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People spend a good third of their lives sleeping - and therefore in bed. Choosing the right single bed should therefore not be underestimated. Whether furniture with additional storage space or simple bed frames: Here you will find exactly the bed you are looking for.

Different single beds at a glance

The type of single bed has a decisive effect on the quality of sleep. Above all, four different types of beds have established themselves on the market.

Simple single bed

The simplest and classic variant of the single bed consists of one simple frame and four legs. Complemented by a headboard, which ensures a greater feeling of security, and a slatted frame, the simple single bed is available in countless designs. The bed height is usually between 40 and 60 cm, from 50 cm standing up and lying down is particularly pleasant - the so-called comfort height.

Futon bed

The bed height is also one of the classic distinguishing features of a futon bed. With this bed, the mattress lies on top of one low (wooden) frame, The bed height is usually around 30 cm - the classic Japanese futon is even placed directly on the floor. The design is plain, Decorations or the like are rarely found here. This makes it appear less bulky and is well suited for puristically furnished or small rooms. This type of bed is also becoming increasingly popular as a piece of furniture in the youth room.

Box spring bed

The box spring bed is practically the opposite of a futon bed. It consists of one Substructure, a mattress and the so-called topper. The substructure consists of a frame and a sprung mattress, the topper is often made of latex or cold foam. Thanks to the double suspension and the topper at the end, the Lying comfort in this single bed a lot larger than a futon bed or models with a slatted frame. The The height of the edge of the bed is between 50 and 70 cm. This makes getting in and out of the car much easier, so box spring beds are a good option, especially for older people.

Folding bed

Rather than Temporary solution and for the guest room a folding bed is suitable. The foldable frame can be easily and space-savingly stowed away when not in use, with some models the support can even be folded in directly with the frame. However, the lying comfort on this type of single bed is usually rather low, which is why it is not for permanent use, but rather designed as a guest bed. If you have little space in the apartment and therefore want to make the bed disappear during the day, you can alternatively use a sofa bed.

Single bed extras

A single bed can be more than “just” a place to sleep. With the right accessories or the right design, the bed fulfills several tasks at once:

  • A single bed with integrated drawers creates a lot of space in which bed linen or winter clothing can be stored. The drawers are usually located below the frame, making ideal use of the bed's footprint.

  • Also small shelves can be built around the lower half of the bed. Decorative objects, small plants or books find their place there.

  • Some single beds have one Bed box, which can be reached by folding up the slatted frame or pulling it out to the side.

  • Single beds without extra storage space can be added Storage boxes and the like. When buying the boxes, however, the height of the lower edge of the bed should be taken into account: If the boxes are too high, they cannot be stowed away comfortably.

  • If you want to make your single bed an eye-catcher, you can, depending on the model, on padding for the head and foot sections To fall back on. The fabric cover not only makes it easier to lean against the headboard - for example when reading - it also automatically creates a splash of color in the bedroom.

The right material for the single bed

When buying a single bed, there is not only a choice between different types and fittings - a decision also has to be made with regard to the material.

A wooden bed looks cozy and warm.
  • Wooden single bed: The most popular material for single beds is still wood. Ideally, it should be Solid wood act. It is stable, durable and makes a positive contribution to the indoor climate. Beech, pine or oak are some of the most common types of wood. At Tropical wood beds like teak or mahogany should be paid attention to the FSC seal, which excludes that illegally cleared trees were used for the construction of the single bed. Beds made from pressboard are cheaper than solid wood beds, but their durability is limited.

  • Metal single bed: A metal bed can serve different styles. While headboards made of aluminum or other shiny silver metals cool as well as modern look, a bed made of ornate and white lacquered metal rods has one romantic Character. Black cast iron can also be used as a frame for a single bed and, depending on the design, can be one more rustic, industrial Charm or one cozy Radiate atmosphere.

Which bed size is the right one?

Which dimensions are right for the single bed depends primarily on your personal space requirements. If you like to spread out and maybe take numerous pillows, books and co to bed with you, you will not be happy with a single bed with a lying area of ​​90 × 200 cm. A width of 100 cm is recommended for adults to avoid the feeling of falling out of bed when turning over. The Standard width of single beds ranges from 90 to 140 cm, Beds from 160 cm are considered double beds. From 140 cm one speaks of a French bed, which can accommodate two people if necessary.

Purpose of useRecommended size
Single bed for children and teenagersMin. 90 × 200 cm
Single bed for adultsMin. 100 × 200 cm
Single bed for one or two people (occasional guests)140 × 200 cm (French bed)

The following applies to the length: the bed should at least be used to feel good 20 cm longer than your own body be. Particularly tall people are unlikely to be happy with the standard length of two meters and will have to fall back on custom-made products due to their height.

Buy bed linen in the right size for the single bed

The bed linen should be tailored to the body and bed. The standard dimensions are 135 × 200 cm for the duvet and 80 × 80 cm for the pillow. If you have bedding in special sizes, such as extra length, you have to make sure that the dimensions are right when buying bed linen.

Three tips before you buy

In order to be best prepared for the purchase of the single bed, at least these two tasks should be completed in advance.

  • Tip 1: Determine the space for the single bed
    In addition to the use and individual preferences, the available space also determines how big the new single bed can or should be. If you do not want to climb into the bed over the head or foot end, you should therefore make sure that at least one of the long sides is still at least half a meter of space is. Incidentally, most people sleep better when they do Room door in view to have. And one in the morning View out of the window can make getting up easier.

  • Tip 2: check the mattress
    If an existing single bed is replaced by a new one, the mattress should also be checked at the same time. On the one hand, of course, the new bed has to be Dimensions fit. On the other hand, cheap mattresses should be replaced after a few years, as they change quickly go through and the comfort decreases.

  • Tip 3: consider health issues
    Health peculiarities should also be taken into account when buying a bed. So should House dust allergy sufferers For example, do without upholstered beds or box spring beds with fabric covers. Here wipeable models made of artificial leather or bed frames made of wood and metal are the better alternative.

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