How can we insert cube root symbols

Use the special character palette

Holger Sparr

Use the special character palette

Show special characters

By no means all of the special characters that the Mac can use can be reached using keyboard shortcuts. But the system provides an overview of the characters for this. Most programs show in the menu " To edit " the point " special character ", otherwise just use the keyboard menu to display the palette. There you will find numerous special characters, sorted by topic, which are usually not accessible via the normal keyboard and which in most programs can be accessed by double-clicking or dragging with the mouse Have text inserted.

Determine favorites

You can use the search field to search for the name of the character such as " Root "for the root sign (" v If you need the same characters over and over again, simply click on "Save as favorite". The characters then appear at the top in a separate list and are therefore much easier to find. The character palette also has a practical list the last used characters.

Get more special characters out

The character palette does not show all characters ex works: You can use the small gear symbol to select the Edit list "and show other character palettes, for example with Braille or technical symbols. Note that characters can only be displayed if they are contained in at least one character set. Therefore, some lists may initially remain empty or incomplete until you install a suitable character set.

Show unicode table

If you are wondering what the complete Unicode table looks like, you can edit the list of characters as described above and go to " Code tables "Activate Unicode. The character set is presented, divided into groups, and is almost inexhaustible. As soon as you have activated the Unicode table, the character palette shows the corresponding hexadecimal Unicode value for each character as well as its equivalent in the UTF8 coding .