What is it? INTJs just can't resist

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Planner who can analyze everything, but who can be too impersonal.
Introverted - iNtuition - Thinking - Judging
In German:

+1. Strengths

  • Are very independently, persistent and disciplined, think structured and strategic
  • Can also be very complex Theories and structures comprehensively and quickly understand
  • Quickly recognize the Meanings and connections behind things, as well as the emerging ones possibilities
  • Growth- and goal-oriented, can do very well priorities sit down and concentrate on what's important
  • Work hard and persevere, think a lot analytically, logical and rational, but also creative
  • Natural Leadership skills and organizational talent, have high standards and expectations, are objective and fair
  • _____________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________

- 2. weaknesses

  • Can be adamant and stubborn and think they are always right
  • Can find it difficult to admit mistakes and no longer deviate from an opinion they formed
  • Can find it difficult to deal with purely emotional matters and give positive feedback
  • Can judge the opinions and ideas of others too quickly and ignore them
  • Can be too inflexible and need an outside initiative to get something started
  • Can be too reserved and reserved
  • _____________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________


Motivation traffic light:
Positive feedback Harmonious environment
free space Rules & Regulations
Challenges competitor
Self-actualization Identification with work
TeamworkWorking alone
Variety & changesroutine
Communication with others Help others
_____________________ Conflicts

GREEN= has a positive effect on you; RED = has a negative effect on you; BLACK = neutral, does not have a particularly positive or negative effect on you;


►►►3. These tips may be helpful to you:

Specific for INTJ scientists:

  1. Talk: Discuss your thoughts and ideas with others and do not reflect on them completely for yourself. Draw attention to your talents and abilities: Do not wait for others to recognize them, but show others your various abilities.
  2. Be more flexible: Don't always be too persistent in your opinion and try to be more flexible. Now and then just do whatever comes to mind without planning it in advance. Regularly resist the urge to control everything. Plan a bit of non-work time every day that is purely for relaxation.
  3. Work together: Find a balance between teamwork and the time you can concentrate on your work alone.
  4. Give positive feedback: Don't just focus on mistakes and the things that bother you in others, but recognize their positive qualities and give positive feedback on any negative feedback. Do not make as high demands of others as you do of yourself, and be more patient with others.
  5. Admit mistakes: Admit to your own mistakes and admit them. Nobody can control everything or do everything right.
  6. Grow emotionally: Open up to other people a little more and use your insecurities to grow. Allow yourself to show emotions, sort them, and become aware of them. Occasionally talk about what you are thinking emotionally to make communicating with others easier.
  7. Personal values: Take into account not only logical, but also personal arguments in your decisions. Think in which way you are influencing other people positively or negatively.
  8. Be open: Make compromises and changes every now and then, and don't always insist on your opinion (even if you are 100% convinced that it is correct). Learn to value the opinion of others more highly. Only judge ideas / opinions when you have understood them as a whole AND in detail, and not before.
  9. _____________________________________________
  10. _____________________________________________


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