How do I find an old friend

How do I find a boyfriend again?

If you are looking for acquaintances for hobbies or joint activities, our guide will help you to find friends.

If you want to find a new partner for a relationship or as an affair, the ways and possibilities are different. The search on online dating portals or in dating sites is promising.

Online dating - the new trend for finding a partner

With the establishment of the Internet, the search for a partner has also changed. Today, many relationships are created through virtual channels; according to various surveys, around 25% of partnerships are initiated over the Internet. Online dating has become a household name for us and is becoming increasingly socially acceptable as a method.

The recipe for success of this form of getting to know each other is quite simple: the search radius increases considerably; A preselection can be made based on the profiles created. Finally, the first sniffing through chat and email contacts as well as phone calls offer the opportunity to recognize and select potential partners at an early stage. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your Internet acquaintance via a dating portal does not become a disappointment.

Assess online portals - that is what matters!

The number of online portals for dating and partner search on the net is numerous, but not all providers are also recommendable or suitable for your own search. The following aspects should be considered in advance for the selection:

  • Membership numbers are not everything and say nothing about the quality of a portal.
  • Dating sites are mostly used by the age group 25 to 45.
  • Online dating agencies are the virtual media of choice for people over the age of 30.
  • Some of the dating agencies take advantage of people's addiction and work with rip-off methods, i.e. they offer little and cost a lot of money. Reviews on the net offer helpful pointers here.
  • In particular, we can only advise against SMS chats to find a partner. Often the people you talk to are not real and the service costs are very high.

Basically, a distinction can be made between dating sites and dating agencies. The former are mostly used to initiate flirtations, friendships or erotic contacts.

The brokerage institutes are very well suited for the search for a permanent partner, but in contrast to the stock exchanges, they are often quite costly.

The first step to becoming a new partner - your own profile

A meaningful profile is the first basic requirement for making new contacts online. The following points are important:

  • As in real life, externals are the first clue that draws attention to a person. Therefore, choose an advantageous, but also authentic photo that should also be up-to-date. For women, the following applies: The picture should not be too provocative in order not to arouse false ideas in men.
  • Choose a nickname that makes you curious, describes you as well as possible, but doesn't come across as silly, offensive, or ridiculous. The first name in connection with the year of birth or the place of residence is also suitable.
  • Stay true to the truth in your profile about age, marital status and other personal information.

In addition to the informative information, you should pay attention to a good form, correct German and a text that is as error-free as possible. You can tell in a profile whether the owner has made an effort and that depends accordingly on the opposite sex.