so he is allowed to add. In addition to the mark-up calculation, the increase in assets and the monetary transaction calculation are the usual recognized procedures for checking the correctness of the bookkeeping. Jörg Hoppe, tax advisor Fre & Partner GmbH Oranienburg, Lehnitzstr. Jörg Hoppe Tax Consultant Fre & Partner GmbH Tax Consultancy Company Oranienburg Branch Lehnitzstrasse Oranienburg Telephone: (00) -0 Fax: (00) -0 advice law tax

8 SONDRVRÖFFNTLICHUNG MAZ moves Oranienburg MAZ moves - families, it will be said next Saturday. February, in the HBI Sportforum in the Oranienburger Turm-rlebniscity. Together with the Familien-Sport-Verein Oberhavel e. V. HBI Bergmann Immobilien invites the Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung team to participate in sport. Between o'clock it goes on the MAZ family course, where excitement, games, fun and sport are offered. If you want, you can also take a look at the various offers of the Familien-SportVereins-Oberhavel, which are presented in detail there. Among other things, there is insight into the areas of rehabilitation, prevention and company sports. As a third offer, the organizers came up with the trophy for the best master builder family. Participation is free of charge. Places available at the Oranienburg flea market The space for m (a) ICH course is an offer for families with children from years of age. The offer harmoniously combines exercise elements and relaxation techniques. The course continues until. April always takes place on Fridays between o'clock. Please register under the telephone number 00 /, by e-mail to. Velten The popular night flea market in Velten will be next Saturday. February, again invited to the OfenStadt-Halle in the Katersteig. Between o'clock you can browse the vendors' stands to your heart's content. Anyone who, as a dealer, would like to be there at the next appointment on April 0, can get further information on 0 /. MAZ epa per including SAMSUNG Galax y Tab A. February 0 Duds in Lehnitzstrasse will be defused today Oranienburg The first anomaly on the Lehnitzstrasse property is, according to the State of Brandenburg's Ordnance Disposal Service (KMBD), a 0-kilogram bomb with a chemical long-term detonator. Further excavation is currently taking place on site. The tightening will therefore be as planned tomorrow, Wednesday. February. From 0 a.m. onwards, a 1,000-meter lock-out circuit is set up around the Fstelle. About 000 people are registered there. Seven daycare centers, five schools, the hospital, the senior citizens' residence Domino World, both of the city's S-Bahn stations are also affected. in rail replacement service to Birkenwerder is set up. The buses then stop at Bernauer Strasse near the railway bridge. The train announces departure times during the day. A contact point for Oranienburger women Oranienburger is offered in the multi-purpose hall in Germendorf. The bus shuttle will go there (schedule see appendix). The Regine-Hildebrandt-Haus also opens its doors. However, due to the walking distance, no shuttle will be set up here. With a warning, the blocking circuit is canceled. Display only 0. * monthly. News from the business world V istock Y. Arcurs or above all, short distances for patients are offered in the new Schildower Health Center in Bahnhofsstraße. Dr. Thomas Homann. r runs the Steinbock pharmacy on the ground floor. Together with his team of twelve, he has only had positive experiences at his second location since it opened in December. I've been running a pharmacy in Bernau for around 0 years, he says. And actually no second was planned - until the daughter followed her father's career path. It was pure coincidence that it then became the one in Schildow. In addition to the offers such as dispensing medication on prescriptions, pregnancy advice, compressions, for example, Homann can send his Ken on a white paper including SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A Have fun at a low price for 0, * a month, plus a one-time additional payment of only Tab A (GB / WLAN ) Advising his field like few others: he has specialized in nutritional issues - in general, after operations or in the case of specific illnesses. Ken can offer his specialist knowledge in this area that the University of Potsdam has relied on for years as a teacher. But anyone who simply wants to eat healthier or less high in fat cholesterol in the future can turn to Thomas Homann in the Steinbockapotheke in Schildow with their questions. KONTAKT MAZ Media Store Friedrich-bert-Straße / Potsdam buy now directly in the MAZ Media Store or order online: is calculated for watch in the best case. Sirens then indicate this. Please note: The mentioned schedule depends on the weather, so changes can occur at any time. In addition, it cannot be ruled out in advance that the closure may take longer because the work will have to be blasted. The city of Oranienburg judges today. February a citizen service phone on again. All questions about possible bomb disposal will be answered on the telephone number 00/00 00. Steinbock Apotheke Bahnhofstraße b Schildow Mon Fri: am Sat: am (00/000 * com for Ken without a newspaper subscription, plus one-time additional payment to the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A. from, minimum term: months. For existing shops the price is only, monthly. plus one-time additional payment for the end device. Only valid in conjunction with the terms and conditions of the MAZ Media Store. All prices including VAT in the offer from Märkische Verlags-Druck-Gesellschaft mbh Potsdam. The pharmacy is bright, invitingly tidy. zeit des Gedenkens Das Versicherungs -ABC for relatives Death in the family - what to do Funeral home Ralf Heinrich TAG- UND NACHTBRITSCHAFT Glienicke, Hubertusallee 0, Tel Oranienburg, Sauerbruchstrasse, Tel Leegebruch, ichenallee, Tel Bestattungshaus Fe ngler Helpful at your side in all grief matters Lifetime Completion of all formalities House visits day night, fire and sea burials Tel .: Radio: 0-0 Liebenwalde Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße Friedric hsthaler Weg Bernauer Straße Nassenheide Oranienburg (0 0) 0 (0 0) 0 0 Ahornstraße, Sommerfeld, (0 0) Liebenwalde, Marktplatz, (0 0) 0 0 burial, fire and sea burials Complete all formalities Am Luch Bötzower Platz burial reception also in: Leegebruch Oranienburg Hennigsdorf, Oberkrämer and Malz toll-free central call: Day & Night After the death of a loved one, the bereaved have to clarify a number of formalities, including the insurance of the deceased. A basic distinction is made here between personal insurance. What many do not know: Specific insurances, such as car or household contents insurance, continue to run even after the death of the insured, explain the experts at Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG). In the event of an accident, the policyholder's household effects are still insured for up to two months after his death. If there is a hepartner, the contract is automatically transferred to him.If there is no partner or if a child of the deceased inherits the furnishings, it occurs automatically. Think about planning the funeral service in good time. Photo: BesverBand BestattungsBedarF / Fotolia table in the insurance contract. If the rbe does not take over the household effects, the contract will be reimbursed pro rata at the latest after the apartment has been dissolved due to lack of interest. The motor vehicle insurance remains in effect after the death of the policyholder because the insurance cover does not relate to a specific person but to the motor vehicle. The death of the insured must nevertheless be reported. An exception to this is liability: it only continues if it is an individual contract. In the case of personal insurance, such as life, occupational disability, health or accident insurance, the surviving dependents should inform the respective insurance company as soon as possible about the death so that the insurance contracts can be terminated. A few brief tips on the topic will help you to cope with these tasks :. The bank statements of the deceased help to get a complete picture of all of his current insurance policies. However, the extract from the previous month alone is not very meaningful, because many fees are debited at the beginning of the year or quarterly. Therefore: It is best to look through all the statements from the past twelve months. A simple copy of the death turkey is usually sufficient for insurance companies to provide evidence of death. Only the statutory pension insurance needs the original. An e-mail is sufficient to inform insurance companies about the death of the relative. handwritten letter is not necessary.